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12 Cheap Desk Organization Ideas

Less clutter means less stress and in a work environment, that means more productivity.
A cleaner, more organized desk lets you focus on your job, makes it easier to remember where you put things, and saves you time. understands the importance of desk organization.
That’s why I’ve come up with a list of products and DIY tasks that are guaranteed to help sort out your desk.

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12. Classic Wood Shades Office12. Classic wood shades office by

It’s a simple yet functional home office concept from Better Homes and Gardens. It’s built around the idea of a pegboard organizer and following a wood shades theme.
You’ll need a 3×3’ perforated Masonite sheet. Paint it in any color, in this case, a soothing dark green. You can hang various items that you need on pegs or hooks, some with wooden elements, in line with the theme.
It could be a wood faced clock, wooden clipboards, pencils, corkboard, tiny shelf, and whatever you can think of.
Of course, it’s best to use a desk with natural wood finish to complete the look.

11. DIY Office Lazy Susan11. DIY office lazy susan by

To make one, use a compass to outline three circles on 1/4” plywood for the base. The bottom’s diameter is 8-1/2”, while the middle and top ones are 8”. Cut them with a jigsaw.
Cut a 6” hole in the middle circle. Next, glue the upper circles together. Glue a 3” Lazy Susan bearing on the center of the bottom circle using E6000. Apply glue on the top of the bearing and stick the top circle there.
For the dividers, cut three 7-1/2×8” of plywood. Two dividers have one 5” long 3/8” slots along the middle. The third one has two 2-1/2” long slots on opposite ends where you’ll insert the other two.
You glue these dividers to the base and at the centerline where they meet. Add 1/4×1/2” trim at the edges to hold the 4” acrylic panels that will keep your items in place. You can also add a circular cap with a knob at the top.

10. DIY Kate Spade Inspired Acrylic Desk Accessories10. DIY kate spade inspired acrylic desk accessories by

These clear stackable letter holders are handy containers to keep your paperwork tidy on your desk. The problem is you tend to forget sometimes which holder you put them in.
Here’s one colorful DIY solution sort your papers out. Get four of these folders from The Container Store.
Holding one of them, trace the shape of half of its front with a pencil on one cardstock. Cut it with scissors and use it as a template for the left and right sides on four cardstocks with different colors.
Next, cut four vinyl labels about 2×6” in size using a vinyl cutting machine. For example, they could be “Invoice,” “To-do List,” “Deadline,” and “Expenses.”
Stick them on the front right side of the holders. With a sponge brush, glue the cardstock inserts with Modge Podge.

9. Lovely DIY Golden Desk Dishes9. Lovely DIY golden desk dishes by

These DIY desk dishes are little elegant-looking glass sugar bowls where you can store paper clips, corkboard pins, or tiny binder clips.
Line painters tape about half an inch from the inner rim of a bowl. Make vertical cuts on the tape, so you can fold it over the top and stick it to the side. Mask the rest of the outside with more tape.
Spray two coats of gold paint on the inside and two clear acrylic coats, making sure to follow the directions on the cans.

8. Shower 0rganizer8. Shower organizer by

It’s a simple, whimsical idea of using a shower caddy for organizing office supplies. You hang one on a wall and use it to stash your mail, stationeries, post-it notes, or whatever items you need.
You can even tie a wire canister filled with your writing utensils from one of the hooks. It will help free up some desk space, yet your things will still be within easy reach.

7. IKEA Utility Cart7. IKEA utility cart by

You can get the RÅSKOG utility cart from IKEA. It will help you reclaim some desktop real estate while adding a touch of color to your workspace.
It’s a wonderful organizer and space saver that you can pull towards you when you need it, and quickly push out of the way.
There are three round-corner metal trays with mesh bottoms mounted on a frame with casters. It comes in gray-green, white, or black.

6. Computer Desk Ideas for Your Home Office6. Computer desk ideas for your home office by

Two users can share a double desk, which makes it an ideal setup for partners who work together.
The layout is symmetrical, and the design isn’t complicated. Get a long oak wood top and place it on top of three white metal filing cabinets.
The one in the middle has a cabinet door, while the two on both ends have drawers. As an added touch, you can also add a wooden live edge shelf mounted above the desk that ties in with the desktop.

5. Easy & Affordable DIY Office Desk5. Easy affordable DIY office desk by

Here’s a similar DIY solution and is pretty straightforward.
It only makes use of two under table filing cabinets on both ends. And you can use a thinner 1×12”x10’ board. Instead of another filing cabinet to prop it up in the middle, you brace it with L-shaped brackets.
The only thing that would complicate things would be finding your wall studs and distributing the brackets evenly. But it shouldn’t be too much of an issue.
You also have to keep the board level, and not let those brackets push it up or pull it down.
Besides being an easy and affordable solution, another plus is the amount of legroom!

4. DIY Office Desk System4. DIY office desk system by

Here’s a DIY desk system for the office with plenty of open and hidden spaces.
You start by building the two cabinet box frames using 3/4” boards or plywood roughly 29×32” and 14-1/2” inches deep. Add a shelf at mid-level.
Then you’ll build four ladder-like frames roughly 6’ tall with 2×2” lumber. They will go on both ends of the boxes. Besides adding structural strength, the upper four “rungs” will carry the open shelves.
Add an x-bracing behind the frame above the cabinets. After that, add the doors with a matching “X” pattern, shelves, and backing. A natural finish would work well for this design.
You’ll mount the desk to the wall with custom wooden brackets. It’s not connected structurally to the towers.

3. Wooden Struction Multi-Function Desk Organizer3. Creative DIY desk organizer ideas to make your desk cute wooden by

Kingfom is a company that specializes in desktop organizers, and they have an extensive line. One of their products that will add cuteness to your desk is Wooden Struction.
They describe it as a multi-function office desk organizer. It’s made of bamboo and is very sturdy.
Various compartments that can function as a pen holder, business card, or stationery holder, and it can even serve as a smartphone dock. It also has a couple of small drawers.
It will help clear clutter on your desk, giving you more space to do your work.

2. Create an Organization Station2. Create an oragnization station by

You can turn any nook in your home not only into office space but an organization station.
Of course, there will be a typical desk, drawers, and file cabinets. But you can also add things to help you remove clutter on your desktop and serve a decorative purpose at the same time.
For example, you can attach half a dozen jars on a piece of board with adjustable hose clamps. Then mount them on the wall on top of your desk. They can hold all the pens, pencils, and markers that you have, and also make the space more interesting.
You can hang a corkboard above that where you can pin reminders and calendars. And there could be a simple DIY open shelving beside it where you can place more stuff.
There could be a rolling cart with multiple storage levels besides your desk. And the top container could have beautiful succulents that will give the area more charm. The list goes on.

Lastly, Number 1. Keep Your To-do List Handy1. Keep your to do list handy by

Sometimes, it’s the simple ideas that can do a lot to help you with your work.
Take, for example, a to-do list. You can make it an even more effective reminder with a little creativity.
Cut several triangle pieces of chalkboard tape. If you can think of better shape, then great. Stick them randomly near the right edge of your desktop.
With a chalk marker, you can scribble down on these triangles little notes or reminders of things you have to do. It’s similar to sticky notes but done with more style.


Organizing your desk doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun, especially if you’re getting positive results. It contributes to creating a more positive work environment turning it into a place where you look forward to doing your job.
I hope I’m able to encourage you to try out some of the things in this video. If you want to learn more, go to



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