simphome cheap bathroom makeover ideas

Repurpose your ladder to a storage hanger. But before that, you need to clean and repaint the ladder.

1. Tiny Drawer to Plant Holder

Traditional sewing machine is not popular anymore, but its drawers could transform into something enchanting. You need to clean and repaint it. Let the handle as it is. Then write some good words on the side clearly with white paint. Put three flower pots in the upgraded drawer. Set it on top of the toilet. It would be even better if the flower could help to neutralize the odor in the bathroom. (via oldewindmillfarm)

plant holder

2. Bathroom Sign

Label each room beautifully with this sign. You could use the old plant brackets, oval wooden plank, hook, and cream colored spray. All of them are available in the big store with low price. First of all, install the hook on the wood plank. Then spray a layer of cream paint and sand the middle part. Using a pattern paper, crave the word “bath” or “bathroom” on it. Let it dry before hanging the sign on the installed bracket. (via mycottagecharm)

bathroom sign

3. Cool Rug

Got nowhere to throw away your old clothes? Why don’t turn them into a cool rug? You need a plain rug as the base, sewing machine, and scissors. Start with cutting your old clothes into 4×1 inches size. Arrange them horizontally on the rug; one is slightly overlap the other. Do this until one line is full. Sew these clothes, following the middle line of the rug. Repeat this process until the rug is fully covered. Put it in front of the bathroom. (via diyprojects)

cool rug

4. Ladder Storage

Repurpose your ladder to a storage hanger. But before that, you need to clean and repaint the ladder. You also need to buy wire basket and s hooks or shower curtain hanger. Put the ladder next to the sink, so the ladder could lean on the sink side. If you love tidy things, you could use all steps in the ladder to hang the wire basket. Arrange it from the smallest to the biggest basket. You could also skip several steps and use them to hang your wet towel. (via cleanandscentsible)

ladder storage

5. Traditional Freshener

Take your chance to make something beautiful and fragrant! You need dried cinnamon, cloves, star anise, oranges and apples. This scent suits summer and fall well. If you prepare the apples and orange yourself, slice them as thin as you can. Then bake it on 250 degrees oven, on a cookie sheet. Let it cool down for five to ten minutes. Then in a pretty cookie box, mix all the materials. Let it sit for a day before use. (via julieblanner)

traditional freshener

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