12 Bathroom Vanity Makeover Ideas

Almost every item in a bathroom is essential, and vanities are no exception. You simply can’t do without it.
That’s why you also have to give it the attention it deserves. So why not do yourself a favor?
Read the post or watch the following video to the end to see’s countdown of 12 amazing makeover ideas for your bathroom vanity.

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12. A DIY Shaker Style Vanity Makeover Idea

12. DIY bathroom vanity makeover by

Shaker style drawers and doors gave this old vanity a considerable facelift. The style always lends itself well to paint. The color used here is a grayish green and combined well with the new white countertop.
Begin measuring the doors and drawer faces before removing them. You may have to add new front pieces to the old drawer boxes if they don’t have one.
Remember to cut the two 1×3” side pieces of each frame to the height of the door or drawer face. The top and bottom 1×3” always go between these sides.
1/4” grooves on the inside part of the frame will keep the 1/4” plywood panels in place. So allow for that extra bit of plywood in your measurements before cutting them.
You’ll join all these pieces with glue and screws using a pocket hole jig. To attach the new faces to the drawer boxes, apply some glue and drive in some brad nails.

11. The Classic Blue

11. Classic Blue by

The color used here is Classic Blue, and the name speaks for itself. It will look gorgeous on any vanity cabinet.
A light creamy countertop color or even a white one would go nicely with this tint. Your vanity will certainly pop against any bright bathroom surroundings.
Moreover, brass or copper cabinet handles and drawer shell handles will also stand out if you pick this beautiful blue shade. It reminds me of marine colors and water themes and is a pretty saturated deep blue color.

10. The Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Makeover

10. Double sink bathroom vanity makeover by

It’s incredible to see how far you can go in modernizing a double sink vanity.
In this case, it needed a splash of new paint, some hefty and attractive black handles, a countertop, honeycomb pattern backsplash, two sinks, and a couple of mirrors.
The new paint on the cabinet is a dark grayish-blue. It will provide a striking contrast against a new quartz countertop where you’ll mount two white rectangular sinks. And hexagon tiles will be a perfect backdrop for two black-framed mirrors.
During the makeover process, you might start asking what you’ve gotten yourself into. But when you look at the results such as this, then it becomes completely worth it.

If not, you probably need to consider replacing your current item with one of these and see what would happen (at least in your imagination):
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9. Old Bathroom Vanity Revamping Project

9. Old bathroom vanity revamp by
Here’s another complete DIY revamp you could try if you have a similar looking vanity.
Firstly, remove all the drawers and strip the frames down to the bare wood. If your vanity is a modular one, fill all the gaps at the front with wood filler and sand them flat.
Next, give the drawers and two doors a thorough sanding. Simply add 1×2” frames to the back, which will become your front Shaker style doors. Do this with glue and pocket hole screws from the front.
The two outer cabinets are going to be open shelves. Install 1×1” cleats to hold the 3/4” plywood at mid-level, and add a 1×2” trim at the front. After that, you can paint it in any color you like. (3:22)

8. A DIY Vanity Makeover (on a Budget)

8. DIY Vanity makeover on a budget by

If you’ve always wanted a marble countertop but can’t afford one, this may be the budget makeover you need.
Since you’re going for a new countertop, you may as well repaint the vanity. First, remove all the drawers and doors to be painted. Remove the sink too.
The color used here is teal green. If you don’t plan on using a paint compressor, a small paint roller will do. Paint the frames with the same color as well.
Now for the Marble. Well, faux marble, to be exact. Use an interior film vinyl with a marble grain. It’s self-adhesive, but you can pour water on your old countertop. It will be easier to slide the vinyl into position before you squeegee it flat.

7. The Teal Vanity

7. Teal Vanity by
Teal is one of the most popular marine shades in 2020 (perhaps beyond), and you can typically find it in kitchen cabinets. However, it will also work great with bathroom vanities.
It’s one of those pleasant colors that will give a bathroom more character without overpowering it. It always goes well against bright color surroundings and countertops.
Teal is such a safe and attractive choice, and that’s why many people love it.

6. $1000 DIY Bathroom Makeover That Doesn’t Look Cheap

6. 1000 DIY bathroom makeover that doesnt look cheap by
This room, including the vanity, used to be stark white and – almost “clinical” – with outdated fixtures. However, the primary motivation for the owner to renovate was the low countertops.
If you have a similar problem, you can take off the top and raise the frame using 1×6” boards. Then use a small decorative trim to hide the seam.
The four Shaker style doors are new, and they stripped everything else down to the wood. You can replace all the handles and faucets with black ones. Use Formica countertop to replace the old one and apply an industrial faux marble vinyl wrap.
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5. The Colorful Bathroom Vanity

5. Colourful bathroom vanity by
This vanity consists of two large drawers in the middle and four smaller ones on the sides. You can paint it in a pleasant light grayish-green color.
The handles are two-toned with brass and a black pull. They stand out beautifully against the green of the drawers. Underneath the drawers is an open shelf where you can display pretty storage baskets.
You can choose black faucets to go along with the handles. It will contrast nicely against the white sink and a light-colored countertop. A round mirror with a black frame would be another elegant addition.

4. Bathroom Vanity Makeover Reveal on a $100 Budget

4. Bathroom vanity makeover reveal on a 100 budget by
It’s a pretty straightforward paint job that did wonders for the vanity and the entire bathroom.
The paint used for the vanity is Dyed Indigo enamel, and a quart is enough for a small cabinet. They painted the medicine cabinet with Snowbound acrylic. Also, the vanity lighting was painted black.
If your vanity has knobs, you can replace them with more stylish stainless steel pulls that would work better with the blue color. Remember to patch the old holes with wood filler before painting.

3. Best Bathroom Vanity Color3. Best bathroom vanity colour by

The best and safest choice for vanity color is charcoal or gray. It’s neutral and gives balance to a room’s color scheme. That’s why people use it as a backdrop for décor.
Gray will work in almost any room, provided that you match it with the prevailing undertones to get the perfect shade. To a lesser extent, the lighting would also be a factor.
The color has remained one of the top choices of homeowners and even famous designers.

2. A Vintage Dresser And Bathroom Vanity Makeover

2. Vintage dresser to bathroom vanity by
You can turn a vintage dresser into your bathroom vanity.
The most notable transformation would come from the sink and countertop. So the first thing to do is to remove the dresser’s backing and top. If the countertop is too deep, you can add boards to extend the back.
However, the sink would likely touch the drawer boxes. In that case, you need to cut off material from the affected sides so you could push those drawers in fully.
After that, you can start painting. The paint used here was SW “Aloe.” For best results, replace all the old handles with glass ones.
You can further accent this converted vanity with black faucets and a black framed mirror.

Lastly, Number 1. Open Vanity Ideas with Multi-Functional Features

1. Open vanity ideas with multi functional feature by
A style that has been gaining ground in recent years is open vanities. They make floating sinks look even more modern.
Keep in mind that most floating sink plumbing will be wall-mounted and hidden. You typically pair these sinks with wall-mounted faucets, but not always. The drain pipe isn’t an eyesore and usually has a housing incorporated into the slick design.
One thing you can try is to set the sink on a thick slab of wood. Below that, you can have another thick floating slab that provides storage and adds to the minimalist but functional look. Underneath, you can push a houseplant or a garden seat to hide the drain pipe if you want to.
There are many configurations you can try since the sink can be independent of the shelf. You can even install narrower shelves to give the sink a cantilevered look.

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Selecting the right style, size, and materials of your vanity can improve your bathroom’s overall function, comfort, and convenience.
Equally as important is how it can make or break your bathroom’s appearance. And that’s why you want to get it right on the get-go.
Some of the beautiful examples here came out of frustrations from previous choices. I hope the selection I provided will save you from the same ordeal in your hunt for the perfect bathroom vanity.
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