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10 Bedroom Rack Shelving Ideas You’ll Love

Don’t Buy a Single Bedroom Shelf Until You Read This Ten Choices That will also Show Off Your Inner Handyman (or Handywoman)

Under the built-in bed storage, Project Idea

Listen up, folks!
A platform bed with extra storage is already a steal, but what if someone told you it could be even better? That’s right, by adding built-in shelves on both sides, you’re getting the perfect combo!

  • First, we need to create two boxes out of plywood to raise our IKEA Billy Bookcases. Ensure the boxes are the same size as the bookcases because we’ll stack ’em up!
  • And don’t forget to adjust the height so that the bookcase can reach the ceiling and form a built-in unit. We want this thing to look profesh!
  • Place the finished boxes on either side of the bed, one close to the headboard and one close to the footboard.
  • Next, build the bed frame and support between the boxes, then frame out all the sides of the bed with plywood.
  • Place the bookcase on top of the boxes, trim everything, and then sand, caulk, and paint all units white.
  • And finally, add storage baskets to hide all your clutter under the platform bed and display your other stuff on the built-in shelves.

You’ve just acquired the upgraded version of a bedroom storage solution that looks amazing and saves you space.

So why not give it a go and see how you can transform your bedroom today?

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