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10 Bedroom Hack Projects with a Twist of Humor: You Won’t Snooze on These!

6. Repurposed idea: A DIY Selective Sorting Bin Project

Hey folks! Ever felt like your bedroom is a battleground for sorting stinky shirts, with the environment as the ultimate prize? Well, today, we’re crafting the ultimate weapon to conquer bedroom clutter – a DIY repurposed selective sorting bin for a new storage bedroom!

Step one: assemble a box made of OSB board because nothing says eco-friendly like wood that recycles itself! Glue and screw the back, bottom, and sides together. Add the top, and you’ve got yourself a battle-ready bin.

Next, we’re turning this box into the Swiss Army Knife of waste disposal.
Drill holes for cutouts on the top – they’ll be like secret tunnels for your clutter!
Make sure to sand and deburr because nobody likes a splinter in their eco-warrior hand.

Now, let’s add some storage firepower.
Assemble an intermediate shelf for those high-flying recyclables, and install a tilting panel to keep everything in check. It’s like a built-in bouncer for your trash party!

Time to build the drawer – the unsung hero of our sorting bin. Assemble the sides and bottom, then cut a stylish opening for easy access. Attach a handle and runners, and your drawer is ready for action!

Finally, slap on some soles and sand the edges to give your repurposed bin a smooth finish. Customize it for your unique waste-sorting needs, and you’re ready to save the bedroom look one piece of the dirty shirt at a time. So, let’s rally the troops and get sorting with your new DIY selective sorting bin!

Written by Simpson

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