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10 DIY Bedroom Vanity Makeover and Improvement Ideas

DIY Bedroom Vanity Makeover Ideas via

Get rid of the boredom in your personal space with the next 10 DIY bedroom vanity makeover and improvement ideas! There is nothing impossible to produce or change something to add such a beautiful and meaningful value, right? So, take one or some ideas that I am going to present and enjoy the coziest space in your room?

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10 DIY Bedroom Vanity Makeover Featured Ideas via
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10. Add a Mirror with Lights

10.Add a Mirror with Lights via
Achieve a cozier level of your bedroom by adding a mirror with lights. See how beneficial the lights would be to provide your space with sufficient lighting when you are dressing up.
The simplest way of adding these amazing lights starts from preparing the tools and materials, such as a mirror, wall lamps, two extension cords, three packs of crystal clear round light bulbs, wireless remote light switch, wire cutters, and caps as well as electrical tape.
Start making over your vanity by removing the extension cord’s socket part and remove some plastic coating using the wire cutters to expose the wires inside. Choose the black and white wires and wrap them using the electrical tape.
On the extension cord, wrap the white wire with the rigid side and cap it using the wire cap. Wrap the black wire with the smooth side. Your lights will work on when you plug them in.

9. The Multipurpose Nook Project Idea

9.Multipurpose Nook via
Sometimes, a small space is a problem while you want a stylish and functional vanity to help you dress up there. No worry! Now you can try the multipurpose nook idea, which is one of the best solutions you can take for your small bedroom.
All you need to do is measuring the space you have. Sketch your project well and cut the support pieces. Cut the components or your shelves and desk. Continue by marking the wall and attach your supports. Next, you can surely place the shelves and desk. Attach the bottoms and the fronts of the shelf. This way, you can drill a hole in the rear corner of the desk for placing the cables. Later, stain and add topcoat as you wish.

8. A DIY Glass Top Vanity Project Idea

8.DIY Glass Top Vanity Ideas via
It’s time to makeover your old vanity with the next fantastic idea. The product’s concept will enable you to see the things stored in the vanity table clearly.
To begin with, measure the inside of the closet to get the accurate measurement for the vanity. Build the frame and place a piece of plywood on top position to create a box along with an open bottom. The result will be the vanity base, where you can attach the legs.
Next, build another frame similarly and place the dividers on the top frame. This frame will be used to organize your beloved make-up collection. Later, fasten the legs and put the vanity into the closet well. Last, add the plexiglass on the top vanity. Also read: 10 Chair and Table Ideas for Girl Bedroom’s

7. A Glossy Silver Leaf Dressing Table Idea

7.Glossy Silver Leaf Dressing Table via
Suppose you have an old vanity while you want to get a new one on the cheap, no worry! Try this glossy silver leaf dressing table. You can make it yourself though you are not an advanced DIYer. By adding the silver leaf, you can transform your old-fashioned vanity into the luxurious-look dressing table.
Simply start on the drawers. Once you remove them out of the desk frame, spray all the surfaces using the spray adhesive and apply a sheet of silver leaf. Smoothen it using the paintbrush. When you finish covering the surface in leaf, seal it and end it with two coats of polyacrylic. Later, spray painted the legs using a super glossy chrome metallic spray paint. Thus, the entire surfaces are all covered with the silver leaf. It is a brand new-look dressing table now.

To protect the desk on the top, you can apply a sheet of plexiglass. Though it is just optional, it looks great and works well. Then complete your vanity with the crystal knobs added to the drawers.

6. Give Your Old Sewing Machine a Second Life repurposed life vanity vintage sewing machine via

Believe it or not, you can even transform your old sewing machine into a cool vintage vanity table. It can even be a desk serving lots of functions. There are several things to do to make it right. Firstly, remove all of the machine hardware and craft a simple box using your pocket hole screws. Remove the chassis of the metal sewing machine and then spray paint the base of the sewing machine.
6.Give Your Old Sewing Machine a Second Life via
Reinstall the sewing machine base to the wooden frame and play with the drawers. Paint bright all the interior storage areas, followed by mirroring installation inside the hinged lid. Don’t forget to attach the glass knobs and do the light distressing so that the desk will look new.

5. A Floral Dressing Table Idea

5.Floral Dressing Table via
If you are dreaming of having a floral dressing table, here we go with the project to make it. Taking the drawers out and paint the frame. Lay and cut the fabric around 1 meter to work. Don’t forget to add a mirror for completing. Indeed, your little girl will love it.

4. Replace the Hardware

4.Replace the Hardware via
You may not notice it, but your drawer knobs have always helped you get access to what is inside. Replacing them with a new one can add a subtle nuance.
The easiest way to transform the old vanity into a glam-look dressing table is to change the knobs along with some accessories so that your make-up would be more essentials.

3. Add Pattern with Stencil

3.Add pattern with stencil via
Add character to your old furniture and change it into a fantastic vanity table by merely adding a pattern with a stencil. Prepare the materials including the teal chalk paint, white chalk paint, Indian inlay stencil, liquid gold gilding, round brush, and stencil brushes.
Start the project by removing the hardware out of the vanity table and painting it to keep glossy. Afterward, coat the front, sides, drawers, and legs of the vanity table and let it dry. Start stenciling the vanity table sides and the mirror. Stencil all the four corners and upgrade the drawer knobs. Last, put back the drawers in, and enjoy your new and beautifully decorated vanity table.

2. Spruce Up the Drawer

2.dressing table drawer voyage wallpaper
Do up your old dressing table. Prepare the voyage wallpaper, white matt spray paint, copper knobs, scissors, spray mount, and sandpaper. Sanding down the dressing table is the first step to carry out. Later, spray coat it and paint it entirely, including the drawers’ front side. After that, spray the back panel and lay the wallpaper in place. Then, add the copper knobs.
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Lastly, Number 1. A Floral Mirror Idea

1.Floral Mirror makeover ideas via
You only need to add flowers to the mirror so that it looks more beautiful and wonderful. This way, adding LED string lights is another smart trick to provide you with ease of putting on your make-up, mainly if your bedroom is not as bright as you wish. It’s done.

So, those are 10 DIY bedroom vanity makeover and improvement ideas that you can try at home and pick without breaking a bank. Although they are relatively inexpensive, I am confident they won’t fail to emulate the new elegant look to your bedroom.



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