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6 Budget-Friendly Ideas To Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Have you grown already tired of staying indoors for prolonged periods? Are you looking for ways to enjoy nature without having to leave the comforts of your home’s vicinity? If you’re wanting to spend more time outdoors, then it’s indeed timely that you elevate your surrounding outdoor living space for fun and relaxation.

Worry not. Improving the current condition of your outdoor space, which could include either your front porch or your backyard, shouldn’t be an expensive affair. If you’re rolling on a budget, here are some ways you can elevate your outdoor without spending too much of your hard-earned dough:

1. Redesign Your Front Porch

One of the outdoor areas in your property to which you can start making improvements is your front porch.

Begin by coloring the railing or balustrades of your porch’s enclosure and front wall white, then hang flower baskets on them. For the few staircases leading to your porch, place potted flowering plants along the edges. Select low-maintenance species for easier upkeep. Place metal treads for outdoor stairs for they prevent slipping as one climbs the stairs. Safety should be a top priority.
Then, think of putting in place a deck floor if one isn’t in place on your porch yet. Decks are said to provide outstanding aesthetics for an outdoor space. Place old rugs on the floor below your seats if installing a deck isn’t within your budget.

Further, make your porch an area where relaxation is highly encouraged by adding furniture fixtures. Put up a porch swing. It could be a swinging sofa or timber pallet. Ensure you support this from the beam at your ceiling to avoid falls that could lead to severe injuries. Wrap a traditional thick rope around the handles if they’re made of chains – the rope adds a vintage feel to the look.
Look into the idea of placing a rocking chair in the corner of your porch. This could become the perfect reading and unwinding spot for you at the end of a long day.

Lastly, lighting your patio could brighten and elevate your porch, especially at night. Put up suspended lights, have string lights in mason jars, or the like.

2. Upgrade Your Backyard

Elevate your backyard by first being creative with the footpath that runs from the house and into the backyard. Lay a thin layer of gravel along the path to act as your road and place two layers of flagstone along the gravel-laid footpath to act as your curb. Having a curb will prevent or reduce the laid gravel from being swept away into the yard by rain, wind, and the like. Install mazeras along the path and grow grass between the laid stones if you aren’t down for the gravel idea.

Create distinct boundaries if your backyard is large and serves several purposes. Lay flagstones or small round or oval-shaped concrete cast blocks around the desired sitting area. Add some creativity into the layout design by adding some patterns. Consider coloring some medium-sized stones and pebbles and use them instead of the flagstones or concrete blocks.

3. Set Up A Children’s Playground

Putting up a playground is an excellent way of elevating your outdoor space, especially if you have kids.

For starters, put up a climbing wall. Placing the climbing wall against your external wall could work if you’re worried about the former tipping over. Ensure that it’s well-supported into the ground for stability. Provide a flat soft bed for a landing in case the kids fall from the wall. The surface should be thick and provide a soft landing.

You may also build a playhouse below the deck of your house if there’s enough room. This is relatively cheap since you only need a few timber pieces, a hammer, and some paint. Have your children color it depending on their likes. You can also put up a treehouse if your backyard has a tree. Just ensure the tree is stable and strong enough to hold the weight of the house and your children.

Put up swings for the young ones too. Let them hang from trees or put on a metal stand. The seats of the swings can be small wooden pallets or old tires. Just make sure you secure the swings to avoid falls and injuries.

4. Build A Pergola

Pergolas are becoming an in-thing today. Many homeowners install them in their homes for outdoor living and comfort. Join in the craze and have one built in your outdoor space.

Build a wooden pergola to your preferred shape and size, depending on your backyard area. It’s preferable to use wooden pallets with wider spacing for they have an outdoor look to them. Paint the structure dirty brown for a rustic and natural look.

Put a canvas on top that can be pulled back when it’s sunny and bright and allow for cover when it’s raining. It should be waterproof. Alternatively, utilize a green canvas. Use vines and spread them above the pergola roof, with some branches dropping between the wooden pallets. Using a green canopy allows your pergola to blend in with nature.

For chairs, you can still use wooden pallets. Add colored foam pads, cushions, and pillows to break the monotony of the wood. Sew up colored pillows yourself from old fabric instead of purchasing them. You can protect your cushions, pillows, and foam pads by covering them with waterproof material.

Display a glassed wicker table at the center of the pergola to make the space look chic. Cut out or buy small tree stumps that you can use as footrests. These tree stumps can also hold decorations, such as small potted flowers.

Wrap string lights along with the frames of the pergola and the vines dropping from your pergola’s roof. Add one or two floating lanterns at each corner of the pergola and a hanging pendant light at the middle. This kind of lighting will make your pergola dreamy and the perfect spot for a romantic evening.

5. Construct A Fire Pit

Fire pits give you an opportunity to enjoy a rustic family barbecue meal or a bonfire without necessarily leaving your home. Luckily, building one is pretty straightforward.

First, dig a hole, six to ten inches deep, at the preferred spot for your fire pit. The size of the hole is dependent on your preference. Lay bricks or flagstones around the edges of the dug hole up to the ground level. Fill in the void with sand.

Then, add two layers of bricks around the edges above the ground to prevent people from tipping over. Add a small centered enclosure of bricks in the sand, preferably at the center of the existing pit. This small enclosure is where you’ll place your firewood and light up the bonfire you need.
Provide a sitting area around the fireplace. To distinctively mark the fireplace, lay a sheet of paper around your fire pit. Pour a thin layer of gravel on the sheet around your fire pit. Now place your chairs and seats around the gravel.

You can decide to leave it as is and only bring chairs when you need to light a fire or put-up permanent seats. Place wooden pallets on concrete blocks to use as seats. Tree stumps can also serve as seats.

6. Commission A Gazebo

Gazebos tend to be an additional house to your main home. A do-it-yourself (DIY) gazebo isn’t hard to put up.

Set up the stands of your gazebo based on your desired shape. The frames could be wooden or metal. Have the frames a few inches below the ground for stability. Lay a few blocks of bricks or flagstones, to your desired height, around the gazebo. Four to five layers work best.
Next, place a thatched roof on a few timber supports. Drape some fabric around the stands of your gazebo, place wicker lounge chairs and small table, and enjoy your simple but exquisite gazebo.


As mentioned, there are many ways of elevating your outdoor space to suit your needs. Upgrading your outdoor space on a budget requires you to be creative. Use materials found in nature instead of purchasing new ones from shops. With the ideas featured above, it’s time to turn your outdoor space into a cozy yet exciting vacation spot.

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