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30+ Clever Designs of How to Build Backyard Dog Kennel Ideas

Building a dog kennel in a backyard could be an excellent idea for those people who love to have dogs but live in an apartment. You don’t need to worry about your dog all the time. Moreover, if you live in a certain city, keeping a dog outside could be against the law. These 30+ clever designs of how to build backyard dog kennel ideas will help you make your pet happy and save difficulties related to keeping them!

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When it comes to outdoor dog kennels for the backyard, you might want to build your own. However, you can also purchase it online, so you do not need to do the dirty work. On the other hand, building an outdoor dog kennel in the backyard as a DIY project would cost relatively lower compared to purchasing a dog kennel. In this article, we will give you some ideas about clever backyard dog kennel ideas.
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How to Build Backyard Dog Kennel Ideas by Featured Image
10 Tricks How to Build Backyard Dog Kennel Project Poster

🔊10 DIY Ideas How To Build Backyard Dog Kennel Project Video:

Basic Steps – How to build A Fantastic Dog Kennel:

Are pet dogs happier outside of the house than inside? You probably already noticed. No matter how much you provide wide-open spaces and toys for them indoors, they will soon develop cabin fever; it’s only a matter of time. As far as most dogs are concerned, there’s nothing like fresh air to get their energy flowing.

As incredible as this idea may be, there’s still the concern of making sure you rein them incorrectly. Though we want to give our pets many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, we also don’t want them to lose their way when they make their way out. As you probably already know, dogs can venture far and wide. They can easily get lost or, worse yet, get in trouble.

Step 1. Dog Kennels to The Rescue

Dog kennels are the best way to give our dogs all the benefits of the outdoors while at the same time keeping them comfy and safe. While it’s easy getting a dog kennel, picking the right model takes quite a bit of advanced thinking. You have to consider the following factors if putting together the perfect kennel for your four-legged companion has ever come to your mind.

Step 2. Location

Like with real estate, when it comes to kennel construction, it’s all about location, location, etc. Deciding where to place your pet’s kennel will dictate the structure’s overall design. This decision will also affect the kind of materials that you’re going to use to put it together. You can connect the kennel to your house or garage or completely detach it from your home unit. Depending on where you put it, you can choose between wood, concrete, composite material, steel, aluminum, and other materials.

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Step 3. Size

The next factor to keep in mind is the size of your dog. Remember, the whole point of putting together a kennel is for your dog to enjoy the fresh air and sunlight of the outdoors while at the same time keeping your canine companion nice and comfy. This strategy is a balancing act, and a crucial part of that comfort level is whether they feel restricted. You don’t want to set up a very suffocating, stuffy, or otherwise uncomfortable kennel. You don’t want your pet to develop a negative association between the discomfort they feel staying in the kennel and the kennel itself. At some point, they’re going to prefer anywhere except the enclosure.

The point is to build a dog-run area for them to enjoy what they do. The following dimensions are the ballpark figure for a dog run area connected to your kennel. It has to be twice as wide and five times as long as your pet. If you stick to these rough parameters, your pet will have enough space in the kennel.

Step 4. Pay Close Attention to Weather Patterns

It’s also essential to consider the weather patterns in your location. The United States is a vast place, and it has many different climate zones. Keep this in mind, if it gets too hot in your neck of the woods, you might want to provide a reliable shade for your pet in its kennel. This cover also comes in handy when it rains. If it gets cold or snowy out in your country area, you must also pay attention to proper insulation. This consideration also means you must have the appropriate drainage so your dog will not slip or get muddy when rainwater collects or snow melts.

Step 5. Other Features

Another feature you should consider when putting together your kennel is portability. It may be a good idea to develop something that you can move around. You might need to move your pet’s kennel from point A to point B; make sure it’s built for this purpose. Similarly, you might want to set the enclosure on some paving stones so if your dog digs, it wouldn’t be a hassle for you. You might also want to consider fencing so you can see each other while at the same time making sure that your pet is properly secured.

Finally, in the area surrounding the kennel, you might want to think about the right kind of ground cover. Typically, you can choose between dirt, gravel, rubber, wood, concrete, grass, and other materials.

The Final Word

Your goal in putting together a kennel is to build an area for your pet to run around, play with toys, and feel the outdoors. The point is to get them to enjoy all these while still being under your guidance and protection. This project takes quite a bit of planning because you’re going to have to protect them from the rain, and the heat, as well as to make sure that they have proper access to food and water.
With a little bit of advanced planning, putting together a winning kennel for both you and your pet is not only possible but highly doable.


Dogs are men’s best friends. You might agree with that saying, so you keep a dog at home. They are adorable, but you still need to put them outside so they won’t poop on your carpet or chew your couch. Why don’t you make a kennel to ensure your dog’s ultimate comfort outside?
Dog kennels are an excellent place for your dog to rest when playing outside. There are many choices to purchase. However, why buy a doghouse if you can make it yourself to choose suitable materials and sizes for the kennel?

1st 10 DIY Ideas How To Build Backyard Dog Kennel Project Entries:

Next, I will give you the first 10 DIY ideas on how to build a backyard dog kennel that you can use to improve your backyard landscape or someone’s other backyard close to your heart. This first ten list is compiled, edited, finished, and published by a Simphome writer.

10. Modern Dog Kennel idea

10.Modern Dog Kennel By Simphome.comA dog kennel can be as stylish as a modern house. The simple design, sloped roof, and bold color denote modern style. If you decide to use this design for your dog kennel, here are the steps.
First, build the deck. Then, make the house frame separately. Set the frame on the deck to make sure its size fits your dog. Screw the frame in place. After that, add the sidings. When the sides are finished, trim the top to fit the angle. Add the front slat and leave the door open.
The next step is painting the house. It will be much better if the paint complements your home. Then, trim the door and add a canopy. You can add boxes using scraps on the sides to plant flowers or put your dog toys. Finally, add roof slats. Finish the kennel by decorating it to your taste.

9. Dog Kennel idea with Concrete Floor

9.Dog Kennel with Concrete Floor By Simphome.comKennel run is an alternative for your doghouse. It provides shelter, yet it has space for your dog to romp. However, you should carefully design based on the guidelines provided by experienced canine caretakers.
The standard dimension of the kennel run (about 48 inches in width and 12 feet or more in length) allows the dogs to urinate at the farthest end of the entry. The narrow width enables you to easily scoop the poop with a short shovel and dump it.

Most designers prefer to use concrete for the floor. Although it is more expensive than gravel, it is tougher and long-lasting. To avoid cracking, buckling, or splitting, you can use a combination of rebar, wire, and high-quality cement. Using gravel for under layer will help keep the concrete from cracking. Make sure the is sloped so water will run off without leaving puddles.

8. Knock-Down Dog Kennel Idea

8.Knock Down Dog Kennel by Simphome.comA knock-down design is best if you want something lighter and movable, like this kennel. It is easy to be moved around and cleaned. It also features a solar heating system that allows your dog to stay warm when in the kennel. You can easily switch the kennel around or leave off the walls and change which side the door and windows are on. Although it comes in a knock-down design, it is sturdy enough to sit on.
You can make it from the torsion box, which is solid and rigid. The material allows you to give more insulation to the doghouse. Don’t forget to install the windows to pass through, and the fresh air can come into the kennel.

7. Elegant Pallet Dog Kennel Idea

7.Elegant Pallet Dog Kennel By Simphome.comMaking a chic kennel isn’t always pricey. You can even make it from some leftover pallets. Start by building the base deck using a solid and uncut pallet. Plymouth overlay will make the surface look smoother. Next, create the frame (base, raised boundaries, and roof beams) using slats. Leave some space for a veranda. Make sure the frame is attached correctly and securely. The next step is filling the frame with pallet planks vertically. Use a seesaw to trim the top.
After that, start working the roof bottom-up from behind in overlapping style and sloped roof for the veranda. Nail extra slats trimming on the sides of the roof. Lastly, apply a stain coat to appeal and protect it from the weather.

6. A Simple yet Comfy Dog Kennel Idea

6.Simple yet Comfy Dog Kennel by

Airy and fresh. This simple kennel is comfortable enough for your dog to sleep. To make this haven, put together the base and the frame to form walls and a roof. Nail or screw the wood planks a few inches apart to make the walls. Then attach slats for the roof. Add a mattress inside to add more comfort.

5. Air-Conditioned Dog Kennel Idea

5.Air Conditioned Dog Kennel By Simphome.comDesigning an air-conditioned dog kennel is a challenge because of the dog’s habit of chewing anything. The dog may find the cable and treat it as a toy. Therefore, you should put the installation outside the kennel. You can use one of the posts to place an outlet. You can bury the exterior conduit and wire to prevent the dog chewing it.
Other than being air-conditioned and electrically equipped, the kennel should have a door big enough for a person to get inside for maintenance. On the other hand, it also has a doggy-sized window and door. Because lumber tends to invite termites, treat it with a stilt foundation to last longer.

4. Stylish Dog Kennel with Shingles Siding Idea

4.Stylish Dog Kennel with Shingles Siding by Simphome.comClassic. It’s a word that pops into your mind when looking at this dog house. A bungalow miniature gives shelter for your dog and adds appeal to your backyard.
Shingles are made of ripped cedar shims glued to the siding and roof. An overlapping roof keeps it watertight. It needs the patience to put the shingles one by one, but the result is overwhelming.

3. Contemporary Dog Kennel Project Idea

3.Contemporary Dog Kennel by Simphome.comThe first step is deciding on the spot to put the kennel. Level the ground and place patio brick under the base. Then pick some wood and make the basic skeleton. Start working on the floor and the walls using plywood when the frame is finished. Cut out the plywood for the door and window for the front wall. Use 2 x 8 inches to hold the glass window (top and bottom, back and front).
The next step is working the roof. You can either install the top on the kennel or directly assemble it. Next, decorate the interior using linoleum flooring. Then, paint the walls and cover the roof with linoleum materials.

2. Sturdy Duplex Dog Kennel Project Idea

2.Sturdy Duplex Dog Kennel by Simphome.comThis design of duplex is perfect for two dogs. You need to build the walls first. Make sure each wall consists of three vertical studs. Then place horizontal studs in the middle. The next step is joining the walls together.
Now place plywood or recycled solid core door in the middle of the kennel to divide it into two rooms. Next, corrugated tin is cut to make the roof. Ensure the edge is extended for an inch or two and overlaps between each sheet. Last, cover the top ridge with a ridge cap.

1. Mid-Century Modern Dog Kennel

1.Mid Century Modern Dog Kennel by Simphome.comDogs are also crazy about Mid-Century modern homes, just like this one. It can be seen on the eight-degree angle cut, the dark ebony wood frame, and the white paint.
Spice up the kennel by applying artificial grass. First, you need to measure the floor before cutting the layer. Then glue and lay it carefully on the kennel floor to stay in place. You can also add a lively lift by adding artificial succulents.

And To Cheat The System

Today, I am presenting you with the following five dog kennel ideas available on the Amazon store. It is regularly updated and would save your patient. I am not saying you cannot follow one of the available ideas on the list. This is the list of

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So, a dog house is for shelter and creating a new look in your backyard. And these ten ideas on how to build backyard dog kennels will give your dog the ultimate comfort and safety while beefing up your backyard. For more relevant inspiration, continue reading the second section of this post.

2nd 10 Clever Ideas of How to Build Backyard Dog Kennel:

10 Clever Designs of How to Build Backyard Dog Kennel Ideas via SIMPHOME.COM Featured Image
2nd 10 Clever Ideas of How to Build Backyard Dog Kennel

1. Wide Dog Kennel

1.SIMPHOME.COM Wide Dog KennelSince a dog kennel should be comfortable for the dog inside, you should provide ample space to move around. The main features of the picture we have seen above are a safety fence, wood planks for flooring, and wide space so the dog could run around without harming itself. The fence would not hurt the dog while it actively runs around.
This dog kennel can be made by purchasing a dog kennel fence at the pet store or some online stores, and you just need to provide the flooring. This dog kennel might be suitable for medium-sized dogs.

2. House Dog Kennel for the Backyard

2.House Dog Kennel for the Backyard via Simphome.comThe next model is the one that looks like a house. It even looks like a chicken house. However, this would be an excellent idea for a dog kennel. You can provide pet litter inside the house while two dog doors are installed so perfectly that your dog can do his business in private.

The size is pretty wide and enough to allow them to run around and get some fresh air while doing your activity. A kennel will also give your pet a safer space to run around in the backyard.

3. Tall Dog Kennel

3.Tall Dog Kennel via Simphome.comSince the kennel is tall, you can let three small dogs play around. Fresh air is essential for your pet. This is why providing adequate outdoor space for your pet is also essential. The fence is made of wires with small gaps to not hurt your small pets.
We often see curious dogs push around their kennel fence so they can go outside. If you provide toys inside the cage, your dogs would love to stay inside the kennel.
Image: Pinterest

4. Small Dog Kennel

4.Small Dog Kennel via Simphome.comIf your backyard is not too big, but you want to keep your dog outside, you can make this one as you saw in the picture. To provide proper temperature and circulate the air inside the kennel, you can also install a fan.

Some people just prefer to keep their dogs outside for some reason. If you also need to keep them outside your house, this idea might be one of the best ones. Your pet would stay safely outside while it would not take up too much space in your backyard.

5. Wooden Dog Kennel

5. Wooden DOG Kernel via Simphome.comThis one in the picture is for you who want to keep the dog outside without leaving the aesthetic point. This wooden dog kennel would fit well if your backyard is shaded. It will also be a good place for your dog to take food and drink.

Having a dog kennel in the backyard is one of many ways to separate the life of your pets and your own life. This is also good if you do not want your dogs to get into your bed or couch or leave their hair anywhere inside the house.

6. Sauna-Looking Dog Kennel

6. SAUNA Looking DOG Kernel via Simphome.comWe call it a sauna-looking dog kennel because it looks like a sauna outside. On the other hand, it provides a safe space for your dog to play around. Keeping them in the backyard in the morning is good to give your fresh dog air. In the meantime, you can also clean the whole house without interruption.

This dog kennel can accommodate a few small dogs or one big dog. Make sure the size is well measured, so it will not make the dog depressed or stressed due to too small a cage or too big a kennel. Image:

7. Medium-Sized Dog Kennel

7. Medium Sized Dog Kennel via Simphome.comThis one is ideal for you who want to provide enough space for the dog. The size is neither too big nor too small, so it will fit even a small backyard. The presence of a roof will protect your dogs against sunlight and rain. So, every time you need time to clean the house without distraction, this dog kennel will keep your dog safe.

The red color also shows how warm it looks. Do not forget to provide a pet door to go inside and outside the house freely. Image:

8. Big-Sized Dog Kennel

8. Big Sized Dog Kennel via Simphome.comThis dog kennel in the picture is suitable for big dogs and big backyards. In this kennel, you can keep two big dogs and several small dogs interacting with each other while they are outside. The kennel is built with proper roofing and windows. Its H3 wire fences would keep your dog inside safely. Rain and sunlight would not interfere with the excellent time your dogs are having. However, you need a generous space in your backyard to have this kennel. Image:

9. Portable Dog Kennel with Shade

9.Portable Dog Kennel with Shade via Simphome.comYou can purchase this dog kennel online. If you want your dog to stay there a little longer without getting interrupted by the weather, you can add a mat or other flooring materials. Installing shade will protect your dog from the sunlight. If the weather is sunny, your dog could also stay under the shade. The DIY project can shade while the fence is available in some pet shops and other online stores.
The kennel dog in the picture can accommodate three medium-sized dogs, two big dogs, or several small dogs. Image:

10. Simple Dog Kennel

10.simple Dog Kennel with Shade via Simphome.comSo, if you want something more straightforward for your German shepherd or other big dogs, the dog kennel in the picture seems suitable. It looks simple yet appealing. It only requires proper fencing and a roof that you can install easily. However, the grass should be good enough for your dogs, considering it lacks flooring. Image: Pinterest
And this is anything you need to know about clever designs of dog kennel ideas.

SIMPHOME.COM 10 Clever Designs of How to Build Backyard Dog Kennel Ideas FEATURED PINTEREST IMAGE
Poster for 2nd 10 Design Sample Backyard Dog Kennel Project ideas

Additional Relevant Ideas:

In the next section, you’ll find bonus images exported from my sister site It consists of more than ten ideas, and if you like it, you can share them with your loyal friends on Pinterest or anywhere else. Enjoy

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