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10 Ways How to Build a Backyard Ice Rink Ideas

We all know that a simple backyard ice skating is a great way to spend your family time during the cold winter season. You should know that a small rink is pretty easy to make if the condition is right with the consistent freezing temperatures in the winter months. You can check DIY rink ideas below which need natural snow before the constructing but once accomplished, the maintenance is pretty easy for the whole winter season. You can use the PVC pipes and wood boards to help your construction project or doing a no-cost method by building up the entire area of water and snow.

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1. Make sure it is Flat enough

SIMPHOME.COM 1.Make sure it is Flat enoughYou should know that the backyard ice rink depends on having a relatively flat area in your backyard space. Even a smack rise and dip can be flattened by the snow before you pouring the rink, but the sloped or uneven lawn is no perfect for the ice rink. When this rink was built properly, then the ice rink in your backyard will never kill the grass in your lawn – a common fear. The construction technique can be so varied depending on available resources.

This idea is pretty easy when the ice rink in the middle of your backyard. You can see that there is no snow surrounding the backyard space only the snow gathers in the middle and held with the wood boards to keep the construction. You can make it based on your preferred size and you can see that your ground is still visible.

2. The larger the better

SIMPHOME.COM 2.The Larger is BetterThis is a different idea, if you have a spacious area in your backyard just like a field, then you can go with this idea. You need to flatten the snow ice rink area and let the rest still nature. It is a perfect way to spend your active family time during the winter season. You can ask your friends to join your game as well. It can be said as the perfect natural outdoor ice rink that you can use as a reference.

3. Use your Outdoor Sport Space

SIMPHOME.COM 3.Use your Outdoor Sport SpaceIt will blow your mind when you building up this hockey rink. Of course, you need more than just structuring skills. It requires more techniques to assemble the parts together. You can see the signs and marks clearly. Even this rink was located in the area when there is no too much snow there – it requires more maintenance costs.

4. Pay attention to maintenance Costs

SIMPHOME.COM 4. Pay attention to maintenence costIf you find snow everywhere in your backyard, just put it and transform it into a simple ice rink. This is pretty simple to make, of course, you need some materials such as wood boards, plastics, kind of fibers and your building skills. This rink is higher than the ground, so it puts a lot of effort to place the snow inside the rink. You need to flatten it to make it a perfect ice rink.

5. A Cheap and Simple Ice Rink Idea

SIMPHOME.COM 5.A Cheap and Simple Ice Rink Ide

If you want to make an ice rink with looks like a pool, then you can use this idea. You can see that this ice rink was not in a place with a full snow environment. To make it flat like the rest of the area, you need to dig the soil and put the ice there. To make a blue tone, you can use blue plastic coated at the bottom part of your ice rink. Still, you need more maintenance since there is no snow surrounding it means that the ice can melt quickly.

6. Advantage available soils in your backyard

SIMPHOME.COM 6.Advantage available soils in your backyardThis is every simple backyard ice rink idea that you can try to build up with your family. You need to make a border frame with the wood boards based on the size that you want. You do not need to dig up or lift the rink since all you need is pouring down the snow there based on the frame, fill it up and flatten the surface – it does not hurt your grass lawn as long as you have done it properly.

7. Be patient with your Ice

SIMPHOME.COM 7.Be patient with your IceThis is also another simple way to build a backyard ice rink idea. You can use the water and snow to fill up your skate rink or hockey rink. However, you still need proper measurement to make it does not break easily when you use it. Just bring your hoes here to get water and snow, let it froze.

8. Sometime you’ll need a crazy planning

SIMPHOME.COM 8.Sometime you will need crazy planningThis idea may look like a pool and you need more constructions to build this ice rink. You can see that this rink is huge enough if you have a spacious backyard. When the snow comes out in your backyard, then you can use this idea to make your best moment here with your family, you may not be able to build this rink by yourself since it needs more than just basic construction skills.

9. And Crazy amount of Money too

SIMPHOME.COM .9.And Crazy amount of Money tooThis idea looks amazing, if you want to spend more, then you can use this idea. You can see that this ice rink looks so professional and totally flat on the surface. It is more than just putting the snow and water here since it takes much effort to build this idea.

10. Be Flexible

SIMPHOME.COM 10.Be FlexibleSo it is also important for you to redecorate your backyard with various ideas depending on situations. Currently, some people make their backyards as the gathering spot with their loved ones. With this ice rink idea, then you can change the backyard into a great place. You can check other ideas as well.
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Some tips to consider:
1. Always finding a great spot:

There are four things that you have to look for when choosing the right place for your backyard ice rink. You need to find out the even or flat space for your DIY ice rink which is not over the drain field and find a spot with sufficient light which is closed to the outdoor water source as well.

2. Always think big:

When you make the backyard ice rink then you have to think big. You have to use sufficient size with your backyard. But if you have enough budget and space, then bigger think for your DIY project is better so that you can eat more room for skaters as well.

One thing, Always check the slope before you start to build or fill your space with the water.

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