Consider These 6 Things Before Building a Mausoleum

Building a mausoleum is never an easy decision. It is your way of paying a special tribute to your loved ones, and certainly, you would like the project to be handled by the greatest professionals. Choosing the team that will handle the architectural design and mausoleum building should not be taken lightly. Besides, there are also a couple of things you must know before you even undertake this project on your family’s behalf. So, we have, in this text, prepared six must-know things before building a mausoleum.

Know the Type of Mausoleums

Typically, there are four basic types of mausoleums-private, community, national, and state. However, the most common ones are private mausoleums. These are usually built by families or individuals who want to be in complete control over their loved one’s burial arrangements. It is important to mention that private mausoleums may be categorized into two types. Above-ground or below-ground structures are built per the wish of the person who ordered them. Individual mausoleums that are part of the community cemetery are better known as community mausoleums. These structures are, in the majority of cases, owned and operated by the cemetery. Finally, there are also state and national mausoleums, which are much larger in size and are built to pay tribute to famous individuals or soldiers who lost their lives in battle.

Rethink the Location

Choosing the right location for the mausoleum is among the most important decisions you need to make. This is usually determined by several factors, and you should make sure to give some thought to every single one of them. These factors include the type of mausoleum you are building, the size of the construction, and, of course, the budget. Since private mausoleums are the most common type, and you are willing to build one on your property, then you should find a spot that is big enough to accommodate the structure. On the other hand, if you are intending to build a community type, you need to discuss it with the cemetery and find the most appropriate spot.

Quality Service

We cannot stress enough how much it is important to find a qualified contractor to handle the process of construction. This is crucial if you want the mausoleum to be built properly and be in accordance with your wishes. Some of the things to consider when choosing a constructor are the portfolio to support their professionalism, license, and insurance. Another thing you can do is to ask for the references of the previous clients. Having a written estimate and contract before the construction will keep you on the safe side.

Material Plays a Huge Role

The material you choose for the mausoleum will play a huge part and will determine the exterior of your mausoleum. Again, there are a couple of things to consider, including climate, budget, and the type of mausoleum you are building. You need to make sure that the material is strong enough to support the weight of the entire structure. Among the most commonly used materials for mausoleums is a marble. Marble is a very durable material and it has the ability to withstand some severe weather conditions. On the other hand, this is a relatively inexpensive material, while some other materials, such as granite, have higher prices on the market. Some other materials commonly used for mausoleum construction include sandstone, limestone, and the previously mentioned granite.

Beware of the Costs

Before you even start with the construction of the mausoleum, you should be prepared to pay a considerable sum of money. Yet there are some variations in costs when building a mausoleum. Some factors, such as the contractor, location, material, design, and type, can greatly influence the sum. To this end, community mausoleums are usually less costly than private ones. However, these can also be quite expensive by bearing in mind all the previously mentioned factors.

Obtain All the Permits

Before you start with the construction of the mausoleum, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary permits so you can avoid the situation of being forced to demolish it. Normally, the permits will depend on the location and the type of mausoleum you are building. On the other hand, if you are building a private mausoleum on your own property, then you would probably need just a building permit.

As we have mentioned at the beginning, building a mausoleum is quite a decision. These structures are usually dedicated to special people and families as a form of paying tribute. Before you even start with the construction, you must make sure you have considered all the previously mentioned factors.

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