10 DIY Built-in Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom messes are visually not appealing most of the time and are sometime unsanitized. For that concern, we offer you some of the easiest ways to get your bathroom control back in your hand. Try one, and we hope you will return to this list to get more.

The bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in a house. That’s why you are likely to disarrange it. An organized bathroom will ensure peace of mind. However, managing your bathroom could be complicated.

When incorporating additional storage space, you probably worry about the cost, hygiene, and functionality. Gratefully, these 10 DIY built-in bathroom storage ideas will get yours tidier in a minimal amount of time, regardless of how small or large the one you must handle. To complete your discovery, follow the link from Simphome you can find inside the reference area.

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10. Over-the-Door Racks and Pull-out Baskets

10.Over the Door Racks and Pull out Baskets by 2
Installing a few racks on the back of the door will maximize your storage space. They will hold your bathroom essentials, such as shampoo, liquid soap, and hair conditioner, in place while hiding them away from sight.

Another brilliant idea that you can include in your built-in bathroom cabinet is laundry baskets. Place a basket under the shelves for clean towels or dirty clothes. You can also install slides for easy access to the baskets.

9. The DIY Make-up Shelves Idea

9. Make up Shelves by 2
Simple built-in shelves next to the vanity can help you make your grooming area stay organized. Each frame provides ample space to host any grooming essentials that you use daily. Use a clean small jar or a wicker basket to arrange everything neatly, so you’ll always find anything you need.
Since it is a built-in shelf, it merges with the existing wall, making it permanent and sturdy. Paint it the same color as the walls if you want to camouflage it. If you desire, accentuate it with wooden trims for a more aesthetic look.

8. Make Use of Every Nook and Cranny

8. Make Use of Every Nook and Cranny by 2
If your bathroom lacks space, you must consider every nook and cranny. Look around and find some awkward space that lies dormant that you can tap into, just like the one between the wall and bathtub.
This awkward space packs ample storage for clean towels, tissue papers, and all that jazz. You’ll need to determine the shelves’ dimensions, cut some boards to length, and attach them to form the shelving. Keep it even more organized with baskets to store toilet paper or towels.

7. A Built-in Linen and Supply Closet

7. Built in Linen and Supply Closet by
No space to spare in your bathroom? You don’t need to worry much! A simple beadboard paneling with shelves can sort the issue. The built-in shelves are handy to hold towels, scrubs, and all your jars containing soaps and shampoo so that it will be easier for you to reach them when bathing.

You can even display your knick-knacks there to beef up your bathroom. The sleek design of these shelves comes with a crisp white finish that makes the decorations stand out. As a bonus, it will make your small bathroom appear larger.

6. Never Run Out of Toilet Paper

6. Never Run Out of Toilet Paper by

One of the essential things in the bathroom is a toilet paper holder. It has to be available whenever you need it. More importantly, it has to be within your reach. For this reason, a built-in toilet paper holder must be installed next to the closet.

A tissue holder sticking to the wall will take a minimal amount of space and double up as an ornamental piece. For a pop of color, choose a toilet paper holder that contrasts with your bathroom’s color scheme.

5. An Affordable and Effortless DIY Wall Cabinet Idea

Affordable and Effortless DIY Wall Cabinet Idea via Simphome.comInstalling a cabinet in a bathroom would be a bad idea, mainly if your bathroom has limited space. However, it would be a terrific idea if it were a built-in cabinet that stays flush with the wall.
To make this built-in cabinet, you should first measure the cabinet’s dimensions and mark it out on the wall.

  • Then use a multipurpose tool to cut out the drywall. Make sure you line up the holes for the sides before you cut!
  • Then, cut the width for the top and bottom pieces and screw the cabinet together from the outside.
  • To finish it off, add some poplar wood around the outside and paint it white to match the color scheme.

It’s affordable and effortless.

4. The Minimalist Bathroom Cabinet Idea

4. Minimalist Bathroom Cabinet by
A minimalist theme will ensure a modern and classy look to your bathroom, just like this built-in cabinet product. It manages to tap into an awkward corner in the bathroom and turn it into additional storage, enhancing the stylish look of the space.

You can use it to store small items like soaps, shampoos, and toilet paper. To prevent them from getting wet due to the splash coming from the sink, you can install a glass door that allows you to see what you already stored inside.

3. The Shower Wall with Storage idea

3. Shower Wall with Storage by
A glass wall is usually used to separate the shower area and the remaining space in the bathroom while preventing the splash from making such a mess. Unfortunately, you will not be able to add more storage to it. Therefore, try opting for a concrete wall with shelves instead.
This kind of wall will serve you double duty. It can prevent the splash from scattering while providing sufficient storage for your towels and toilet paper.

2. A Camouflage Shelving Idea

2. Camouflage Shelves by
The ultimate goal of making built-in storage in a bathroom is to save a lot of space. These shelves, for example, have done the job well. The white trim and dark brown wooden frames match the subway tiles immensely, making them flow into one being.

Lastly, Number 1. The Mini Built-in Shelving idea

1. Mini Built in Shelves by
A built-in rack with shelves like this gives extra storage. However, ensure that it is away from the shower to get when you are taking a shower.
This idea is suitable for those with a tiny bathroom that needs to incorporate more storage to hold the toiletries. These shelves also help you host your soap. Secure it, and you can access it quickly.

Regardless of the dimensions of the space that you have to deal with, you deserve a relaxing and lovely bathroom to enjoy and calm your mind. These ten built-in bathroom storage bathroom ideas are examples you can adopt to assist you in styling, organizing, or maximizing your bathroom space. Take one or view of them, and we hope it will solve some of your storage challenges.

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