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Creative homeowners can always come up with a solution to spark up their living space, and these unique cushion design for modern moms can provide inspirations and ideas. Basically, you don’t need to spend a fortune just to make your house look attractive and appealing. With a little creativity and little extra effort, you can transform the dull and plain atmosphere by adding attractive cushions. And you’d be surprised to know that creating those cushions doesn’t need extra huge money either. This is 5 Unique DIY Cushion Design for Modern Moms: The Simple Creative Works by

5.Sponge Stamp
Sponge Stamp 5 Simphome com
If you are good with knife, cutter, or scissors, you can create attractive images and shapes. Simply draw the patterns on the sponge and cut them. The sky is the limit! You can use your sponges as stamps, placing them on various paints and colors and apply them on the fabric. Be creative with your designs. You can use glow in the dark paints. You are free to use any colorful fabrics – not necessarily the white one. If you want to add applications or accessories on the cushions, feel free to do so. In short, having the sponge stamp is easy, affordable, and super fun! You can have this project with the kids – you will love it! (via alittlecraftinyourday)
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4. Wooden Block Stamp
Wooden Block Stamp 4 Simphome com
If you are into wooden craft, this kind of project will be perfect for your crafty work. It will take an extra effort to carve the wooden block, but it provides a more solid construction and filled blockage. Be careful when carving the block because it is quite hard. But such wooden block can be easily implemented for paints and colors. Not to mention that you can save the blocks for later project. Try this unique cushion design for modern moms and see how you can decorate the house with your work. (via brit)

3.Quote Stencil
Quote Stencil 3 Simphome com
You only need to have a stencil pattern or block and some permanent markers. Basically, feel free to choose any fabric with any color, and choose your favorite quotes. You can also alternate the colors of the markers, creating a more unique cushion. Mind you, though, that it would be better to choose a certain fabric that isn’t easily washed up. But also make sure that the fabric won’t irritate the skin and the final outcome will be appealing and beautiful. (via momtastic)

2.Tie Dye
DIY Natural TieDye Fabric Pillow Steps 2 Simphome com
You can always browse around description area for the step-by-step methods of doing the tie dye. The idea is to dye the fabric while creating interesting patterns at the same time. It may require you to take extra efforts but it isn’t extra difficult or complicated. This can be one of the simple but also attractive unique cushion design for modern moms. (via highondiy)

1.DIY Crafty Project
You can sew or glue beads to create interesting patterns on the cushions. In this example, a smiling face with red lips is created from a simple marker drawing and red beads attachments. Of course, you are free to do any crafty projects and attempts that you like without having to include fussy implementation. This unique cushion design for modern moms can help you deliver attractive result without you have to spend a lot of money. (via ohthelovelythings)

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