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Whenever you found cheap home decor stores, you are confused on what items you need to purchase since everything seems to be sold in lower price tag. Actually there are some must have items that you need to have in your house, and if you can get them in cheaper price, then it would be a dream come true. These items are actually simple but you keep on putting them in your to buy list which you never even look at anymore. Now it is time to go back and purchase those items and make your home décor perfect.

Cheap home decor stores must have items list

1. Cloth napkin

This simple item is a must have item if you want to make your dining arrangement perfect by purchasing it in cheap home decor stores. With adding cloth napkin to the dining arrangement you will make it feel luxurious compared to when you only use paper napkin. This will be must have item if you want to have formal dining party in your house. You will be able to set the dining table like luxurious restaurant by simply adding cloth napkin. Try to fold the napkin according to your occasion to increase the beauty of your dining arrangement. (via depositphotos)

cloth napkins

2. Teapot set

If you the type of person who make your tea for yourself directly on the cup with an instant tea bag, you must not have any thought to have at least a teapot in your house. Of course making your tea directly on the cup is more convenient especially with the use of instant tea bag. However you cannot do that when you entertain your guests since you need to give them better treatment by serving tea in the traditional way and that is why you need to have at least a teapot. Furthermore cheap home decor stores branch usually provide a lot of design variation on their collection so you can try to find one teapot which suits your taste. (via pepperfry)

teapot set

3. Vase

You will be able to find a lot of cheap home decor stores brand who provides vase in their collection. The reason is simple, that is because every house need to have vase and they can be sold in cheap price. Even when you do have any flowers to display, but you never know when you will actually get one from friends and family. Of course you can also try to display plastic flower which can be use forever without worry if it will wither away. (via westelm)


4. Picture frame

If you need to have some picture frame especially when you want to display a lot of photos thus you will need a lot of it, then you can try to find some at cheap home decor stores. They have a lot of frames which sold in cheap price so you can purchase more at once. Of course their collection usually simple since it is more suitable for all design so more people will buy it. But because of that simple design you can use them anywhere around the house. And with the same frame design, all of those pictures will be the link for each room in your house. (via kristendukephotography)

picture frames

5. Candle

You will be able to see this cheap home decor stores item everywhere since they are actually pretty cheap to produce. If you love candles, try not to purchase them in expensive store, instead try to find some in other store that sold them in cheaper price. Not only those candle perfect for display, but it will create a nice scent in your room. The scent will make you feel relax and it will add more personality to your room. Furthermore you will be able to make the room looks more romantic by adding candles even those who are not scented. So try to find candle types that suit your preference. (via homebnc)


Tips in purchasing items on discount store

A lot of items in discount store are sold in cheaper price compared to the other stores. The reason is because they purchase the product in large quantity thus they will get cheaper price from the manufacturer. Still you need to be careful and not spend your budget for something that you actually do not need.

Since all of the items are sold in cheaper price, then the temptation is bigger, which is why it is better for you to have a shopping list before you go there. That way you will only search for something that you really need instead of purchasing everything then realize it too late. Pay attention to the design of the item you purchase, cheap home decor stores usually provides their item in simple design so everyone can use it. If that happen, then you only need to find item that has suitable color for your room.


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