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10 Bedroom Hack Projects with a Twist of Humor: You Won’t Snooze on These!

5. The DIY platform bed Idea with drawers

Gather ’round, space savers! Today, we will defy gravity by building a magnificent DIY platform bed that elevates your snoozing experience and hides your clutter like a magician.

First, channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and measure the mysterious corner where your platform bed will reside.

Remember, the platform should be as big as your mattress, or your sweet dreams might become a balancing act.
Next, grab your wood and let the OBI cutting service be your loyal sidekick. Once you’ve got your base plates, side walls, and drawer fronts, the real adventure begins.

Assemble the base plates and partitions like a 3D puzzle, pre-drilling the holes. With teamwork and a little elbow grease, screw everything together, and behold – the pedestal is complete!

Now, it’s time to give your drawers some character.
Drill holes for the handles, thread a rope through, and your drawers are ready to slide into their new homes.

Connect the Euroboxes with wooden plates and screws, creating a sturdy storage army.

Finally, slide these bad boys into the pedestal and crown your masterpiece with a mattress. And there you have it, folks! Your very own DIY platform bed with drawers, ready to save the day (and your space).
Sweet dreams and happy organizing!

Written by Simpson

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