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Many people don’t realize that sometimes they spend much money for small things that actually they can get it for free. 30+ tips below inform you about how to make things simpler and functional so you don’t have to spend money to make it more applicable.
In the same time, you can save some money for other more important essentials.

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44. Candle Lampshade
44 Candle Lampshade via simphomeDo you want your special occasion, such as having a candlelight dinner with your beloved one, becomes more interesting? Yes, you can. Candle lampshade offers elegance touch to your dining table, and you can even use this as decoration instead of using it for special occasion purposes only. You can head to the dollar store to purchase the requirements for cheap prices, including scrapbook paper, double-sided tape, and LED tea lights. Make the template, then tape to secure it. Pop the LED tea lights into each glass and assemble them.

Not only for drinking, some types of glasses also have other functions. They can be used as candle lampshade for example. Look at all glasses you have in your cabinet then choose your favorite ones. This idea only costs you decorative papers since you already have the glasses. It will look better if you choose the same type of glass. Cover your favorite glasses with the decorative papers, and then you can use it as candle lampshade. Source

45. Picture Frame Terrarium.
Picture Frame Terrarium via simphomeIf you like putting any plants in your house, then you need to try this idea. The concept is almost same with the mirror boxes idea, but this time you need to create a home decor in a bigger size. If you do not have any unused picture frames, you can buy the cheap ones since you will not use it as a picture frame. Simply glue the side of the frames to build the terrarium and smaller frames to build the roof. Then put any houseplants inside it. Make sure the terrarium can be opened in case you want to replace the houseplants. Source

46. Picture Frame Jewelry Holder
46 Picture Frame Jewelry Holder via simphomeStill using a picture frame as the main materials, it looks like you will need less picture frame this time, except you have a ton of jewelries. The application is pretty simple. Try to start with one frame first and see if you can make it. You need to cover the frame using linen fabric first, before you apply the cup hooks. Use as many cup hooks as you need, depending on the jewelries you are going to hold in the frame. Source

47. Picture Frame Luminaries
47 Picture Frame Luminaries via simphome comThis time, you will use the appropriate function of a picture frame. This idea will work better for those who have family photos since we really use the picture frames to hold photos. The concept is most likely the same with picture frame terrarium idea. You will need four frames with photo on each of it, but do not forget to add any decorative papers with the photos. Glue all the four frames so they can stand by themselves. The last step is adding some light in the middle of the frames. You can use either LED candles or tea light candles. Source

48. Magnetic Memo Board
48 Magnetic Memo Board via simphome comIf you feel bored with an ordinary memo board, this idea is recommended for you. It offers you a new type of memo board. Use a metal burner cover as the main material and make sure it has flat surface. To make it look different, apply some patterned paper and spray paint to cover the metal. You can freely express your taste on your memo board. Then after finish covering, put some magnets to hold any papers on the metal. Source

REWIND: If you ever wanted a creative memo board, then you can try this magnetic memo board. Can you believe that this memo board is actually made of a metal burner cover? Yes, of course. You can purchase this at the dollar store for a cheap price. Don’t forget to buy colorful patterned paper and spray paint as well. Glue together the patterned paper and the metal burner cover then spray it to make it looks more dazzling.

49. Paneled Mirror
49 Paneled Mirror via simphomeHaving good-looking decors does not have to be expensive. There are always so many options you can try to maximize your minimum budget. In fact, you can apply so many home decors with small budget rather than spending much money just for one decor. In case you want to try the first one.
This idea is very cheap, yet so simple. Costing you not more than $11 for total, this idea does not require any special tools to make the decor. All you are going to need is glue and duct tape. If you think mirror just looks too familiar, wait until you have done paneling it. Source

REWIND: When you take a look at this paneled mirror, the first thought that shows up in your mind is it must be expensive. But, you got that wrong! This paneled mirror is actually homemade and even better, there is no need of special tools required to make it. What you need to prepare is glue and duct tape. Then, assemble the mirrors you can grab at the dollar store, tape and glue them to secure.

50. Knock-Off Mirror
50 Knock Off Mirror via simphome comStill using mirror as the main material, this time you will need more mirrors. For this idea, you can reuse mirrors from woman’s face powder. It is guaranteed that woman’s face powder includes small mirror inside it. There will be so many shapes of mirror you can apply, but it will be easier if you use round mirror. After that you also need one rounded base for the mirrors. You can use all materials for the base as long as it can be hanged. The one thing you should not ignore from this idea is you are going to need more time to collect the unused mirrors from the woman’s face powder. Source

51. Mirror Boxes
51 Mirror Boxes via simphome comYour living room can have some decoration using these mirror boxes. What is it? Mirror boxes are multi-functional tools, which mean you can use them as jewelry holders, vases, or even small bathroom organizers. Sounds cool, right? Now, what you need to do is picking up some mirror squares from the dollar stores, and the next step is to glue them together. There you go! Mirror Boxes for your home decoration solution.

If we use rounded mirrors as the main materials, this time we are going to need mirrors that have four angles. You can use either square or rectangle mirrors. Since they have four angles, it means you also need four mirrors to make one decor. You can add one more mirror for each decor as the base, but it does not have to be a mirror. Just simply glue them to make the mirror box. This decor can be used as vases, small bathroom organizers, jewelry holders, or some places to put small things. Source

52. Waste Basket
52 Waste Basket via simphome comSince we are discussing about cheap home decors, it will be nice for you if you can maximize all things that are unused anymore. This idea will really save your money. If you have any unused cans in your house, you are going to need it. Even a simple thing can look great after some treatments. However, you are not recommended to use any cans that are already used for trash bin. It is better to buy the cheap one if you do not have any. Twist the can with any leftover rope to make it look like a home decor. Source

53. Fabric Covered Bins
53 Fabric Covered Bins via simphomeDo not think that bins are always considered as grubby or dirty things. This decor offers you another way to take care of your bins. Since there are so many designs of fabric, this decor really allows you to express your taste. You can freely apply any kind of fabric design to cover the bins. This decor surely will not cost you much since you only need to cover the bins with fabric. That is why you also need to really select what kind of trash you are going to throw in this fabric covered bins. Source

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