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10 Built In Kitchen Design Ideas

Everyone needs an organized kitchen, but not everyone has all the financial power to hire a dedicated kitchen designer. Here, we are trying to help those seeking tricks to have a better-organized kitchen interior without large financial preparation.

Some people have difficulties in arranging and organizing their kitchen stuff. Are you one of them? Well, many ways to remodel the kitchen and make it neater and tidier. You can always find a solution for storage problems or tool organization. Whether from the web, learning platform, or the following resource.

For a small kitchen, built-in appliances might be the best improvement. While giving more space makes your kitchen look more appealing. Here are ten built-in kitchen design ideas to save more space without compromising the stylish look. For more detail, head to the pasted link inside the reference area.

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10. The Built-In Shelving Idea

10. Built In Shelves by
Open shelving makes your kitchen space feel more expansive. Moreover, you can get more space by building it on your wall. Though built-in shelves are often available in old houses, you can customize them to add a storied feeling to your kitchen.

  • Just put a little effort into turning one of your drywall into a built-in shelf.
  • Measure your space and mark where you want to build your shelf.
  • Then cut a hole in the wall. Be careful of the wire and plumbing system.
  • After hollowing the wall, you can start building the shelves. Measure and cut the woods you need for the frame and shelves.
  • Then, assemble the parts.

Next, you need to make a frame. Make a box, then mount it on the wall, or directly nail the frame to the wall. Both ways will get you an excellent result. Then nail or fix other parts to the frame. If necessary, paint the shelves that match your kitchen. Last, start organizing your stuff!

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9. Drawers in The Cabinet

9. Drawers in Cabinets by
Hate dipping deep into the cabinet to find things? Or your cabinet looks full and cramped? Why don’t you try adding a roll-out drawer to it? The drawer is an additional shelf, making it easy to see things in the cabinet. Moreover, you can maximize storage space and simplify cleaning up chores.

Whether you make identical drawer boxes or have various ones, you must consider what you want to store. Roll-out drawers with sloping sides are good for storing different-sized items. You can use the lower sides to store smaller items such as canned goods and spices nicely while using the higher ones for tippy plastic containers or stacks of plates.

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8. Make Your Dishwasher Higher

8. Make Your Dishwasher Higher by
The dishwasher doesn’t have to sit under the worktop. Placing it in a higher place will make loading and unloading dishes much more manageable. If you have a tall cabinet, you can install the dishwasher. You can incorporate a drawer below and additional storage above to use extra space.

However, here are some tips when you decide to remodel or move your dishwasher.

  • First, consider positioning it near the sink, so you will not worry about spending more money on plumbing.
  • Second, ensure that the drawers where you store your flatware and dishes are near.
  • Third, ensure that the dishwasher door will not block your walkway when you open it.
  • Last, you may want to conceal your dishwasher. In this case, you could try an integrated dishwasher designed to sit behind a panel. This one is best if you want to place it higher because you can put it behind your cabinet.

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7. The One Wall Appliances

7. One Wall appliances by
The next improvement for your kitchen is concentrating appliances on one wall. So, you can install a wiring system in one area. It will also infuse a cleaner and smarter look into your kitchen. With this system, you can arrange a fridge, cooker, oven, or appliances you have on one wall. Since all of them stick to one wall, you will get more space for your kitchen.

Since the space is limited, usually, the appliances come in a compact size. However, you only have to concentrate on preparing, cooking, and cleaning up in one area. This design is perfect if you want to keep your kitchen open to other rooms.

6. A Built-in Knife Blocks

6. Built in Knife Blocks by

Knife block ensures our knife looks neat, but sometimes it takes up space in the worktop. You may accidentally knock the block over while cooking. In this instance, installing a built-in knife block may be a smart solution. You still have your knives within reach but also out of the way.

There are various styles of built-in knife blocks from small slits in the countertop or cabinets, hidden in the drawer, or right into the wall. Which one is best? Retake a look at your kitchen.

  • Installing it in your cabinet keeps your knives out of children’s reach.
  • Two, while slit them on the countertop, are the most convenient because you can reach your utensils easier.
  • The last alternative, use a long single slit to upgrade your countertop. This idea would give you more freedom without restricting the sizes of your knives.

5. A Rolling in Trash Bin with Paper Towel

5. Rolling in Trash Bin with Paper Towel by
There are many styles of trash drawers, but this one is special because of a paper towel rod above it. It keeps them hidden and makes your kitchen look tidier and cleaner. Besides, the towel is still nearby.

It is a fantastic solution if you don’t like your paper towel hanging above your countertop. To upgrade it, insert the divider below the towel to separate it from the trash compartment. The space behind the rod can be used to store extra rolls of paper towels. With the help of a full-height door, you can cover a paper towel and the trash compartment that will hide them from view.

4. A Pull-Out Pantry Idea

4. Pull Out Pantry by
Cans and bottles sometimes make your kitchen look messy. You can make use of space between cabinets as a pantry. A tall, sleek pull-out pantry provides more storage for your item. It is also accessible from both sides. It is perfect for small kitchens because it takes a little space. Some of them have movable shelves so that you can fit various sizes of cans and bottles in them. This tall pull-out pantry is suitable for a sleek minimalist kitchen too. People usually install it next to the refrigerator to access awkward space between it and the wall or cabinets.

There are many ready-to-use pull-out pantries; you can DIY them. For the ready-made ones, we can recommend 2 samples here for you to consider

3. A Woodfire oven Idea

3. Wood fire oven by
Having a built-in wood fire oven is a significant change. They are considered out of date and too traditional. But, with the right style, you can make it a focal point of your kitchen. It will serve not only for baking but also for warming your house or drying your laundry.

A Woodfire oven needs careful planning. It requires a concrete base to support the weight. The fireback should stand up to high temperatures and hold the heat well. Any fireproof material will do as long as it suits your kitchen. Including a space for storing wood and kindling below the oven is necessary.

2. A Counter Depth Fridge

2. Counter Depth Fridge by
Integrated kitchen appliances are getting popular these days, including refrigerators. The built-in refrigerator has a sleek and unique design that gives a new look to your kitchen. The seamless design looks great when standing side by side with cabinets and countertops. Most of them are shallower than a freestanding refrigerator, making them ideal to fit in a limited space.

There are many integrated refrigerators, for instance, – side by side, French doors, or bottom freezers. You can almost always find one that is best for your kitchen layout.

Lastly, Number 1. A Modern Dish Rack Idea

1. Modern Dish Rack by
Dishes can be a nuisance if not stored neatly. They need to be rubbed after being washed so they will dry well. Stacking it in a rack, a drawer, or a cabinet sometimes doesn’t fix the problems. However, a modern dish rack will improve your kitchen and solve the problems.
If you decide to add this rack system to your kitchen, here are considerations. The first thing is choosing the material.

To prevent corrosion, We recommend you choose metal with a coating finish. It protects your dryer’s surface from rotting, rust, or scratches. Stainless steel is also preferable because it is durable and doesn’t need any coating.

To lower costs, you can choose plastic racks with all the future consequences. The wooden dish rack is another excellent option.  It is luxurious and beautiful, although you’ll need to protect them from moisture and vapors continually. This last option is best for storing and not drying.

So, planning a built-in kitchen needs careful thinking. Which part of the kitchen needs to be remodeled and improved? The list We already mentioned will give you insight into how to use your kitchen space. And which built-in ideas would be best for your kitchen. Last, look at detailed information related to these ten built-in kitchen design ideas on It may help you minimize the chance of making unnecessary mistakes.

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