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How to build a New Bedroom Dresser

And the alternative storage ideas that are perfect to upgrade your bedroom organization tricks

To build a new bedroom dresser in your bedroom your instructions are:

  • Step 1: Use the level to make sure the frame is level.

    If your floor is uneven, then measure from the bottom of the frame to the floor and subtract that number from your height measurement.

  • Step 2: Drill a hole in each corner of your dresser box.

    Do NOT use a screwdriver for this job! Use a spade bit or a hole saw, as they will cut cleaner holes. Make sure you have good ventilation if you plan on using a nail gun.

  • Step 3: Screw in each long side of the frame, using 1 1/2″ screws.

    Use two on each side to ensure you have enough room when they are screwed in tight.

  • Step 4: Measure for holes in the long sides of the frame closest to the corners.

    Drill in these holes using a 3/4″ hole saw or a spade bit.
    Step 5: Attach the top, bottom, and back of the frame, making sure all four pieces are flush on the outside.

  • Step 6: Get your hinges together.

    You’ll need some 3/4″ hinges, a screwdriver, and some screws. Attach the hinges to one side of your frame with screws provided by the manufacturer. Attach them on an angle away from the top of your dresser box. This step will allow you to place drawers inside.

  • Step 7: Screw the hinges to the opposite side of your frame at the same angle.
  • Step 8: Mark where your drawers need to be and screw them into place!

    You can then fill your drawers with clothing.
    If you have a day job, you’re probably spending more hours each week working than not, leaving little time for major home decor tasks. One easy way to change up the look of any room is to rearrange the furniture in that room at random intervals.

  • Step 9: Use the tape measure to ensure you have about 16 inches of space between each piece of furniture.
  • Step 10: If you own a couch, stand it against a wall for this method.

    If not, sit on the floor and move the sofa or chairs around so that they are in random places in relation to one another.

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Other alternative ideas to organize your clothes you can:

  • No 1. Use pegboard

    Storing clothes on hangers can cause wrinkles or dents. To avoid this, you can use the pegboard. For example, you can store clothing by putting them on wooden hangers, but you can also hang them like this. This way, your clothes will stay wrinkle-free.

  • No 2. Use plastic hanger

    The solution above is suitable for wool and cotton clothes that are not sensitive to heat or moisture.

  • No 3. Use D-rings

    If you want to arrange your clothes by color, it is better to use the same gadget like hangers, but without tying clothes. Choose the clothes that are the same color and then hang them together using D-rings.

  • No 4. Use Modular shelves

    To DIY a Modular shelf, you only need the metal fence. If you want to hang clothes in their slots, choose clothes that are about the same color. Then, this Modular shelf will be your best choice.

  • No 5. Use hangers or hangers with magnets

    This idea is unique and creative. You can use hangers with magnets or hangers with little balls to separate clothes by colors at night after you finish working out. The advantage of using hangers with little balls is that these items are lightweight and easy to store, like towels or rags, because they reduce the space occupied by your closet considerably.

  • No 6 Use Closet Changer

    It is a changing table that you can place over the existing closet door to organize it. You can also use it to organize your socks or underwear in a separate section from your other clothes.

  • No 7. Use Shelf Changer

    These shelves allow you to hang your clothes from the ceiling, which means they will be seen from all sides and open up more space underneath them.

  • No 8. Use Magnetic Holder

    If you want to keep your clothes organized, make sure you use magnetic holders to hang items like T-shirts and shorts. This way, they will not be tangled.

  • No 9. DIY A Drawer Organizer

    Make DIY for drawer organizer is very easy for you that does not have too much time on your hands. You can start this project by making a simple tin cabinet or small shelf that fits into the drawer where you want to put the organizer in the first place. Then, use magnetic rings to hold your smaller items like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in their separate compartments.

  • No 10. Use Closet system

    It is a good way for you to organize your clothes. If there is not enough space to hang clothes in your closet, you can use the closet system. You can make the closet system by using the hanging rack and clothing rods. It easily stores all your clothes in one place.

  • No 11. Use Hanging System

    Like the above idea, you can make a hanging system in one corner of your closet and then hang it in that spot. The advantage of this hanging system is that it will save additional space that you do not have in the beginning when designing your closet anyway. Add accessories such as hooks, hooks, and small shelves to create more room for storage in your home.

  • No 12. Organize by seasons

    If you have many season-specific clothes, you can organize your winter clothes in one area so that they are easy to store. Put your summer clothes in another place, so they are easy to access during the months where it is warm outdoors.

  • No 13. Use the array system

    It is a system of vertical lines organized horizontally on your closet doors, drawers, and shelves. It is an uncomplicated and efficient way to make your closet more functional and easier for use for any person at all times. Organize your clothes on this new system and make them fit the space better.

  • No 14. Organize your clothes following RGB color

    Thanks to Marie Kondo (the professional organizer who popularized it), color coding for clothes has swept the world like a fashion hurricane, thanks to Marie Kondo (the professional organizer who popularized it). This color setup is an easy way to organize clothing by category; the colors are red, green, and blue (RGB).

New basket storage can be DIY;

Here are some simple ways to craft your basket storage to organize more items in your bedroom:

  • Step 1: You can start with a cardboard tube and a wood dowel to make your basket. Combine them into one long straight line. Then, stack two longer pieces of dowel for the handle of your basket.
  • Step 2: Find an old plastic wicker basket to get the look you desire. The whole design is folding in half to get each side, then lining up the edges like a grooved fence. Place it in between two planks or two long dowels.
  • Step 3: If you insist on using fabric to make your DIY tray, look for thick outdoor fabric that will absorb moisture well and help keep even oils off of other materials in your closet.
  • Step 4: You can start with a large piece of cotton fabric that is very wide and apply any color you want. Cut the fabric to conform to half. Lay down two rows of tape from the top to the bottom of the folded over edge.
  • Step 5: Put a ribbon or a decorative hair tie at the top of the basket to make a loop for easy hanging. This project takes a little bit of time to complete, but the result is worth it.

Alternatively, you can Do it Yourself: Bamboo Closet Dividers

  • Step 1: Find a bamboo board and cut it in half to create two large sections of bamboo. You will need to give each section a white line every 20cm for the most effective separation.
  • Step 2: Once finished, paint the sections with your favorite color and let them dry thoroughly, then start attaching them to the walls with small hooks. If you think they are not strong enough to hold clothes, use eye hooks instead.
  • Step 3: Use clothespins rather than using the rack only to hang your clothes near each section.
  • Step 4: If you find your clothes too heavy for the bamboo to handle, place a thin layer of wood on them.

Or Use Purse Hooks

Purse hooks do a great job in keeping your purses organized and out of the way until you’re ready to use them. This idea is an excellent tip for closets with no floor space available for other hanging methods. If possible, just get purse hooks and hang them from the back of your closet door or the side walls. This way, you can keep your purses out of sight and out of mind, but still, get to them reasonably quickly whenever you need one.

Conclusion :

The ultimate goal of organizing your clothes is to find what you want to wear as efficiently as possible. So, instead of just figuring out how you can cram all of your stuff into one space, take some time to figure out the real needs of the items you own. That way, you can organize your closet in ways that work best for you.

It is important to note that organizing your closet should not feel like a chore; otherwise, you will never be able to keep it organized! Instead, think of it as something fun and exciting so that it becomes something that you look forward to doing every day.

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