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4 Extremely Comfortable Home Decor Ideas You Should Try

Home decor can be creatively done with items that you might already have at home. A few of our favorite DIY projects are the use of a framed mirror as a headboard, using pillows as extra seating, and turning an old table into a perfect coffee station. Check out these 4 ideas and give your home the makeover it deserves!

1. Throw Pillows and Cushions for a Cozy Look

Staying comfy at home is essential to relieving stress from the busy workday. There are many options available if you want to change up your cushion and pillow arrangement, but one of the best ways is to use pillows that coordinate with their colors. This way, they can serve as accents or main pieces in your living room.

You can arrange them on your couch or couch-like seating so you would have extra cushions while watching your favorite shows or movies. It’s even better if you choose cushion covers made of linen for that extra-cozy feel. Another great idea for really enjoying these cushions and pillows: you can add another layer over them and use a blanket! Blankets become extremely useful when it becomes chilly at night – just curl up under one while still enjoying your snacks and other nice touches you’ve placed around your living room.

2. DIY Headboards

If you have an old mirror in the house, you can repurpose it as a headboard for your bed! Use some kind of adhesive to mount the mirror onto the wall behind your bed – add some paint if necessary so that it blends into the walls and becomes less noticeable. You can also add some nails or hooks to keep things like necklaces or scarves organized. Using a smaller mirror can give off a fairy tale vibe in your bedroom while using a taller one gives off a more elegant feel.

DIY Plush Headboard

If you don’t have an old mirror to use, you can also make your DIY headboard. Just follow some tutorials online and print out fabric that suits your design preferences. You can attach these printed sheets to a solid board of your choice – it’s best to pick one that is smaller in width compared to the size of your bed so that it doesn’t cover the entire bed. After this, all you have to do is screw the board down onto your wall!

3. A Coffee Table with Extra Seating

Turning an old table into additional seating is always beneficial since space can tend to be a problem during gatherings and small events. If you have a coffee table that is banged up or broken, you can refinish it with a dark stain so that it still has its charm but is functional as well. Add some seating around the table by placing cushions or pillows underneath – just make sure that the cushion color matches accordingly. You don’t want your room to look too busy so stick with one type of pillow and stick to it! Using neutral colors for everything ensures that the main focus will always be on your gathering rather than being distracted by accessories or other items in your home.

4. Use Decorative Frames as Wall Art

Decorative frames are great ways to not only frame pictures but also use them as wall art! Old photographs, paintings, and other items can be placed inside so that it stands out. You can find old ones lying around the house or buy them at a thrift store. Another great thing about using this as your wall art is that you can arrange them in such a way that it creates a pattern or picture of its own. You can create your photo collage with pictures from magazines and newspapers – just make sure to use some type of adhesive to keep them together and look like one big masterpiece rather than separate pieces.

A Gallery Wall In Your Hallway With Family Pictures

If you’re short on wall space, you can also use your hallway for a gallery wall of your own family. This is very similar to the idea of using decorative frames as art but with one small difference: it requires more than just one frame! Take photos and print them out – make sure that these are the only things in the photo so you can get the most out of adding these to your gallery wall. Keep in mind that you might have to cut, crop, or do something with these photos so they would fit together perfectly.

There are many creative ways to make your house look the way you want it but these tips are worth a try! Give your home the makeover it deserves and place all of these in each room accordingly. Whether you are looking for inspiration or just want to try something new, your home can feel cozy in just a few steps.

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