10 DIY Bedroom Door Décor ideas

10 DIY bedroom door décor ideas via Featured Image

Our bedroom isn’t just a place for sleeping and taking a rest. It’s a sacred place as you can spend some time alone in it. It can also be an escape from the real world for a while after a stressful day – a retreat in which you can have your me-time.
Next, here are 10 DIY bedroom door décor ideas that give a nice touch to the door with its pretty decoration. You’ll also find yourself happy when seeing these ideas on it when you’re about to enter your bedroom.

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10 DIY bedroom door décor ideas via Featured Long Pinterest Image
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10. Have Your Name on It

10. Have Your Name on It via SimphomeKids’ life can’t be separated from their parents and friends, especially girls. They’re fond of something that can remind them of their classmates. As a parent, you can help her decorate her bedroom into something that she would say “this is my room” proudly.
And this door décor idea will be suitable for girls. It comes with a name to indicate that this is her room. You’ll need some paper, scissors, and glue to make it. Help her decide what color she likes, and this notion can be a model to adorn the door with other cool ideas alike.

9. Cartoon Favorite Object idea

9. Cartoon Favorite Theme via SimphomeSpongeBob SquarePants is a popular animation show that kids are kids crazy about even adults can be found stuck in front of the TV watching the show. If your kids happen to be a big fan of it, it’s not wrong to give them a beautiful painting of its characters on the bedroom door.
This can be true if you or your kids are excellent at drawing or painting. You just need to clean the surface before painting it. Choose any color that’ll blend in, carefully draw and paint it with a paintbrush. You can have a full drawing on the door or just some part of it as seen in the picture.
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8. Washi Tape décor Idea

8. Washi Tape Idea via SimphomeWashi tapes are cheap, ubiquitous, and versatile stuff that makes it suitable for DIY crafts. It can be transformed into any idea that can spruce up your bedroom. With a little trick and creativity, you can trim your bedroom door with this small magic thing.
Firstly, you should make a plan for what kind of shape you would like to be applied to. Secondly, measure the surface of how much space it will take. Next, you can use any color of washi tape you think it’s cute enough or you can just be fine with black and white.

7. A Splendid Barn Door Idea

7. Splendid Barn Door Idea via SimphomeThis sliding door is quite impressive with diagonal pieces of wood. To adopt this idea requires thick plywood, maple pieces of wood, liquid nails, painter’s tape, miter saw, clamps, sliding barn door hardware and barn door handle.


Firstly, 1- cut to 35″W X 85″L X 3/4″ for the door. Border pieces 2- 85″ L X 3 1/2″W X 3/4″. Border pieces and centerpieces require 4- 30″L X 3 1/2″W X 3/4″ while for the diagonal parts you need to have 10-12- 4’L X 1 1/2″W X 1/2″.

Of course, the size can be adjusted with how big or wide your door is. Then, clamp the border before using liquid snail. Next, measure and divide the door area so that you can have equal space.
After that, put the cut wood diagonally. Make sure they have the same spacing so that it’ll look nice as they are equally even otherwise it’ll be imbalanced. Lastly, pain it and set the handle door and install it with railing.

6. A Wood Slice decor idea

6. Slice wood ideas via via Simphome

I’m sure you’re going to love this idea, and will soon make one for bedroom door decoration. It can be created from many different materials such as Styrofoam, a piece of wood or any stuff you can come up with.
Make an oval or circle as seen in the picture. Then, paint it with chalkboard paint. It’s also possible with other paints or colors if chalkboard isn’t your cup of tea.
Any quote or wisdom you ever heard from movies or from people you look up to can obviously be written on it. And hang it with a rope.

5. Artistic Ace of Clubs idea

5. Artistic Ace of Clubs via SimphomeThis one is proof that art and imagination can make your life much more interesting. The idea is fairly straightforward yet it leaves a very artsy result, isn’t it? The aces of clubs suit well on the white door – making the door look like a playing card.
This idea is actually a sticker, but you can make it yourself, and this is what we call DIY stuff. With its dark color and cute shape, the door has a lovely adornment that gives the door a fun look. You can make it with cardboard or other similar papers as well.

Here are the steps you should follow. Firstly, draw clubs along with A letters on it. Then, cut them with scissors. Lastly, put a double tape behind each of the clubs and letters, and stick them on the door.

4. Lovely Flashcards idea

4. Lovely Flashcards via Simphome
Flashcards are another adorable ingredient that you can certainly be employed as an adornment. They come with colorful features with a variety of pictures on them such as animals plus alphabet that you can arrange based on their letters.
The arrangement is up to you. You’re the one who’s in charge to decorate it. Items needed are ribbon, flashcards, and clothespins. But again, be creative! Challenge yourself to have a different way of setting the flashcards, and you’ll get the satisfaction.

3. Abstract Washi Tape idea

3. Abstract Washi Tape idea via Simphome
This is another worth-trying DIY washi tape idea. It leaves some positive energy with its vivid colors. You can just pick several colorful washi tapes. Cut and stick them on the door. I think this idea is similar to collage art.
If you love collage art, then I believe you can make something even more stunning than this by using different materials such as photos or newspapers. There are tons of collage art which can inspire you, and you can easily find them on the internet.

2. A Beautiful Adornment Floral Door hanger idea

2. Beautiful Adornment via Simphome
Another must-try DIY idea with floral that absolutely will make your room look fresh and pretty. Materials needed: grapevine wall basket, hydrangea bunches, mountain grass stems, light green rosette succulent stems, floral pliers, scissors and floral foam.
Cut or trim greenery and flowers down as you please. Put floral foam in the basket, and glue it if necessary. Insert flowers and greenery in it and arrange them. The good news about this DIY door idea is that you can change what are inside the basket.

Lastly 1. Paper Craft Décor idea

1. Paper Craft via Simphome
This stunning décor idea is made out of paper. It should be easy and obviously not a time-consuming handmade paper craft that even kids can make one. There’s even a video tutorial you can check on YouTube yourself. Simply follow inside description area to find some of them.
Things that are required are everyday objects that are easy to find including color paper, scissors, thread, and glue. The tutorial comes with very easy steps to follow, and you can repeat it in case you miss any step.

So, Most of DIY bedroom door décor ideas you already watched will spice the door of your bedroom up with beautiful and colorful decoration, which eventually makes your room look nicer. Choose any idea you want, and stick with this channel for more décor idea, you have probably never come across with.


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