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Craftsman-style Home interior. Features, Pros, and Cons of Rustic Houses

If you have ever visited a Craftsman-style home, you will notice its simple and classic style. Craftsman homes have fewer frills and embellishments, which emphasize their simplicity and rustic charm. In interior design, the Craftsman style also features a lot of handcrafted and natural woodwork. Hire a designer for a home if you consider adding some touches to your own home or creating a thematic Craftsman interior.

If you’re thinking about redecorating your home with a Craftsman style, then you need to consider the colours and elements that you should incorporate into your design. The simplicity of this style is one of its best features. However, if you’re still unsure about the best way to decorate your home, consider some of the top interior design ideas that will surely make your house look even better.

Craftsman home interior features

When choosing materials for the interior of Craftsman house, you should keep in mind the architecture of the home itself. Its simplicity should appear in the furnishings and the layout:

  • Craftsman homes typically feature natural colored walls, wooden furnishing, and window shutters.
  • This style usually has a porch, which adds to its curb appeal. A large porch is a great way to create a more open feeling in your home. It also creates an outdoor space that is comfortable, yet still functional.
  • The living room and foyer are separate rooms, but there is usually a visual connection between them through the wooden double door or barn door.

These features can turn into a more modern eco-style with the help of a professional designer.

Craftsman house colors

For a Craftsman home, it is best to stick to a moderate contrast. When choosing interior colours for a Craftsman’s design, keep in mind that natural hues are more appropriate for this style. Generally speaking, lighter shades of beige, green, and brown are the best choices. They will complement the natural woods and brick trim. In addition, they save more light than dark colors.

To complement the soft exteriors, choose a pale shade of green, pale yellow, or grey. These shades are particularly suited to a traditional Craftsman design and will look great against white windows and brown shingles. When choosing exterior paint, select earthy tones for the trim.

Craftsman home decor elements

Craftsman homes have a lot of wood accents and mouldings, which add texture and warmth. The wood isn’t painted or given a glossy finish – it’s left in its natural state. This looks more natural and authentic and does not have the contemporary appearance of painted wood. Throughout the house, you’ll find plenty of wood, including ceiling beams and columns.

The design elements of a Craftsman’s home are generally quite simple. Interior style is known for combining comfort and rustic simplicity. For example, you can add handmade carpets or natural wooden furniture. You can also use fabric upholstery to create an appropriate look, as it blends in with other wood items in the home.

The classically styled windows in Craftsman homes can be easily identified. Window framed will be trimmed with wood moldings. The windows in Craftsman houses are also likely to feature stained glass accents.

Other interior ideas

Craftsman homes have a charming and traditional feel, and many people enjoy the simplicity and beauty of these homes. Some homeowners opt to convert smaller home spaces into open-concept floor plans. A central fireplace often being a key feature of the living room.

If you want to make your Craftsman-styled home look more spacious and airy, build-in storage is an excellent idea. Craftsman houses are notorious for underutilizing corners, but clever homeowners can make the most of them by creating built-in storage drawers. These build-in drawers and shelves are perfect for storing books, toys, and other items.

Modern styled Craftsman house

The modern Craftsman interior design reflects a warm homey atmosphere. This style is comfortable and easy to live with. You can add a lot of arts and crafts and create cozy nooks with dim lighting. Today, some Craftsman homes are designed to accommodate larger families. That is why modern houses in the Craftsman style are often characterized by open floor plans.

A Craftsman-style home will usually be smaller than a modern one, with fewer rooms per floor therefore it is so important to use all niches, corners, and shelves. Interior designers who work with this style often design homes that incorporated an open floor plan and were functional.

Original Craftsman house interior

If you have a small family, you’ll probably like the original Craftsman interior. These homes usually have two bedrooms and modest living space. In the past, this style was often associated with cottage-style architecture. For this reason, the exterior of Craftsman houses features a long, narrow front porch and a projecting gable.

Craftsman-style homes are popular in many parts of Canada. During the arts and crafts movement, they rose in popularity. Houses share common features, including large eaves.

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