Design Home Online General Guide to Create Dream House

All people have their own dream house, and some of you might want to try and design your own home as best as it could be. For professional it will be easy to do but for you who do not have advance ability like professional designer you can always design home online. To do it, you can find a website that provides online application or software which sometimes you can use for free. There are many features that you can use in the application which could help you create the house that you always dreamed of. Some website will need you to create an account before using their application so just do the necessary step before proceeding with our steps.

Learn how design home online with free software

1. Exterior

You can design both exterior and interior using this design home online application. But for the first time usually they will need you to choose the house type and height for the interior since it will also affect the exterior. For the exterior you will also need to choose the material, and roof that you want to use. Since most software will focusing on the interior you would not able to do much on the exterior so just do whatever you want to do then proceed to the interior. (via hwconstruction)


2. Size

Of course you will need to determine the size of the interior that you want to build. If you already have a big picture of how big the house you want to build, then just put the right size that you will working on. After that the design home online software will give you a blank canvas with suitable size that you can use to fill it. if you have not know how big the house you want to build yet, you can just put down any size. But make sure that the shape of the canvas is the same as the house that you want to build later on so it would be easier for you to edit later on. (via techmixer)


3. Wall

After you get the right house size that you want to build, not it is time for the design home online detail. First detail you need to work on is on the wall, so you need to choose the wall color, material, layers, and even wallpaper to use. Try to change all of the option until you find something that you satisfy with. You can always change the color later on, so you should not worry too much about it. (via asianpaints)


4. Layout

Now it is time for you to plan your house layout. Even though you choose to design home online, but you still need to have layout plan for your house. So make a list of all the room that you need in your house, then create the layout using this application. Decide everything before you put them on the software since it will take a lot of time to really plan everything. So just make a rough plan for the size, where to put the rooms, what room to have, how many room there is, and many other details beforehand. (via cesdb)


5. Objects

After you finish with all of the layout and planning, now it is time to put all of the objects. Since you decide to use design home online 3D application then all of the objects are also in 3D. This would be great since you can actually see and feel everything you put in the room. Thus you will know if the object is on the right place or not. There are a lot of things to put in your room so make sure you do not overdo everything and make the room overcrowded. (via housedesgn)


Tips in designing house with online software

After you design everything on the online software do not forget to save it. This is why it is important to have account in the website since they will allow you to save your result if you have account. Some even allow you to print the result so you can give them to your contractor when needed. If it is possible you can also share the result in your social media or by email to your friends and family. That way you will be able to ask them what they think of your design and any other things that they might want to add in the house.

Using design home online free software is fun since you can make your virtual house. But you should really find a website that will be able to give you free software to use. Some website does not allow you to use their application for free so you need to read a few review to know which software is free and which one is not. After you find a good software to use, then you can follow our general guide here.

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