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Best Plants You Can Buy via Online Delivery

Your first thought about houseplants is that they are an excellent welcome addition to any living or working space. But the list of their benefits is a bit longer. First, they are beneficial for human physical and mental health. Then, houseplants can improve the quality of the air. And finally, greenery adds life to any room, making your stay comfortable and pleasant.

Whether you’re looking for unique species or something more exotic, you’ll find them in online nurseries or specialized websites. The selection of plants is large, so as their price ranges. If you browse the Internet a bit, you’ll find many reputable sellers.

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Room greenery is available in different sizes, colors, and care needs. There are various houseplants to match every interior, lifestyle, and budget. It can sometimes be tricky to decide which one to order, given the large selection. We will suggest some of the most popular, least demanding, and easy-to-ship species.


The philodendron with leaves shaped like hearts is an extremely easy houseplant to care for. It’s a climbing species, so you have to provide it with a stake to climb on. Besides that, this philodendron needs only moderate light and only needs occasional watering. Because of that, it can stand transportation and even worldwide shipping (in specialized pots).

Hearth-shaped philodendron grows beautifully and looks great in hanging pots. You can re-pot it a few times a year to keep its beautiful leafage. But remember that this philodendron contains some mildly toxic plant matters, so keep it out of the reach of kids and pets.

Spider Plant

A good houseplant for beginners is a Spider plant. It got its name after the leaves that resemble the legs of spiders. But unlike these nasty arthropods, they are neither toxic nor dangerous. This species is pet-friendly, so your four-legged friends can freely cohabitate with it.

This plant can survive in low-light conditions and needs only a minimum of water to survive. Some spider plants can live for decades, even in dry environments. That makes it perfect for shipping so that you can order it online.

Spider plant doesn’t need much light, but it does need some space. It can grow to more than two feet in height and one foot across during the winter. It’s excellent for stuffy rooms as it has vast purifying features. Some would say it also absorbs negative energy, so this plant is a common choice for offices and business premises.


Online nurseries like the official Planted pot site can boast of geraniums, great houseplants that look lovely with lush flowers of different shades. These plants love fresh air and sunlight. They can stand low temperatures quite well, which is why you can keep them on the deck. Still, temperatures shouldn’t be below zero so that the leaves and buds don’t freeze and wilted.

Geranium leaves contain essential oils, which is why your pets shouldn’t chew them. Their aromas can be reminiscent of roses, lemons, or mint. If you rub the leaf through your fingers, you will immediately feel the specific smell. That is how some geranium species got their names.

Common to all varieties of geraniums is that they have great healing properties. The mentioned essential oil is an excellent antiseptic and anti-anxiolytic. Also, it has been proven to help sleep and appetite. Geraniums, due to their potent aroma, can be great in homemade potpourri.


Succulents are known for their durability and are by far the best choice for all those whose houseplants begin to wither after a few days. It’s not impossible to kill these plants, but succulents can tolerate high temperatures, dry air, and lack of water.

Succulents grow in warm regions that abound in sunlight. In nature, many of them grow like weeds. Some even come up from rocks in the most inaccessible places. As they are desert plants, just give them enough light and heat.

Cacti are among the most famous succulent specimens, and they can survive months without a single drop of water. But they do absorb moisture from the atmosphere and store it in their tissues. Plus, cacti are a great option for people with allergies. Its foliage is not toxic and carries much less pollen than other species.

Chinese Money Tree

Houseplants carry a dose of freshness with them, and they are also excellent eliminators of negative energy. Many of them can be found in Fengshui philosophy (read about it on this link). A special place belongs to the Chinese money tree. This evergreen plant can attract happiness and abundance to your home or workspace. Those ‘magical’ features also make it an ideal gift for loved ones.

This plant has oval, jade-colored leaves that look like coins. Hence the name. Besides beauty, these juicy leaves are also practical, as they store the necessary water and nutrients. That’s the reason why this plant can ‘forgive’ you for occasional neglect. Its flowers resemble stars, and their shade will vary depending on the amount of light they receive.

If you take care of your houseplants, they can be useful in many ways. Yet, some of the mentioned species are hard to kill as they need little to no attention. But all of them are great for brightening up any room and enhancing your living or working space.

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