37 IKEA Furniture Upgrade ideas

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Upgrade your IKEA furniture to make elegant pieces for your home. If you want a fun DIY project or you just want a little upgrade, check out these tricks for

10 Modern Bathroom ideas on a Budget

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Although bathroom is not the first thing your guests will notice, sometimes it still needs revamping in case they need to use it. You do want to impress them, don’t

10 Creative DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas

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The most indispensable as well as the least noticeable one. Yep! I am talking about kitchen counter-tops. They play an essential role in every kitchen. Yet, they are not the

100 Bedroom Ideas for Small Area

100 Bedroom Ideas for Small Area via Simphome

If you go to a big city, you will find lots of apartments along with the hurly burly of the city life. More and more people come to big cities