12 Inspiring Bedroom Organization Projects

Bedroom Organization, or “How to Make Your Tiny Rental Room Look Like a Marie Kondo Masterpiece”

9. An inspiring Bookshelf Door Project Idea

Alright, folks, listen up. It’s time to get creative with our bedroom organization. And what better way to do that than by using the back of your door as a bookshelf? It’s like a secret hiding place but for your favorite novels.

Now, first things first. You’re going to need a solid core door for this project. No flimsy doors allowed. We’re talking about an anti-fragile unit here, people. It’s like building a fortress but for your books.

Next, cut the door in the middle, leaving a few inches on the sides to make a rectangular cut. It’s like a giant puzzle without all the frustrating pieces that never seem to fit.

Once you’ve got your door cut, it’s time to attach the top, bottom, sides, and back panels to the door as a frame for the bookshelf.

Now, the bookshelf in this project is about 8″ deep, but you can make it any size you want.
Just make sure it’s balanced with the sturdiness and thickness of the wood.
It’s like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but we’re talking about bookshelves instead of porridge.

Next up, it’s time to add the shelves.

Cut the plywood into shelf pieces, and attach them to the bookshelf’s frames with nails and wood glue. It’s like playing with Lincoln Logs, but for adults.

And finally, it’s time to trim the bookcase edges (because we can’t have any rough edges, now can we?). And if you’re feeling fancy, you can add some molding to make it look like a piece of art.

And there you have it, folks—your very own door bookshelf with countless memories attached to your mind. So, get out there and start building. Your bedroom (and your addictive fiction) will thank you.

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