simphome clever decor hack for small living room

One easy way to make your current curtain becomes fancier is by adding complexity. Adopting the concept of flowing curtain, you could add fabric extension to the item.

1. Easy Cutesy Pillow

The highlight in the living room is the pillow. Therefore, you need a brand-new look for your plain cushion. Since the process is quick and easy, you need to prepare iron adhesive, needle and thread beforehand. On the back of the pillow, you usually found zipper edge. Glue a ribbon on it by using the adhesive tape and heating it on the iron. For prettier result, you could sew several buttons on the ribbon. (via lovegrowswild)

cute pillows

2. Strie Paint

Allow one focal point in the living room to rise gracefully. For example, you have a display wall with monotonous color. Get it lovelier by applying strie paint; the combination of yellow and green paint. The base layer is yellow-green with semigloss effect. Top it with the solution of 1 green paint and 4 decorator glaze. Without waiting until the paint dried, drag a brush down from the top wall, leaving the scratch pattern. Allow to dry overnight. (via bhg)

strie paint

3. Curtain Extension

One easy way to make your current curtain becomes fancier is by adding complexity. Adopting the concept of flowing curtain, you could add fabric extension to the item. Try to infuse different tone or pattern, for example: black and checkered fabric. If you have enough spare time, you could sew it. If you want to do it quickly, then take the fusible webbing. For best result, you need to take off the curtain from its rail. (via bhg)

curtain extension

4. Photo Steps

Spring or autumn is the perfect season to trim the tress. After the process is done, you will suddenly have a lot of artistic small branches. Build your own photo steps with these tools. You also need screw eyes and hemp string. After finishing the ladder look, you need to push the screw in. Put it in the middle spot, facing to the inner side of the square. Now it’s time to put on the photos. Tie the photos with hemp string. (via creative-ambitions)

photo step

5. Silhouette in a Frame

Not all people love to hang the picture of him/her in the living room. They prefer to put up artistic drawings instead. If this is the case, then you could take this silhouette idea. Get various patterns online: knight, cat, bird, etc. Copy the image on a black paper and glue it on the paper. For long lasting color, install the glass cover. It especially applies for tropical region, which has high possibility of sun washing. (via bhg)

silhoutte in frame

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Similarly a young man and woman need to have more space since they need to have more responsibility in life. Although the fact is that they do not have dolls or toys figurine anymore but they change it in different version of satisfaction. How to handle this kind of situation then? You will get some hints on how to manage a lot of things with limited storage. This storage solution will help you in having cleaner and neater room!

There would be for about 15 ways related to manage the storage that you have. For the girls or young woman who likes buying shoes, they can have the idea of the shoes storage bench. Thus you will save the space for both shoes storage and the bench since you will get two functions in a product. For young man or boys who like playing cables or pretending to be a mechanic, you can take use of your ceiling where it can be the best part for storing the long cables which take up a lot of space in your room! If you think that this information isn’t enough, you can click this link for further information.
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