75 Cheap Dollar Store Decor ideas


Many people don’t realize that sometimes they spend much money for small things that actually they can get it for free. 30+ tips below inform you about how to make things simpler and functional so you don’t have to spend money to make it more applicable.
In the same time, you can save some money for other more important essentials.

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54. Mail Center
54 Mail Center via simphomeThis idea can be useful for those who often receive any mail posts. Using spray paint, you can entirely change the function of your shower caddy. With the right and proper painting, you can recreate and transform the caddy into a stylish mail organizer. Not only for mail posts, you can also put some houseplants on the caddy to support green movement. Source

55. DIY Wreath
55 DIY Wreath via simphomeEven though it looks simple, you will be surprised when you figure out what the wreath is made of. You can use a plastic basket then cut the downside. You can cut as many plastic baskets as you like. If you do not have the wreath yet, you can buy it. It does not have to be the expensive ones. As long as you can design the plastic baskets, it will look luxurious. After deciding the wreath, glue them with the plastic baskets and make sure that you glue it neatly. Source

56. Enamel Painted Vases
56 Enamel Painted Vases via simphomeThis idea will work really well when you already have the vases. Even if you do not have yet, you can buy the cheap ones. The main point of this idea is how we paint the vases. Usually plain vases are not expensive. You can transform the vases by painting it with enamel painting. Do not be worry about the colors since there are various colors you can apply to your vases. Source

57. Wall Decor for Master Bedroom
57 Wall Decor for Master Bedroom via simphomeThe main material for this project is a paperboard. Actually, you can use as many paperboards as you like, depending on the wall of your bedroom. You also need some glass cloth to create the motive on the paperboard. Then using pylox, spray the glass cloth right on the paperboard to mark the motive. You can either use different colors for many paperboards or use different motive of glass cloth for the paperboards too. Source

58. Decorative serving Tray
58 Decorative Tray dollar store decor via simphomeThere is a creative way to replace your ordinary serving tray for your coffee table which is using this decorative serving tray. If you cannot purchase one in the store because the price is too high, then you need a solution. The solution is to go to the dollar store and to make your own decorative serving tray. What you need to grab from the dollar store is a placemat and a mirror or a frame. Simply glue the placemat on the mirror or the frame and that’s it, you now have your own decorative serving tray.

If you feel bored with an ordinary memo board, this idea is recommended for you. It offers you a new type of memo board. Use a metal burner cover as the main material and make sure it has flat surface. To make it look different, apply some patterned paper and spray paint to cover the metal. You can freely express your taste on your memo board. Then after finish covering, put some magnets to hold any papers on the metal. Source

59. String art wall decor ideas
59 String art wall decor ideas via simphomeThis string art is flexible and won’t cost you tons of dime. Imagine you make this craft challenge during raining days or winter. It will make your head warm enough and also it will make your days little bit more colorful. No need electricity when power is down. As long as you already prepared enough candles before or dry woods. More info

60. Chalk Painted for your indoor Herb Planters
60 Chalk Painted for your indoor Herb Planters via simphomeYour herb plants deserve a nice looking outdoor and indoor. And since they cannot see house you provide for them, explore your shabby creativity. Take plastic pots, does not have to be brand new, and slap your white paint on it. Embellish it with any print you want and have fun with it. You can browse imgur or reddit to find short meme or quote that will make your indoor plant more appealing or mildly annoying. More info
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61. Tray Chalkboard
61 Tray Chalkboard via simphomeEven though it looks more complicated than the previous one, the result can be more satisfying. You can use either oval or circular tray, depending on your taste. Then you can apply any chalkboards surface to the tray then tape it with it. Make sure the chalkboard suits the tray, and then you can add some rope so it can be hung. You can freely write anything on the tray chalkboard.

62. Pretty Pen Pots
62 Pretty Pen Pots via simphomeThe result of this idea will surely useful to be placed in any places. This idea requires unused cans, although you can buy them if you do not have it yet. Then using some decorative papers, you can cover as many cans as you can, depending on how many pens or pencils you are going to put in there. This decor surely will keep your pens and pencils safe. Source

63. Bandana Pillows
63 Bandana Pillows via simphome comIf you think your pillows do not suit your style anymore, cover them with bandana cloths. There a lot choices that you can apply to your pillows. It will depend on how you decor your room and where you put your pillows. Although this idea can be done without sewing, it is still better to sew them to make it neater. Source

64. DIY Bottle Garland
64 DIY Bottle Garland via simphomeApplying this idea will make it possible for you to have planthouse inside your house. All you need are some bottles and wire to hang them. Pour some water to each bottle then put the garland. This decor will look great when you hang it near the window and to make sure that the garland or the houseplants get the sunlight. Source

65. Letters for Home Decor
65 Letters for Home Decor via simphomeThis idea will require woods, maybe a lot of woods. The aim of the idea is to make letters or words that can be read using wood. So make sure that you choose the same type of woods to make it easier for you to create the letters or words. Make sure you nail all the woods neatly so that the result is readable. This idea will allow you to make any words or letters you want. Source

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