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Everyone wants to get their hand into designing a house, especially when it is their own house that they always dreamed of. If you one of them, then you might want to try design a home online. By using online software it will be easier for you to design your own house since the application has a lot of things that could help you design. Furthermore by using an application to design your house, you will be able to see your design directly thus you will know the appearance that you looking for.
Design a home online guide for basic usage

1. Create new project

first thing that you need to do when using software to design a home online is creating a new project. Every site has a setting that you need to fill up when creating a new project. First you might need to choose a basic shape of the house or room. Usually it would be in rectangular or square shape which you can choose from the default shape. But if you have an irregular shape house or room, some application might allow you to edit the shape and create your own shape. Pay attention to this requirement when choosing which application to use. (via sipodemosonline and webindicators)

55 new project

55 new project 2

2. Size

Typically you will need to fill in the size of the house or room that you want to design a home online. Or you can also choose one from their premade setting to make it easier. If you already know the size that you want, you can fill the detail in the setting but if not then choosing one of the premade size is alright. Having exact size will make it easier for you to make your design come true in the future since there is only little adjustment that need to be done. When you use premade size there is a chance that the room would be bigger than one that you will really make thus some adjustment is needed. (via liminalgr)


3. Wall

When you are ready to design a home online, the first thing that you can change in the wall detail since you might want to see the wall when the house is empty. You can try to change the color of the wall, add some trims and other detail that you need. Do not forget to choose where to put on the windows in each wall since it will be easier to do the other detail later. Do not put wall art at this step since some of your furniture might cover the wall thus it would be better to put the wall accessories later. (via gardener and reachschool)



4. layout

Now it is time for you to design the room or area layout. If you already know how many rooms that you want to have in your house, then just put them according to your plan. You will also need to specify the size of each room since it will take a few space in your house. Plan how the flow in your house would be by placing the doors in the right position. This is an important aspect when you do design a home online since you can change the door position anywhere. That way you will be able to change the flow in your house and choose the best one to use in the final design. (via lesptitesmainsdesizun and zawgyicare)



5. Furniture

Now it is time for you to put on the furniture you need in your house, start with big furniture first then go with the smaller accessories later. Putting big furniture will make it easier for you to plan the objects placement. Do not forget that the furniture placement will also affect the house flow, so you need to be careful and not hinder the flow by placing furniture on the way of the flow. After the big furniture is done you can place the smaller object, accessories and the wall arts you want to beautify the rooms. (via googleplay and amazon)


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Tips to create the best design using online software

Before you use online software to design a home online, then you might want to read a review. That is so you know the features of all software you consider to use then choose software with features that you need. Review can also help you to choose a website that you can use for free since some website does not allow people used their application for free.

Primitive Home Décor Ideas to Use in Your House

Try to consider making an account in the website that you use, since they might allow you to save your process if you have an account. Having an account usually comes with a lot of benefits such as sharing the result of your design and even emails it. If you do not want to make an account then you need to make sure that you can get your design by printing it after you finish designing it.

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