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The 8 Best Trees to Plant in Your Backyard

Every backyard benefits from an amazing variety of beautiful, hardy trees. Especially if you want to enjoy the transformations trees go through during each season, finding a tree that fits your home’s personality is key. When selecting a tree, you’ll need to consider your local climate, and the space you own, to ensure you choose a tree that will stay healthy, and that will not cause major problems in the future as it grows to its full height and length. To help you find the perfect tree for your backyard, here are the eight best trees to plant in your backyard:

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1. Sugar Maple

Sugar Maples are often considered the fall-time tree. Its stunning Autumn palette for its leaves and bark throughout the year will impress anyone who wants to feel comfortable all year. They can become massive, however, and grow up to 75-feet tall, so you’ll need to have the right backyard to make the Sugar Maple look appropriate. If your backyard is right, go for this tree, as you’re almost certain to fall in love with your Sugar Maple.

2. Green Giant Arborvitae

Suburban homeowners who love privacy have come to love the Green Giant Arborvitae. They are fast-growing evergreens that are hardy and grow in a way that provides a natural green screen between you and your neighbors. However, you’ll need to trim and care for the tree regularly, so make sure you contact the best Kansas City tree service in your area to begin a schedule to keep your tree healthy if you go with the Green Giant Arborvitae.

3. Saucer Magnolia

Magnolia trees are already highly popular for backyards, but the Saucer Magnolia tree is a lesser-known, but wonderfully gorgeous version of the tree. The bright pinkish-purple leaves that bloom in the spring make the Saucer Magnolia a centerpiece for any backyard looking for a distinct superstar. They can grow up to 30-feet tall and are not great for every environment, so make sure you research these qualities before deciding on a Saucer Magnolia for your backyard.

4. Crabapple

The Crabapple tree is famous for how its leaves’ colors change year-round, giving you more beauty for your buck. The flowers in spring bloom into stunning shades of white, red, or pink (and often bloom into a mixture of these colors). Small apples often fruit from the tree and can provide a unique look to your backyard as a result. However, make sure you have the right climate conditions at your home to ensure the Crabapple tree can grow healthily.

5. Paper Birch

Paper Birch trees are notoriously lean, but they can grow up to a whopping 60-feet tall height. They are covered in beautiful, golden leaves in the fall, and look green and lush throughout the rest of the year (outside of winter). The white-colored bark and interesting dimensions are the star features of the Paper Birch and have made them consistently popular within climates they thrive in within the United States.

6. Serviceberry

Also known as a “shadbush,” serviceberry trees are native to the US, and are highly popular in nearly every corner of the country. Their unique look makes them a great way to add flair to your backyard, especially if you have a garden. They sprout flowers incredibly early in the spring, and summer brings red berries to the tree. Finally, the amazing, stunning red and orange leaves the tree sports in the fall ensure it will bring you joy almost all year long. These trees can also provide excellent protection for your backyard garden.

7. Washington Hawthorn

Washington Hawthorns are often planted in their backyards by wildlife lovers. Birds, squirrels, and butterflies are all attracted to these beautiful, sturdy trees. They can grow as tall and wide as thirty feet, but still remain one of the smaller deciduous trees despite this fact. If you want a tree that sprouts fragrant flowers and small red fruits in the summer, you’ll love the benefits of a Washington Hawthorn in your backyard.

8. Fringe Tree

Fringe trees can grow nearly anywhere in the United States, making them perfect for any homeowner. They hold a snowy appearance in early spring, and can even sprout feathery, beautiful white flowers. City dwellers can easily take care of fringe trees, which has made them popular in urban areas. Just make sure they have 12×20 feet of space to grow.

Find Your Dream Tree

Even if these eight trees are not quite right for you, there are thousands of tree varieties waiting for you to consider. Hopefully, you now have at least a promising idea of a tree that will bring your backyard’s full potential out, and give you something beautiful to look at every time the seasons change. With the right tree, your home will feel more stunning and naturally attractive than ever before.

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