10 Contemporary Living Room Ideas

There is always a wide range of contemporary living room ideas you can browse and take out of our new list collection. Whether you are creating the space in your new-built home or just making over the existing one, make sure you are rich in ideas to help you go with the interior design as well as decoration.
So here are the ten best ideas to spring up your mind. For more detail information, browse the reference area.


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10. Use Neutral Color Hues

10.Use Neutral Color Hues By Simphome.comColor is one of the critical elements you need to consider in embracing a contemporary living room. It is the time when you must deal with optimizing the full potential of neutral colors.
First, paint your wall with the shades of brown, taupe, cream, or even pure white. If you want, you can add some accent color on one wall too.

Next, choose a bold colored sofa completed with the tiny and attractive decorative living room accessories, such as lighting fixtures, rug area, pillows, cushions, and artworks. One thing to keep in mind is that you are not recommended to clutter the space since simplicity is all the key.
Let’s look at the picture and see the room is built with the clean looking through the straight lines and raised furniture, creating a contemporary space entirely while adding the overhead lighting is adequate to provide lighting and fit the soft color combination.

9. Take Bold-yet-Simple Furniture Pieces

9.Bold yet Simple Furniture By Simphome.comPicking the right furniture plays a vital role in creating a contemporary living room. Try showing up the legs of the sofas and armchairs. Get them traditionally angled so that you can carve out a unique and classical look.
Contemporary design deals with neutral colors. For that reason, choose the shades of brown, taupe, cream, and pure white for the walls and spice up the living room space by adding a bold colored sofa along with the accessories.
Metals are also much popular in contemporary design to offer a sleek finish and clean appearance.
Also, add texture through the use of over-stuffed pillows, are rug and linen wallpaper as well as window treatments.

In addition to metal, glass can accentuate the sleek look. For the current reason, consider adding marble to space as it can instantly conjure up contemporary styles to your modern interiors as well as in traditional ones. In the example, the furniture in marbles is characterizing a contemporary living room.

If you choose to experiment with wood surfaces, couple it up with large wooden flowerpots, shelves, picture frames, and tables as well as floor lighting, which are all designed with the dark tones. This trick is one of the keys to successful contemporary design.

8. Again, Incorporate Metal Accent

8.Incorporate Metal Accent By Simphome.comIncorporating a metal accent can also be the best idea if you want to opt for a new contemporary living room style. This way, you can use metallic accents like hammered, polished steel over photo frames, metal-trimmed trays, and glossy brass on an armchair’s frame as well as a gold vase. If you get the job done correctly, you’ll see how the power of metallic transforms your space into a cozy living room with an appealing futuristic style suitable for new millennials.

7. Invest in Wood Flooring

7.Invest in Wood Flooring By Simphome.comTo add value, uniqueness, and versatility to your interior space, invest in bare and smooth wood flooring. Control the warmth by laying a carpet with commercial grades. An area rug in a plain color and texture would be a great alternative.
Just make sure your carpet or area rug does not cover the floor entirely so that the wooden element can be seen.
On the other hand, adding uniqueness and versatility to the décor is a good move. Some neutral options, such as a mix of frames, a light-wood paneled wall, a dark-colored sofa, and a classical carpet are other examples of material you can experiment with.

Again, contemporary space is associated with neutral tones while you are more interested in forest green or dusty rose sofa. This idea is the answer to how you see the neutral colors blended in such a way to create the desired contemporary look.

6. Consider Symmetrical Arrangement

6.Consider Symmetrical Arrangement By

Arrange your living room by placing the furniture symmetrically. This arrangement is aimed to let you keep moving throughout the space freely without any restriction. As a result, the area will feel a bit more formal and well-judge. If you find it too symmetrical, you can do angle pieces to make a natural flow.

5. Keep the Lights down to a Minimum

5.Keep the Lights down to a Minimum By Simphome.comWhat about keeping the lights down to a minimum? This idea is just one of the lighting considerations to provide the space with the spotlights. Installing the spotlights is aimed to highlight the most unique and crucial thing, such as accent wall, art, and photos.

Here you can see the spotlights accentuate the faux stone wall that adds an upscale look to this living room. The lights will lead the eyes to notice this accent wall.

4. Spruce up It with Artwork

4.Spruce up It with Artwork By Simphome.comThe artwork is one of the elements that can be crucially taken into consideration. Artistic things like framed art can best highlight the use of painting in the contemporary living room.

If you want such a great artwork spicing up your living room space, consider placing the frames in high-gloss or matte black, natural wood, or even metal finishes along with the pieces to hang on together.
Avoid cluttering too many details since it doesn’t match a contemporary style.
3.Enrich It with Pattern and Texture By

3. Enrich It with Pattern and Texture

3.Enrich It with Wooden Pattern and Texture By Simphome.comIncorporating a beautiful wallpaper into your living room can be much of an advantage to complete a contemporary style living room. Wallpaper is just one of the modern patterns you should consider adding to increase the style of your space.

Look at the picture and find how the wallpaper matches the overall living room-style (check the video too). The rattan coffee table here is placed on to present the visual interest no matter how small the living room you are possessing.

2. Glossy Walls and Access to Rich Natural Lights

2.Glossy Walls and Plenty of Natural Light By Simphome.comHave you ever thought of having a marble wall and floor? Because you are dealing with the contemporary living room style, the marble wall and floor is like a perfect canvas that matched well with the Asian accents. Don’t forget to add natural lights as much as possible to craft an airy space. To finish your contemporary design goal, you need a glossy wall to reflect the lights so that the living room feels more spacious.

Lastly, Number 1. Be Elegant

1.Be Elegant With Lighting By Simphome.comSimilar to point number 9, achieve an elegant look of the new contemporary living room by showing up the legs of sofas and armchairs. These two kinds of furniture are the keys to perfectly finish a contemporary-style living room along with the addition of metals and glass tables, just like in the picture.

In the current case, the smooth and robust furniture in marble does characterize the contemporary style well.
1.Be Elegant By Playing Color combination Simphome.comWe are still looking at the same picture. There aren’t too many finishes and shapes that commonly ruin the space appearance.

Consider this last number is as vital recommendations and have a good time with your new living room style.


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