33 Unthinkable uses IKEA products

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This is the detail of our 33 unthinkable uses of IKEA products:
1. The extendable portion of the Fräck mirror. (0:33)
2. Hang a Vurm rack vertically.(1:22)
3. Use a hinge and attach two Blanda Matt to make this wooden globe.(1:37)
4. Combine four Knuff files to make a stylish tabletop.(1:56)
…with a Frosta stool and a Näsum basket.
5. Use a pair of Knuff files to add some extra space.(2:17)
by Apartment Apothecary.
7. Adjust the height of the shelf in the PS 2014 wardrobe and use it as a desk.(2:54)
8. Here’s a Kryddig spice mill that has been reformed into a set of modern candlestick holders.(3:13)
9.Bookshelf and Ceilingscape Made From Toy Bins.(3:32)
10. Floor poufs are awesome to get a new floor mat.(3:52)
11. KNUFF Transformable Coffee Table.(4:07)
12. Double it! Malm console becomes a 10 people table.(4:28)
13. Get a little more complex and use the straws to make a mobile.(4:48)
14.Double multi-position Tingby Coffee table.(5:06)
15. A couch caddy made from a Toga place mat and some Njuta slippers.(5:30)
16. Turn a couple of Blanda bowls into some retro doll furniture.(5:47)
17. Variera plastic bag dispensers .(6:05)
18. Get into the hot seat.(6:19)
19. Amy & Paul’s GUNNERN bathroom cabinet hack.(6:32)
20. IKEA Ultralight Backpacking pack.(6:46)
21. Grundtal knife racks to organize.(7:14)
22. Variera pot lid organizer to the rescue!(7:36)
23. Screw a Variera shelf insert to a wall and use it to organize your jewelry.(7:52)
24.Full instructions at My Sister’s Suitcase.(8:01)
25. Add a lamp to the inside of a MOLGER Storage stool.(8:19)
26. Combine a Väte lamp with a tea cup from the Duktig set to make an adorable hot air balloon.(8:38)
27. Turn a Bestå shelf unit into a a luxurious bathroom for your cat.(9:07)
28. The old Akurum. It’s brilliant for a Loft Bed with Den!(9:27)
29. Slim Mid-Century Laptop Desk.(9:47)
30. Sneaky Ekby Alex tool cabinets. (10:04)
31. KALLAX Drawer Conversion.(10:27)
32. Insert a Heat trivet into the bottom of a lampshade.(10:36)
33.IKEA Closet Doors into Workstation with Monitor Hutch.(10:59)
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