12 Inspiring Bedroom Organization Projects

Bedroom Organization, or “How to Make Your Tiny Rental Room Look Like a Marie Kondo Masterpiece”

10. How to build new shelves between “The Studs”?

Ah, small bedrooms. They’re like trying to fit an elephant into a phone booth. But fear not, my friends. There’s a solution to your space problems, and it involves building a built-in shelving unit between the studs. It’s like a secret hideaway for all your precious items.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But Son, I’m not Bob the Builder. I can barely hammer a nail without crying.” Fear not, my friends. Someone already did the project; you can find a source link on the page to prove it yourself.

All you need are some vertical and horizontal studs, drywall, and basic tools. Before installing the drywall, add two horizontal studs as the top and bottom panels of the built-in shelving.

Next, cut the drywall into a rectangle exactly where you plan to build the shelving unit. And be careful not to cut the wiring system unless you want to be electrocuted.

(which, let’s be honest, probably isn’t on your to-do list).

And finally, it’s time to build the shelves unit separately. Assemble the panels and install them between the studs.  And there you have it, your very own built-in shelving unit. It’s like a hidden treasure trove for all your clutter. And the best part? You’re using the space between your walls, which is like finding free money (without all the pesky legal issues).

So, what are you waiting for?
Get out there and build yourself a built-in shelving unit.
It’s like any other DIY project but without all the tears and frustration

(Well, it may be a little bit frustrating if you start the project without any proper planning and research first).

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