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10 Clever and Cheap Ways How to Build Backyard Grill Ideas

It is never too soon to prepare your next summer outdoor party! A Special season when you can take your meals out and enjoy the lovely weather. With your friend or kids, while grilling some barbecues and enjoying mouth-watering fresh watermelon or lemon juices.
In the summer, days and nights are, by and large, splendid; hence, taking special event outside, such as bonfire party, is always an enticing idea. For that reason, here I’ve collected and give you 10 clever and cheap ways how to build backyard grill ideas to ensure a fun, easy and instagramable festivity. 10 Clever and Cheap Ways How to Build Backyard Grill Ideas Pinterest Faetured Image

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10. Get a Simple Temporary BBQ Grill| Youtube Channel Food Wishes

10. Get a Simple Temporary BBQ GrillLet’s begin with a trouble-free grill. It’s as easy as winking; even a kid can build it. You only need brick stones and a grill grate.
First, pick the right location, level it and lay 12 bricks down for the base tightly. Take 8 more for the sides (2 bricks each), set them up and you are done!
It not only saves your space but is also flexible to move. In addition, you can adjust the height by changing the bricks position. One thing we are crazy about is: it takes seconds to set it up. Hands-on!

9. Or this Terracotta Temporary Grill | Thekitchn Or this Terracotta Temporary GrillAre you looking for portable grills? Go for this terracotta grill. You only require a 16” terra cotta pot, a 16” terra cotta saucer, a grill grate and bricks.
Put your bricks inside to save your charcoal.
Next, it’s time for the saucer. Finally, set your grill up. Finish!
We adore its portability. Nevertheless, be careful when you move it all around.


If you live in an apartment, pay attention to your landlord rules.

8. Take this BBQ Barrel idea | Instructables

8. Take this BBQ Barrel ideaTurning an empty barrel into a totally effective backyard grill sounds great, doesn’t it?
First, find a barrel, clean it up and cut it for the opening.
See the stand? That’s your following job. After you finished it, put the barrel on top.
Then, add a handle, air vents and a temperature gauge.
Finally, attach the lid and burn the inside off to stamp out anything left.

Tip: Spray it with a high-heat-resistant paint to embellish it and prevent rust.

7. Square Fire Pit and Grill Project | Redheadcandecorate

7. Square Fire Pit and Grill Project 2It fits better for a spacious and full of green trees backyard.
First, start it by going to a home depot and grasp some bricks, or stones, whatever fits you.
If you can’t find them there, try local stone depots. Or made some, YouTube it.
You’ll have dozens of options.
I select this idea because they have a unique square shape with a sturdy grill inserts and easy to follow instruction.
7. Square Fire Pit and Grill Project 1

First, Clear your location and level it. Use the grill insert to measure the bricks. It’s like building a Lego, so simple. Be careful when you carry them, they ARE heavy. Once you finish with the bricks, insert the grill. That’s it! No screws, no glue.

6. Large Backyard Grill project idea | Instructables Large Backyard Grill project ideaIt’s a movable and mortar-free grill. With right instruction and hand coordination, you’ll find no trouble in assembling it. The good news is you can easily size it up or down and replace cracked bricks.
Seize various standard block sizes, patios and metal stakes for the body. Prepare expanded steel; rebar pieces, cubic feet of sand for the pit. For the lid, utilize a steel drum, an angle iron, bolts, a rod and a steel plate.
For the instruction.
First, choose an appropriate location as it gives a lot of smoke and heat.
Then, set the concrete blocks. Put a decent foundation, lay them down. Keep in mind to give proper support.
Next, build the spit using an 8 ft. black steel pipe, I suggest you to weld a gear on one end. Construct the lid from the drum. Last, clean remaining dirt and test it.

5. Wooden Grill with Concrete Countertop project idea | Instructables Wooden Grill with Concrete Countertop project ideaMore often than not, DIY projects save a lot of your bucks. This is a fine example. You can grab it and complete the idea in the next unfussy steps.
One, build the base and install 4 wheels to make it mobile. For the sink, get the barbecue, cutting board and sink. Build on the frame for the concrete with sized holes.
Make the reinforcing bar and ensure it doesn’t touch the frame bottom. Add a bolt on either side to enable you attach it to the wooden frame. Keep it away from any air bubbles when you add the concrete. To wrap up things, add accessories like hooks or others.

4. Metal Filing Cabinet Grill project idea | Instructables Metal Filing Cabinet Grill project ideaNow, it’s time to reclaim an old office filing cabinet into a gorgeous smoker.
It has drawers for the fire and meat. That will regulate smoke and temperature safely and effortlessly.
First, snatch a metal filing cabinet, plywood, grill grates, finishing nails, an aircraft remover, grill/high-temp paint, shelf-support pegs, wood glue, wood stain, polyurethane and some tools.

Take the cabinet, remove all unnecessary stuff. Using aircraft remover, strip all the paint off and then re-paint it. Decide your desired lay out then setup the meat and fire drawers. The fire grate comes next. Put it back together and build the lid. After you install new handles, you’re ready to roll!

Tip: Add an upper shelf for big drawers.

3. Repurposed Tool Box Grill | Instructables Repurposed Tool Box GrillAfter a filing cabinet, a tool box project is on the list. Find an old steel tool box, a steel grate, stove bolts, washers, nuts, an aerosol paint remover, heat-resistant stove paint, pot holders, magnets and rubber-stoppers.
Next, Cut both grill grates down to size suitably and remove the excess.
The lower charcoal grate needs short “legs” to raise it up. Put the grilling grate on. Apply high-heat painting after you stripped the paint off. Install legs cautiously, set the ventilation and secure the grilling grate.
For a worthier end, add a wooden handle, re-paint it, improve the lid control and attach an external thermometer.

2. Stone Grill Project idea | Instructables

2. Stone GrillInstead of purchasing a pricey grill that would fall apart in less than 3 years, I vouch for this. It has simple instruction, and you may use reclaimed materials around your farm or backyard.
First, Pick up a metal grate, stones, charcoal (wood) and a chisel to shape stones.
Then, make a U-shape pit (2 ft. high); secure the stone sides and back.
Next, place a few rocks at the pit to place charcoal on. Cut the grate to fit top, place flat rocks on its top to keep it in order and add some charcoal.
There you are!

Lastly number 1. A Portable Grill Cart Project idea | Instructables Portable Grill CartWhen you don’t want to splurge for a full-blown stand-up grill, but you desperately need one, take it!
Hop in your shed and find scrap wood. Cut them accordingly and sand all pieces. Now, assemble the frame, and then paint it, plus the slats too. To gain mobility, install wheels and a propane tank. Apply the final paint coat and grill up some good eats.

I know it’s the age of fast-food; even so, several people stick to the natural route. Patience, my dear friends, is the key for quality food. And these clever and cheap ways how to build backyard grill ideas will help you get quality food in a joyful way. Happy grilling!

Last Closing Tip: Always place a fire extinguisher nearby.

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