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10 Budget Kitchen Updates (Small-Regular size kitchen)

The smallest of kitchens can still have the same professional, luxurious look like a larger space with some clever ideas and strategic purchasing. Your kitchen can be just as stylish and just as functional, no matter how ample your space or small your room is

Below are view practical tips for making your kitchen more desirable to you, your guests, and even potential buyers looking at your home. Make your kitchen more useful yet stylish.

  • Determine your decor, storage, and storage needs.
  • Keep decorative items out of reach of children and pets. Store kitchen utensils away from cookware and food products stored in the cabinet to avoid potential spillage or damage.
  • Utensils should be put away by height in a counter-depth kitchen (i.e., spatulas and wooden spoons on top, then whisks, then sieves and spatulas on the bottom) to minimize the amount of bend over necessary when reaching into the cabinet.
  • Utensils should be placed by size. They should be placed in a drawer separated by ingredient type. (i.e., empty dishes/bowls in one drawer, tableware in another, small appliances in another.)
  • Small tools and gadgets that you can store within a drawer (i.e., lattice crimper, measuring spoons) should be stored in plastic bags or placed in a drawer tray organizer.
  • You should keep utensils off the counter by storing them vertically on a rack mounted to the wall or ceiling. (i.e., spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks).
  • You can also utilize space above or below the countertop with a pot and pan rack for additional storage space.

You have a limited budget and kitchen space at the same time, yet you long for some updates? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.
Many makeover project ideas do not entail a lot of money. In fact, they are pretty applicable to any kitchen space. From refacing the cabinet to putting some house plants, you will always find ways to update your kitchen.

You can even make your own kitchen furniture or DIY some decorations to build a nest egg. It’s very easy to do, and you can find the materials around your house for free. Don’t wait any longer, and immediately do these 10 budget kitchen updates. As always, follow the Simphome link inside the reference area to find more detail.

This is the 10 Budget Kitchen Updates (Small-Regular size kitchen)
10 Budget Kitchen Updates (Small-Regular size kitchen) Poster

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List Entries:

10. Add Color to the cabinet

Repainting your cabinets is the most transformative and convenient thing you can do to your kitchen without a gut renovation. It is the idea of updating color to get a modern look or change the nuance. Consider the style of the cabinet before you repaint it.
You’ll have to remove all the hardware, clean and sand all surfaces, then paint with two to three coats of paint. Then, apply several coats of sealant to make it long-lasting.

Relevant details:

  • No 1. You need a good primer, enamel, or a high gloss two or three coats of paint.
  • No 2. Use latex-based paints for a stain-resistant finish.
  • No 3. Sand with medium-grit sandpaper to remove the previous finish, which will speed the painting process and texture of your cabinets.
  • No 4. Follow instructions carefully to avoid any imperfections that could prevent you from achieving perfect results.
  • No 5. Instead of smashing all the old paints, different shades and textures can achieve a unique look.
  • No 6. For the most densely painted cabinets, you can also paint bare wood areas, such as the doors and drawer fronts, on your own before you start painting your cabinets to better integrate them with your new look.
  • No 7. If you have a vanity that will get repainted, remove it until after the painting is complete.
  • No 8. Hang dry all your new accessories, such as towel racks and accessories.
  • No 9. Avoid putting any new items on the walls in the area of your cabinets until the paint has dried according to directions because moisture can discolor walls.
  • No 10. Once the work is complete, use a wood sealant to keep your newly painted cabinets from chipping or peeling away over time.

9. Refacing Kitchen Cabinet with Beadboard Accent

Refacing the cabinet is a cost-effective solution for your kitchen’s improvement. It gives the space a fresh look because you get new cabinet doors and drawer fronts.
You can also veneer the exterior of the cabinet boxes. This way, your kitchen layout will stay the same, and the cabinets will be in their place.
This kitchen, for example, features white shaker cabinet doors with a beadboard accent. Because the doors are white, you have to paint the cabinets the same color so that they flow into one being. Before starting, you need to remove all the appliances from the kitchen. After that, install the new doors and hardware. Next, trim and caulk until everything look beautiful and finished.

Relevant ideas:
A beadboard accent will give your kitchen a different look. It also works great if you want to change the size of your countertop. The white color will match the cabinets, yet it also has a modern look that fits most kitchen genres.

Relevant details:
Step 1: Remove all appliances.
Step 2: Prepare your door frames.
Step 3: Prepare your cabinets and doors.
Step 4: Install the drawer fronts and hardware.
Step 5: Trim, caulk and paint everything to finish your project.
Step 6: Remove the old doors and hardware.
Step 7: Install the new cabinet doors and hardware.
Step 8: Trim, caulk and paint everything to finish your project.

Those are the basic steps, and to make sure you won’t overspend your transformation project ensure that you have prepared your budget. This minor update can cost up to 3000 dollars, but it could also be less or more expensive depending on the materials used.

Use countertop materials to produce visually appealing designs and textures like marble, granite, stainless steel, or glass. You can also use other materials like oak and walnut to create a unique look for your kitchen as well.

8. Have fun with new Wallpaper

Wallpaper can be a significant style point to any space. The kitchen is no exception because it revitalizes the look of your cooking space, especially with the right choice of color and pattern. Covering the entire bare wall is unnecessary; one side of the wall is enough.

You had better invest in the Wallpaper designed for the kitchen, which is water-resistant and scrub-able. The chic country kitchen in the picture has all-white cabinets that look even better paired with this vintage floral Wallpaper.


  1. Choose Wallpaper that complements your kitchen décor.
  2. Apply the Wallpaper loosely over the cabinets.
  3. Once it’s dry, spackle over any bubbles that appear, if there are any, and smooth the paper with an iron to make it hang smoothly, then lightly sand to take off any rough edges that might still be visible.
  4. Let it dry completely before use, or remove any movements with a damp cloth and reapply when fully dry and smooth again with iron or hairdryer because this will erase the folds on the wall.
  5. Add a Plant or Two:
    A living plant in a pot for your kitchen brings in a fresh touch; not only does it add color to the space, but it also cleanses the air by releasing oxygen and removing toxins from the air. As a bonus, plants act as natural humidifiers to relieve excess dryness in the air and negate static electricity, which can cause dust to build upon surfaces.

7. Update your kitchen Hardware when possible

Upgrading the kitchen cabinet hardware is simple, yet it can significantly impact the entire room’s look. Switching out the knobs and handles will bring a more stylish and modern look to the kitchen.
There are various kinds and prices of hardware. You can adjust it to your budget. Don’t be hurry to replace everything at once. Just try one at a time. If you are still having trouble with the budget, consider spray-painting your existing hardware for less expense.

Step by step to update your kitchen hardware:

  • No 1. Pay attention to your existing hardware. Also, Pay attention to your existing cabinet or door width and height dimensions
  • No 2. Paint or remove any finish on the current hardware.
  • No 3. Remove the hardware along with the hinges, handles, and door latch. Make sure you note how they are installed to replace them correctly later. You can keep them in a safe place, such as an empty paint can with a lid or small tray, to avoid losing them or damaging them during this process.
  • No 4. Clean the surface after removing the hardware.
  • No 5. According to how they were originally installed, attach the new hardware to the exact location on your cabinet (or any other place you want on your kitchen cabinets) with a screwdriver
  • No 6. After you do it, apply a primer and flat black spray paint in even strokes and wait for them to dry before reinstalling them back onto your cabinets.
  • No 7. Reinstall it carefully, ensuring that everything can still function properly and smoothly.

6. Remove Some of the Cabinet Doors

Another brilliant tip to give your kitchen cabinet a new look is removing some doors to expose what is stored inside. Let the cabinet open will create a door-less custom look. You can show off your luxurious ceramic plates and cups in the opened cabinet. You can paint the back of the cabinet or attach the Wallpaper to add interest.

To decorate your kitchen cabinet door, you can also display something not from the cabinet to incite your visitor’s curiosity. You can display the wallpapers, statues, or plants.

Choose the right color for your Kitchen Design.

Choosing the right color for your kitchen design is as important as choosing the right furniture and accessories. You can choose from many colors to personalize your kitchen design, though traditionally, we tend to stick to white walls, wood floors, etc., and cabinets in our kitchens. If you want more ideas on making a small space look bigger, check out our ideas on how to decorate a small room with furniture.

~ Use Custom Cabinet Pulls to produce an Extraordinary Look

The pulls are also great handles to give your kitchen cabinets a new look. Especially if you are going for a minimalist look in the kitchen cabinets with minimal accessories, the pulls will help get an exciting look or statement in any kitchen design scheme.

Step by step to decor your cabinet pulls:

  • No 1. You need to remove the old cabinet pull.
  • No 2. You need to apply glue/adhesive, which works best for you and place a piece of tape on the top of the cabinet so that it won’t get any glue.
  • No 3. Press your new cabinet, pull in glued position until secure & let dry overnight if possible. This idea will make your cabinet pulls almost perfectly secure, and they won’t come off quickly ever again.
  • No 4. Make sure you put some extra glue at the bottom so that your cabinet pulls don’t fall off easily if they fall off, including everything else when you open your cabinets, which is not desirable at all, especially if someone is in there just saying 😉

Step by Step to DIY Cabinet Pulls:

  1. Measure the depth of the hole for the existing cabinet handles.
  2. Make a mark on one handle to indicate its size; this will help you make a template for your new cabinet pull.
  3. Use a saw to cut out the design in your template; this is where you want your brand name or logo displayed.
  4. Drill holes through each end of the blank, large enough for screws and glue to pass through, but not so big that they fall out once mounted on the cabinets doors/drawer faces.
  5. Paint or stain your custom cabinet pulls according to your preference and desired look (optional).
  6. Attach your custom cabinet pulls with screws.
  7. Attach the handle to the blank using glue or screws, making sure the handle is securely attached to the template before you glue or screw it down.
  8. Glue magnetic strip or stripe of iron to the backside of each custom cabinet pull and insert into your existing cabinet handles, making sure no gaps or leftover pieces are hanging off the sides when you are finished.
  9. If you choose to crown your new custom cabinet pulls, you will need a rubber mallet and just whack them onto your handles until they stick; this will help keep them secure; if you don’t have a rubber mallet borrow one at the hardware store and use it wisely 🙂
  10. Whack the handle back onto your cabinets and test them to ensure they stay secure.
  11. If you have a child or young child in your home, make sure the handles are not on top of or near where they could reach before you put them back on the cabinets, especially if they are drawer handles; this can lead to unintentional injuries if touched.
  12. Repeat steps 7-11 for any additional cabinet handles you wish to add so that your kitchen will look clean and monochromatic with pulls throughout all of its parts.

5. The Open Kitchen Cabinet Shelving Idea

Most people will use cabinets for wall storage in the kitchen. They consider it as a practical choice. However, open shelving is the answer for others who don’t want to box in the kitchen and make the space feel smaller. It gives your kitchen a new look.
Open shelving offers you limitless creativity and possibility. Not only can you display kitchen utensils, but you can also add decorative and useful items.

In the picture, the floating shelves match the patterned backsplash while also marrying the white cabinetry. All together, they create neutral rustic and modern styles.

The basic instructions:

  • No 1. Start with a concept
    The first thing you need to do is have a clear kitchen concept. Decide whether you want it to be an open concept, which means there are no walls, or a semi-open idea, which means the walls are designed or closed kitchen. The theme must also be decided, e.g., modern, rustic, classic, or contemporary.
    When an entire wall of open shelving is used in the kitchen, it’s usually paired with a large island (which can add additional storage.) The trick is to place your storage on opposite ends of the room. So that each side flows from one piece to another comfortably and naturally.
  • No 2. Start with the essential tool
    The first thing you need – and the most important thing you can have in a new kitchen – is a good plan. It’s critical to get this right from the start to keep your expectations realistic and manage your ideas accordingly.
  • No 3. Start with a space
    This idea is crucial because there are no existing pipes, drainage, or electricity in place to deal with. So make sure you clear everything out of the room before starting any construction or renovation projects.
  • No 4. Get organized
    Once you are ready to start building your kitchen, you must get your stuff organized. Many products help you with this, including wall organizers, plastic bins, and baskets. It’s always better to have too much than not enough!
  • No 5. Decide where the storage will go
    You need to start thinking about where the storage will go in your kitchen and how it will fit with the rest of the room. Get rid of any items that will not be used anymore, whether they’re old appliances or an old workbench that no one needs anymore. Then remove cabinets and drawers where they can be accessed more easily or moved into other rooms*
  • No 6. Remove the old cabinets and countertops
    This idea is the point at which you remove all of the old cabinets, countertops, and fittings from the kitchen. The kitchen will look much better after it has been re-fitted, and it’s a great way to see that everything works before spending a lot of money on new items.
  • No 7. Clean up
    Vacuum out all of your cabinets and wipe down all of your appliances before you start to paint or add decorative touches to your kitchen. Doing this now will make sure that there are fewer particles in the air when you work—making for a much more excellent environment to be in while you’re working on your kitchen.
  • No 8. Prime the walls
    Apply a layer of primer to your kitchen walls or ceilings. You will find that this makes the surface much easier to paint on and makes everything look better when it is all finished.
  • No 9. Paint
    Make sure to use high-quality paint on your kitchen walls. You can usually get this from hardware stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot, and there are several different colors and styles you should choose from. You may have to do several coats of paint to get it just right, but it will be worth it in the end!
  • No 10. Hang cabinets
    Hang your new cabinets after they arrive so that you can get an idea of how they work in the space.

4. DIY Your Own furniture

No more space in the cabinets or drawers for your coffee cups? Don’t worry! You can store it horizontally on the wall with this DIY coffee cup holder. The primary materials are wood pallets and hooks.
First, decide on the pallet that looks the best and stable. Then, mark where you want to cut using a pencil and cut it using a saw. After that, sand the mini pallet until it is smooth. Then put the hooks onto the pallet by drilling them in. For the last touch, the top board was longer and wider. You can add details on the top like the word COFFEE or else.

Basic Directions on how to craft your simple kitchen furniture:
1. Cut the wood with a table saw.
2. Drill holes in the pallets where you need to drill.
3. Use paint or stain and apply decor to finish the pallets:
4. Position the hooks on the pallet, line them up and screw them on with a drill machine.
5. Apply the top board, making it look like you want.

3. Add Greenery

The vertical kitchen garden has been famous in small spaces lately. It lets you plant and grow your own fresh herbs right in the kitchen. There are many DIY projects that you can copy. You may also need to label each herb with aesthetic handwriting.
You don’t have to take up the countertop space with an indoor herb garden. Just hang a thick and strong board to accommodate the pots. Keeping the herbs right in the kitchen gives you easy access while cooking.

The basic instructions:
No 1. Hanging board/shelf/hooks
No 2. Potting soil
No 3. Seeds
No 4. Pots
You may have a window in the kitchen or dining room, where you can easily place a couple of pots and herbs on the windowsill. Your fresh herbs will grow right before you while cooking or preparing your food.

Recommended plants you can plan in your kitchen:
1. Basil and parsley
2. Coriander and cumin
3. Thyme and rosemary
4. Sage, oregano, marjoram, and thyme
5. Lavender, peppermint, lemon balm, and rosemary
6. Mustard greens and turnip greens
7. Cilantro (if you are a massive fan of the flavor of cilantro)
Pregnant women should not use this method with caution as they are advised to avoid spicy chili peppers because they may cause contractions or premature labor.

2. Lay A Washable Rug

If your kitchen looks a little drab, maybe a rug is the solution. Laying a rug can cheer up your kitchen, especially with the limitless choices of colors and patterns. You can either keep it balanced with one- or two-color variations or go bolder with piles of hues.

The most important is to pick a washable rug because you sure don’t want to have a headache cleaning up the food stains.

Well, you will still be likely to get stains on the rug, but they will be easy to clean. You just have to run it through the washing machine, and it will come out like new.

Lastly, Number 1. Hang on Wall Art

A piece of art adds instant character to the kitchen. It can be literally anything – artwork, poster, photograph, your children’s artworks, menus, etc. Bringing art into the kitchen makes it more of a living space and less of utilitarian space.
The frames and the composition are the keys to a cohesive look. Try to choose frames that match or fall within the same color hues. Not only pictures, unique and antique displays can also be a choice of art like the one in the picture – rustic fans and old lamps.

Other relevant ideas to update your kitchen to a new level:

  • No 1. Add Bright Colors
    Add vibrant colors to your kitchen. Don’t be afraid of bright colors, as they can bring life to your kitchen. It can help make the cooking feel more like a party, so getting some color in will help you get that creativity flowing and less stressed about the condition of the kitchen.
    The best way to achieve this is by using bold and bright accessories like bold patterned Wallpaper, painting bright colors on your cabinetry, freshly painted walls and ceiling, or adding a pop of color with a colorful dish towel.
  • No 2. Add texture
    Textures can lift a plain room and make it look full of life and energy. They also provide a sense of beauty to the walls and get a new painting for your kitchen. There is no simple way to add texture in the kitchen, so you will have to think about it before hand-painting your walls.
    You can choose from textures like velvet, shag carpeting, tiles with bas relief patterns, etc. This way arises questions such as: how would I use this? Do I want this in the kitchen or on the floor? If I want in on walls, what kind of curtains, cushions, or accessories do I want to put with it?
  • No 3. Up-Cycle a Kitchen Chair
    Upcycle a kitchen chair, and you can save some money that you would otherwise spend on a brand new one. You can find an old chair with a beautiful back and arms and give it a new life by removing upholstery. This way, you will be able to keep the chair’s beauty intact and make it look more like one that was made for your kitchen.
    Here’s a simple way to make a kitchen chair on your budget. Take an old cushion or sofa and cut it in half. Use the bottom half to up-cycle your kitchen chair.
  • No 4. Remove Unused Cabinets
    If there’s something in your kitchen that you haven’t used for several months, then remove it. Take out all the items from the cabinet and clean them and inside the cabinets thoroughly. This way, you will add something new to your cabinets.
  • No 5. Replace Baseboards
    The baseboard can be replaced by something with a different pattern or color, adding a whole new dimension to the kitchen. The baseboard has a lot of potentials, and you can use it in many different ways, like using it as a new shelf or even as just one of your accessories on the side of the wall. You can use it as a place to store wine bottles, store spices, and other small things that you find in your daily routines.
  • No 6: Add Character With Accessories
    Add character with whimsical artwork, antique tea kettles, or vintage spice sets. They bring a sense of fun and old-fashioned elegance to the kitchen. The accessories can also create an instant focal point to the kitchen.
  • No 7: Install a Pot Rack
    A pot rack is much more than just a place to hang your pots and pans. It is a highly versatile item that you can use in many different ways, and it will help you get the most out of your kitchen. You can use it for storing herbs and spices, or you can hang lanterns from it so you will have plenty of light, or even hang potted plants from it for adding Greenery to your kitchen.
  • No 8. DIY Storage Unit
    These cabinets made from recycled cardboard and recycled lumber are great for organizing your kitchen and small appliances. They are easy to build and look great in any homeroom. They can be used as additional storage behind or under your kitchen or dining table, or attach them to the room wall you want to organize!

Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These 10 budget kitchen updates allow you to make a dramatic improvement to your kitchen without so much expense.



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