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How to Choose a Modern and Comfortable Sectional in 2021

A sectional accommodates more people than a straight sofa and might be more visually appealing. This article will help you to choose a stylish and comfortable furniture item for 2021 and many years ahead.

Sectional sofas never go out of fashion. They are aesthetically appealing, comfortable, and can accommodate more people than straight sofas. From this article, you’ll get to know how to select a cozy and stylish sectional in 2021. You’ll learn about shapes, orientations, and benefits of having this type of furniture in your house or apartment.

What is a Sectional Sofa?

Sectionals consist of at least two pieces that come together to form a single unit. The number of pieces might vary from two to six. In a modular sofa, they can be combined together in a number of ways. In a non-modular one, they fit together in only one configuration. When furnishing an oddly shaped room, you don’t necessarily have to arrange all the pieces of your modular into one solid entity. Instead, you can use them as stand-alone items and quickly rearrange them to meet your current needs. Normally, the more pieces a sectional has, the higher it costs.

Compared to a straight sofa, a sectional can provide extra seating. If you like to invite guests to your house, you should put a sectional in your living room. People will be able to chat comfortably, sitting on different parts of the sofa. Besides, a sectional can become the focal point of the premise. When decorating a compact room, you might try placing it in the corner to maximize space.

Which Shape to Choose?

When buying a sectional, you’ll be able to choose from the following shapes.


That’s the most popular type. Such a furniture item forms two lines that come together at a right angle, with one end extending longer than the other. Sectionals of this type are excellent for smaller spaces. They can fit snugly in the corner of a room to face a TV or coffee table.


This one also consists of two parts —but they’re of the same length in either direction. Such construction is just as functional and good-looking as the L-shaped one but offers more seating space.


It’s another variety of an L-shaped sectional. In this case, the two pieces don’t form a right angle. Instead, the chaise lounge is attached to one side of the sofa. If you opt for such construction, you might be able to add the chaise piece to other pieces and experiment with a wide range of shapes.


This is an optimal solution for large rooms. Such sofas extend outward on both sides. Your guests will appreciate it because it’s very convenient for conversations. Some sectionals might feature a large ottoman in the middle so you can put your feet up.


While traditional sofas have sharp corners, furniture items of this type have rounded. This might look stunning — but you should avoid buying such a sectional for a compact room because the curved back of the sofa will prevent you from pushing it against the wall.


One or more seats of such a sofa can recline. Such furniture items are perfect for family rooms and home theaters. Apart from seating, they might have a lot of additional features:

  • Tray tables

  • Cup holders

  • Built-in storage consoles

  • USB charging ports

Reclining sofas tend to be larger in size and pricier than traditional ones.


It’s just as comfortable for seating as all the above-mentioned types. But when guests decide to stay with you overnight, they will be able to sleep on such a sofa just as comfortably as on a bed.


This factor will determine whether the sectional will fit into your room and where you’ll be able to place it.

Left- and Right-Facing

To determine the orientation of your sofa, you should stand in front of it. If the arm is on your left side, then, your piece of furniture belongs to the left-facing category.


One arm of such a sofa is shorter than the other. You can relocate the shorter arm with minimum effort to switch from right-facing to left-facing orientation.


Such a sofa has protruding arms of equal length. Compared to asymmetrical options, it provides more seating and can make the room look more balanced.


This type of furniture enables you to experiment with orientations and layouts. You can freely mix and match its components, depending on how exactly you’re planning to use the room today.

Tips on Fitting a Sectional into Your Interior

To make the most of your new modern sectional, you might consider doing the following.

Remove Competing Furniture

Most likely, the sectional will be the largest piece of furniture in the room. To make sure it nicely fits the space, you might want to simplify the rest of the interior. An ottoman or coffee table plus overhead lighting should be enough to make the room look cozy. At the same time, you might consider removing floor lamps and end tables because they might make the place feel cramped.

Take Advantage of Walls

It makes sense to place this type of furniture in the center only if the room is huge. Otherwise, it would be wise to utilize at least one wall. If the room is compact, you might prefer to place the sectional in the corner so that everyone can move and walk freely.

Consider Focal Points

A living room might have one or several focal points. These are a few examples of items that can become the center of attention.

  • Window

  • Accent wall

  • TV

  • Fireplace

You should place the sectional so that it complements the focal point. For instance, you can put it close to the fireplace so that all your guests will feel warm. It would be weird if you place the sofa in the opposite corner and put a couple of poufs in front of the fire.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy, and now you better understand which type of sectional you might want to buy. This beautiful and comfortable piece of furniture will become an opportune addition to your home interior for 2021 and many years ahead.

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