5 Unique And Cheap Home Decor Hacks From Dollar Store Items


Ream to have some indoor planthouses to remake your interior atmosphere. I can help you with that.

1. Tray Chalkboard

Even though it looks more complicated than the previous one, the result can be more satisfying. You can use either oval or circular tray, depending on your taste. Then you can apply any chalkboards surface to the tray then tape it with it. Make sure the chalkboard suits the tray, and then you can add some rope so it can be hung. You can freely write anything on the tray chalkboard. Source

2. Pretty Pen Pots

The result of this idea will surely useful to be placed in any places. This idea requires unused cans, although you can buy them if you do not have it yet. Then using some decorative papers, you can cover as many cans as you can, depending on how many pens or pencils you are going to put in there. This decor surely will keep your pens and pencils safe. Source

3. Bandana Pillows

If you think your pillows do not suit your style anymore, cover them with bandana cloths. There a lot choices that you can apply to your pillows. It will depend on how you decor your room and where you put your pillows. Although this idea can be done without sewing, it is still better to sew them to make it neater. Source

4. DIY Bottle Garland

Applying this idea will make it possible for you to have planthouse inside your house. All you need are some bottles and wire to hang them. Pour some water to each bottle then put the garland. This decor will look great when you hang it near the window and to make sure that the garland or the houseplants get the sunlight. Source

5. Letters for Home Decor

This idea will require woods, maybe a lot of woods. The aim of the idea is to make letters or words that can be read using wood. So make sure that you choose the same type of woods to make it easier for you to create the letters or words. Make sure you nail all the woods neatly so that the result is readable. This idea will allow you to make any words or letters you want. Source