12 Bathroom Shower Makeovers

If you happen to be looking for the perfect bathroom shower concept, let show you twelve beautiful makeover ideas that will whet your appetite even more.
There are many impressive transformations listed here. I hope they’ll help when you start tackling your shower makeover project.
Who knows?

One of these could turn out to be the bathroom shower of your dreams.

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Number 1. Rustic Wood Tub Shower Idea for Tiny Bathroom1. Rustic Wood Tub Shower Idea for tiny bathroom by

Talking about narrow bathrooms, this particular one is as narrow as they get.
If you’re facing the same issues with a tiny bathroom, even a shower stall my not fit. You might want to consider a small rustic wooden tub and shower combo.
That way, you’ll have the benefit of a tub if you want to use one. It will also give that small space more personality while remaining functional.
It would be a far better choice than a pan. For more privacy, you could install a shower curtain hoop.

2. A Basement Bathroom Reveal2. basement bathroom reveal by

It’s is a narrow basement bathroom that yet again features white subway tiles. It continues the same pattern in the small recessed shelf.
The walk-in shower takes up the entire width of the wall. So you can hardly notice the glass separating it from the rest of the room. It helps make the room seem larger.
With a predominantly white bathroom, you must provide some amount of contrast. It’s done here with a few dark accents on the walls, the vanity, and black and white tiles.
However, the shower’s floor keeps it an all-white affair with tiny ceramic mesh tiles laid out diagonally. And the stainless steel fixtures go well with the shower’s all-white theme.

3. The West One Bathrooms Case Study3. west one bathrooms case study by

The gradient pink and white color of the alternating diagonal tiles continues the pink theme of the sink, doors, and blinds. It goes well with the floor-to-ceiling white granite stone slabs with grey veins.
The shiny brass fixtures throughout the bathroom give it a classic feel but with a contemporary touch.
You can also add a recessed shelf with black material to go with the black frames on the glass divider, glass door, and vanity mirror.

4. The Urban Farmhouse Bathroom4. urban farmhouse bathroom by

And here’s yet another subway tile design with a double shower. This time it’s used to blend well with an urban farmhouse theme.
What makes it unique is that you can see the same tiles on the ceiling. You can also add a bench that can double as a shelf.
The surface of this bench and the square recessed shelf have the same decorative tiles as the bathroom floor. The shower floor is white hexagonal mesh tiles.
You may notice that the new wall on the side with the rain showerhead provides additional space for storage baskets.
It would be great if your shower also has a window to provide fresh air and natural light.

5. A Tiny Master Bathroom Shower Idea5. our tiny master bathroom shower by

Here’s another design that incorporates white subway tiles and arranged in an alternating diagonal pattern. The dark salt-and-pepper granite floor adds a stylish contrast.
You’ll also notice the owners placed the glass doors diagonally to add more walking room outside the shower. This kind of layout would work well if you have a cramped master bath.
You can also put some round corner shelves for additional shelf space. Behind that solid bottom divider is a recessed shelf for your toiletries. Its backing is the same material as the floor.
A copper rain and detachable showerhead combo similar to this one would provide a tasteful accent.

6. A Cool and Contemporary Bathroom Concept6. cool and temporary by

Floor-to-ceiling white marble tiles adorn this walk-in shower. It’s separated from the rest of the bathroom by glass panels, but without glass doors.
There’s a wide window above the showerhead that extends across the entire wall and lets you see the lush greenery outside. This type of open design will give your whole bathroom an overall relaxed vibe.
The chic contemporary design breaks the white colors with a dark accent wall. It’s lined floor-to-ceiling with a black-colored stone slab.
This dark stone has beautiful white veins looking like horizontal streaks. The same material is on the window frame and a dark border across the white marble tiles.
Lastly, you can add recessed shelves to place various shower toiletries.
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7. Dark-Veined Tiles7. Dark veined tile by

The dark-veined tiles on the walls and floors of this spacious walk-in shower is a striking contrast to the light gray walls of the bathroom.
You’ll notice the recessed shelves on the right continues the same pattern and makes it blend perfectly with the wall.
A glass door and glass panels at the front let you see the intricacy of these dark veins. The whole shower area serves as a striking accent in the bathroom that immediately draws your eyes to it.
You can use the same material for the sink and countertop. And this same material will go well with vibrant blue floors.

8. The Master Bath Remodel Idea8. Master bath remodel by

You may have to gut your entire master bath to make way for this modern retreat.
You can replace the wall tiles, including those in the shower area, with white subway tiles. They will blend well with a fresh coat of grey paint on the walls.
Glass panels enclose this shower, and its floors are hexagonal shaped ceramic mesh tiles. You can use decorative glass blocks that will bathe it in natural light.
The same lighting treatment would work for your bathtub, as what the owners did here with their white clawfoot tub.
When you look at the flooring, you might think they’re marble, but they’re not. These tiles were laser printed with marble grain. They were square-shaped initially but were later cut in half to match the subway tile pattern.

9. Enjoy Full Body Treatment9. enjoy full body treatment by

Designers call them double showers because two people can use them simultaneously, not for the number of showerheads. But this double shower designed by Lindsay Habeeb takes it to a whole other level.
The elegant walk-in master shower features ten heads, including a rain, handheld, and eight shower panel heads. It’s almost like a car wash, but for people.
It sits in the middle of a wall between the toilet bowl and recessed-panel cabinets and enclosed in glass. The walls and frames have floor-to-ceiling stone slabs while the floor consists of light gray hexagonal mesh tiles.
If you ever wanted a thorough full-body treatment, this might be the concept for you.

10. The Double Shower Idea

Simphome renovation katy popple design img GoldaA double shower design allows two people to share a shower area at one time. This type would be perfect for busy couples who want to save time from waiting for their partner to finish.

The light teal color of the vertical panels on the divider and bathroom walls adds more vibrancy to the space that has mostly white shades. Meanwhile, the glass doors and glass part of the divider gives it a contemporary feel.
Single users can also benefit from the improved water flow when both showers are working at the same time. They do tend to be significantly larger than typical showers but will add to the resale value of your home.

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11. The White Subway Tile Pattern Shower11. WHITE SUBWAY TILE PATTERN SHOWER by

A classic style that’s still popular today has an alternating diagonal pattern of white subway tiles. The tiles used here have the color Santa Monica white and are 4×12”.
As you can see, these tiles will brighten up your bathroom and shower area. While they’re popular in traditional bathrooms, they mix rather well with contemporary designs and fixtures.
Because they’re shiny, you’ll find them easier to clean, making them ideal for busy showers.

These tiles are also stain-resistant. You might consider recessed shelves with a contrasting mosaic tile backsplash. A diagonal stone flooring would also provide a lovely contrast to the white tiles.

12. A Simple Walk-In Shower Idea12. Simple Walk in shower Idea by

This simple walk-in shower is practical yet adds an elegant and sophisticated touch to the minimalistic bathroom interiors.
It’s an open design with no glass doors, with just a narrow divider separating the shower from the sink counter. The slate tiles of the bathroom carry over into this divider up to the shower wall.
The wall on the right features waterproof faux bathroom panels that look like stone bricks. They break the monotony of the tiles and will give your bathroom more character. On the floor is a long shower drain that will remove the water quickly. It also has a combo rain and adjustable handheld showerheads.

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Every shower will need to undergo a makeover sooner or later. Sometimes it becomes quite necessary. It’s a good idea to have various options and be updated to recent design trends when that time comes.
It’s a substantial investment, and you don’t want to be stuck with one that will disappoint you every time you see it. That’s why you must have a well-thought-out plan, and learning from successful bathroom and shower renovations will help a lot.
Do drop by’s reference to read the detailed article. Many other excellent makeover tips await you there.


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