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12 Bathroom Counter Decor and Organization

A bathroom is a place of renewal. It’s where you come out every morning feeling fresh, clean, and ready to face a brand new day.
However, if you are greeted every day with a dreary or messy counter, it will continue to be a nagging reminder until you do something about it. That’s not the right way to start your day at all.
That’s why has come up with these twelve ideas to help you liven up your counter and keep it clutter-free.
“If you’re selling a house, remember that a clean and organized bathroom will almost certainly make a good impressed and help with the property’s underlying valuation,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of sell house fast firm Property Solvers.

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Number 12. Bathroom Counter Organization12. Bathroom counter organizatation by

Naturally, you want your vanity counter free of clutter. However, you don’t want it looking empty and not have your frequently used items nearby. A simple thing such as a wooden tray to keep your stuff in one place is already a significant improvement. Placing one or two decorative pieces inside it would add an artistic touch.

For example, adding a small but stylish vase with some lovely twigs would enhance the tray and put you in a good mood. You could also transfer some products in more presentable glass bottles and jars.
To save more counter space, use your walls. An ornate mesh shelf can hold décor mixed with other stuff that you use.

11. Sink Counter Organization for a Smaller Bathroom11. Sink Bathroom counter organization for smaller bathroom by

For sink counters in smaller bathrooms, you could go vertical with a multi-level storage solution. That way, you’ll have your things handy but only use one space on the countertop. Your local Hobby Lobby would have elegant-looking multi-tiered trays in stock.

For instance, a three-tiered round serving tray stand would be terrific for organizing your items vertically but would only take up a corner.
Mix in some décor such succulents in charming little planters on the trays to make the storage look more vibrant and attractive.

10. Small Bathroom Sink Organization Idea10. small bathroom sink organization idea by

In some cases, it’s just a bathroom sink with almost no flat areas. Again, your only alternative is to utilize the walls near it.
Installing some small and narrow shelving would keep most of your items off the limited sink space. You can place on these shelves all the stuff that you use daily. Adding a small houseplant in a lovely pot would make a huge difference.
You could keep a couple of essentials on the sink, such as a soap bottle dispenser and a glass with your toothbrush in one corner. Add a vase with some flowers in the other corner for even more visual appeal.

9. DIY Pocket Organizer Idea9. DIY pocket organizer idea by

For the backing, measure the insert of the cabinet door. Cut a piece of drop cloth in the same size but add 1” at the top. Fold the top for the dowel insert.
As you’re sewing this insert, position a tiny rope loop 2” from the starting end and sew over it. Add another loop 2” from the other end.
Draw two vertical and two horizontal, evenly spaced lines on the drop cloth. Then cut three pieces of fine poly mesh 4” wider than the horizontal rows. Sew bias tape on their top edges.
Pin them temporarily to the drop cloth, but add two small folds at the bottom for each vertical section to give the pockets more room. Start sewing the bottoms of the meshes with zigzag stitches before sewing along the sides and vertical lines.
Insert a 1/2” dowel and hang the organizer by its rope loops on two hooks behind the door.

8. Build This Rustic DIY Bathroom Cabinet Project8. Complete your bathroom counter with this rustic DIY bathroom cabinet project by

If your toilet bowl is beside your bathroom sink, you can use the space above it for a rustic cabinet with an antique window.
Use any old small glass window and use it as the door. You’re going for a rustic look, so don’t mind if the paint is worn-out.
This door will be inset, so build the cabinet frame around it using 8”x1” boards. The two shelves would have to be recessed about 2”. Use 1”x2” cleats to anchor them and 1/4” plywood for the backing.
When installing the door, there’s no need to hide the hinges. Just screw them on the front-left side.

7. Spice Rack Storage Hack for Your Bathroom Counter7. Spice rack storage hack for your bathroom counter by

You can use wall-mounted spice racks for shelves to organize your toiletries and other items.
Again, the space above the toilet bowl beside your sink would be perfect for this storage hack. Or you can hang two or three racks near a corner on a sidewall.
The advantage of using these racks, which you can get from IKEA, is that they have rails to keep your things from falling out.
There’s no danger of you accidentally pushing an item off the rack, like what may happen with an open shelf.

6. Try This Hanging Basket Storage Idea6. If you counter felt overwhelmed get this hanging basket storage idea by

The mess around your bathroom sink can feel overwhelming at times. You just want an inexpensive no-fuss solution.
You can try this wire basket crate hack and finish it in a few minutes. Hang two of these crates on a wall near your sink with their tops facing you. The handle holes should be on the sides.
All you need are a pair of screws and washers for each basket and a power drill. If you’re going to install them on drywall, you’ll need to predrill holes and insert plastic anchors for the screws.
Insert the screw into a washer before you drive it into the wall to clamp the basket mesh.

5. Use a Magnetic Strip to Organize Small Accessories5. For small accessories consider to complete your counter with this magnetic strip by

This wall-mounted magnetic knife rack from FINTORF that you’ll find in any IKEA store can hold small metallic objects in place, not just knives.
So why not install one within arm’s reach from your bathroom sink?
It’s a simple and unassuming black strip that you can mount on the wall with double-sided tape or screws. The magnet is powerful enough to hold small tools and items like bobby pins, nail cutters, tweezers, scissors, etc.
You can even use it as a keyholder instead of hooks or pegs.

4. Hanging Baskets on Towel Rods4. or this towel rod hanging basket by

If you’re not a fan of mounting a cabinet above your toilet, you can try this basket container hack.
Buy two 2’ wide towel bars. It’s better to look for sturdy and attractive ones. Follow the instructions and mount them above your toilet with one at least 18” higher than the other.
You’ll need four rectangular baskets wide enough to fit two under each rod. Paint all of them black. When they’re fully dry, use two white or black ribbon strips to hang each basket by their rims.
These baskets will lean forward, but that’s okay. You’ll have unique and eye-catching containers to store your things, including rolled-up towels.

To get your towel bar, here I offer you some options by Amazons. You can click the image too
Towel bar by Amazon from

3. Build this DIY Drawer Divider3. Get this DIY drawer divider if necessary by

A drawer can hide clutter from your countertop, but that doesn’t mean you can drop everything in there randomly. If it’s full to the brim, it would be harder to pick the items you need.
You can build drawer organizers to make sense of that messy pile. But first, throw away anything that you don’t use anymore.
Design a layout inside a rectangular frame that would fit snuggly in the drawer bottom. Get enough 2”x1/2” slats and cut all the pieces you need based on your diagram. Assemble them using wood glue.

2. Awesome Things to Put on Your Bathroom Counters2. awesome things to put on your bathroom couters by

There are many containers and things that you can put on your bathroom counters to declutter it and make it look pretty.
Of course, you can’t put all of them at once, but you can pick a few from these examples that could work for you.
Use things like square tins, wooden cups, cool-looking jars, trays, and even pitchers with flowers in them. How about adding some plants in decorative pots. Or you can work around a theme and scatter related items.
The list goes on.

Lastly, Number 1. Follow This Flat Surface Rule to Conquer Your Bathroom Counter Clutter1. Follow this Flat Surface Rule to conquer your Bathroom Counter Clutter by

Lastly, I highly recommend following this rule of thumb for flat surfaces when trying to declutter your bathroom counter.
It’s not mandatory, but only a suggestion that would help guarantee success. The closer you follow this rule, the neater your bathroom counter will look.
As this rule goes, limit the decorative and functional items to two for a single vanity. For double vanities, limit the same things to four.
But how can you make that rule work? All the other ideas listed here are a good start. Applying one or more of them in your bathroom will help you comply with the Flat Surface Clutter Rule.


The limited counter space is often the root cause of bathroom clutter. It’s sometimes quite tricky to deal with, especially in small bathrooms.
But as you can see, you don’t have to fall hostage to the mess. And there are many ways you can turn your bathroom counter into a charming and orderly space that you look forward to using every day.
You can read detailed sources and discover more home-improvement ideas by following of reference section.



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