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10 Clever Homeschool Organization Ideas

It can’t be denied that being a homeschooler means having many papers, books, and supplies. But that’s not the problem. The real problem comes when you don’t find the right organizing system due to being sort on space. However, since you’re already here, you will undoubtedly find many innovative home organization ideas for small spaces to help you get organized. Completing the last list and video published on the channel, this new list is also presented for you by


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10. Create Workboxes10. Create Workboxes by

Books, papers, and supplies are the leading cause of a messy homeschool because they keep increasing year by year and can be hard to organize. Therefore, having workboxes is the best solution to store them all. In this case, wooden crates help much, mainly when you are on a tight budget for a closet library.
All you have to do is color paint them, stack them together, and then organize the books by subject or topic. You can also try adding a piece of plywood at the middle for the shelf or divider if necessary. Other simple options are utilizing cardboard boxes, baskets, or plastic box containers.

9. Use Color Coding9. Use Color Coding by

No matter how small the space you have, it is always better to organize everything so you can pick the thing you need instantly. You don’t want to spend much time trying to find the teaching resource you need, do you? Therefore, using color to designate them is one of the best ways to try.
You can utilize boxes-crates, cardboard, plastic-then paint them, or buy colored containers and stuck them up. Next, organize things based on your preference. For instance, math stuff is in the orange containers, and the yellow box contains reading resources and supplies. Don’t forget to label the boxes.

8. Embrace Double-Duty Seating8. Embrace Double Duty Seating by

The multipurpose furniture will always be a helper for a tight space, just like this seat. It provides a velvety surface to sit on and storage to keep books and stationery. This is something you can easily DIY at home. The materials needed are crate, fabric, foam, and plywood.
Begin with cutting the plywood to sit on the top box. Next, put two layers of foam over the plywood and cover them with fabric. Add small pieces of fabric on the two edges so that the top can be pulled easily. Last, use a staple gun to secure everything in place.
If you have more homeschoolers, this idea can be beneficial because it gives each person their own seat and storage. You only need to label the crates or give different colors for each, so they will know who owns which.

7. Keep Everything at Reach7. Keep Everything at Reach by

Kids are often lazy to put back everything they have used in place. That’s why it is best to keep the homeschool stuff near them. Put crayons, pencils, and other small supplies in small plastic pots, then hang them over or on the edge of the desk, so they can reach the things they need more quickly.
Meanwhile, to solve the books and paper storage problem, you can make an easy-peasy seat sack using a piece of leftover fabric. Firstly, measure the fabric to fit the width and the length of the chair. Next, cut it into the size and saw all the edges. Last, saw the pouch and the ribbon. There you go!

6. Murphy Desk DIY Idea6. Murphy Desk DIY by

This Murphy desk is a space-saver that can fit into a small space. It provides shelves to hand some homeschool stuff too. The best part of it is it is foldable. When you fold it up, it’s getting smaller, and you’ll get a chalkboard. The terrific news is you can DIY this desk.
First, prepare the materials like boards or hard plywood, screws, hinges, and chalkboard. Then begin to cut the boards down to size and assemble the cabinet with shelves. Next, build the desk panel and the legs, then attach the chalkboard. Lastly, mount it to the wall using hinges.

5. Name Every Thin5. Name Every Thing by

After being appropriately organized, make sure to labels the storage. It will be much easier for the kids to put their stuff if they know where an item goes. This also can help you in case you are an absent-minded person.
Finally, you no longer need to battle with so much clutter. At least, this way will minimize it. This can also be an excellent chance to teach children to clean up their stationery independently.
Tip: Arrange stuff, especially paper, in alphabetical order for easy organization.

4. Do be Portable4. Do be Portable by

Put your homeschool stuff on a moveable cart, so you can move it in a breeze to experience different schooling ambiance, like on the porch or patio. Besides, being portable will help if you don’t have a homeschool room or lack of space.
Homeschool supplies don’t have to be in one room. In case you are tight in space, the portable cart allows you to move the supplies from one room to another. You can place some books and supplies in the kitchen, living room, even bedroom.

3. Organize your Drawer3. Organize the Drawer by

When it comes to supplies storage, you can lean on drawers with no doubt. However, the poor fitting will waste a lot of space and will make the drawers even messy. Therefore, you should consider this drawer storage system.
You can make little cubbies to hold the supplies by utilizing heavy cardstocks, scissors, tape measure, and double-stick tape. Assemble the paper into a small box and make sure the size will fit your drawers and supplies well. Since these are made of paper, do not expect them to be that durable. Instead, you can opt for an acrylic drawer organizer.

2. Opt for Wall Organizer2. Opt for Wall Organizer by

Wall organizer is the best friend of a small space. It comes in handy for various books, papers, and supplies, depending on what organizer you are using. For books, having shelves will be great. Supplies like pencils and crayons can fit into the plastic shoe organizer.

At the same time, for papers, you can adopt this fabric organizer idea too.
To make it, you only need to saw leftover straight and assemble the pouch. Be sure the size is enough to fit the papers. You can also use this way to create pockets for the supplies.

Lastly, Number 1. Invest in A Cabinet or Closet1. Invest in A Cabinet or Closet by


If you don’t have any room to keep books and supplies, it’s better to invest in a closet or cabinet. You can place it in the living room or somewhere else without making a space messy. It probably doesn’t have many shelves, but you can add some using plywood and brackets.
Besides using the area inside the closet or cabinet, you can also utilize the top by adding baskets for more storage. It’s also possible to hang organizers on the left and right sides of it. Pay attention to the arrangement, primarily if different levels of homeschoolers use the closet. Be sure the smaller kids can reach their stuff by themselves.

So, those are 10 Clever Homeschool Organization Ideas for Small Space that hopefully can inspire you. It’s always possible to get everything organized, no matter how small space is.



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