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10 Backyard Herb Garden Ideas

From saving money and getting some fresh herbs every day, those are some of the advantages of having an herb garden at your house – although it may be small as you have limited space.
Our next 10 backyard herb garden ideas would give you New clues on how to maximize your lack of space while harvesting fresh herb garden products that you want at the same time. Who on earth could resist some fresh herbs from your own garden?
Not only will you have some fun activity on weekends and other nutritious benefits, with right implementations these next ideas could potentially reduce your stress level too.
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10. Hanging Herb Garden

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This is such a lovely idea to have a small hanging garden in your house. You wouldn’t have guessed how simple it is.
First, prepare some tea or coffee cans and use a can opener to take out the bottom. Create holes at the center with a hammer and a nail. Insert the bottom inside the can. Next, tape or glue it while leaving about an inch from the edge of the can.
Create two holes for the handle on the edges of the bottom. Next, flip it over. Insert the plant. Use a coffee filter, and create a diamond at the center while leaving a slit expanding outside.
Fold it around the herb and tape it to the can. Create a hole around 1-2 inches in the middle of a plastic lid. Put the lid through the plant carefully, and tape it. Wrap the can with a fabric or paper and glue it.
Cut wire about 6 inches or so using pliers. Bend it and attach it to the can holes. Lastly, hang it somewhere inside your house that receives lots of sunlight.

9. Repurpose Pallet Wood

9.Repurpose Pallet Wood via
Pallet wood is a simple material with many different uses, one of which is for gardening purposes. It sure helps a lot for people who struggle with limited spaces.
First and foremost, get a pallet wood ready to use, and sand it. Create some mantles first, and then encircle them from the bottom. Next, give the potting soil and add the seeds you’ve prepared.
You can label each of those herbs on the boards to identify which is which. As this gardening is crafted on a pallet, you could move it periodically anywhere you want. Other benefit of course a refreshing smell from your tiny or portable garden every day.

8. Spiral Herb Garden Project Idea

8.Spiral Herb Garden via 2
If you feel like creating a garden with a distinctive shape, this spiral garden could be what you’re looking for.
A spiral garden like this definitely has a beautiful visual and you have extra advantage of planting a variety of herbs that require different conditions in one place by following this trick.
8.Spiral Herb Garden via 1
Woods or stones are other alternative materials you can use to tweak or personalize this idea. Or, by any chance, if you have another genuine idea to create the same structure using different materials? That would be excellent!

7. Hanging Herb Basket Project idea

7.Hanging Herb Basket via 1

A hanging planter basic material can be anything. It can be a basket or a pot. As long as you understand that herbs are in need of good drainage to support their growth, you are good to go.
7.Hanging Herb Basket via 2
In case you’re wondering what herbs grow best in a basket, here are some of them to consider such as dill, parsley, thyme, sage, lavender, mint, rosemary, oregano, basil, chives, marjoram.

6. Chic Herb Garden Project Idea

6.Chic Herb Garden idea via 3
Paint cans can be quite a nuisance if you don’t know how to make use of them as they keep stacking in the garage.
Well, How about a hanging garden idea? Have you tried this idea before?
6.Chic Herb Garden idea via 2
It’s pretty straightforward,
First, Give two holes for each can on the sides. Those are for the ropes you use as the handles. While for drainage, you can create a tiny hole at the bottom.
6.Chic Herb Garden idea via 1
Next, Get two boards, and fix cleats to each board with screws. They are where you will hang the cans on. Arrange the space you want for them evenly.
Mount the boards to the wall with screws. Make sure you give appropriate space so those planters don’t overlap with the others below.

5. Hanging Gutter Herb Garden Project Idea

5.Hanging Gutter Herb Garden via
Another solution for a cramped garden space is this hanging gutter garden. It’s very straightforward as it doesn’t require days to make it. In fact, you could make one in probably one hour.
In short,
Attach the legs to the rigid connectors to the center and screw. After that, attach the top part to the legs and screw. Fix S hooks on which you hang the gutters, as seen in the picture.
On each end of the gutters, drill holes for the ropes, adjust the ropes so that the gutters hang evenly and your job is complete.

4. Herb Garden in Cups Project Idea

4.Herb Garden in Cups via
When you want a small garden indoor, a garden in coffee mugs can be the answer you need to pay attention to. This tiny garden project idea for instance is small enough to be put in a bowl inside a wicker bowl. To mark plants involved in the project, A spoon marker is added for each cup to easily identify them.
This idea gives you the feel of having a garden without worrying about your house getting messy.
You would need coffee mugs, spoon makers, a bowl and a wicker bowl. If you don’t have any unused mugs, you can find them at a thrift shop or once again using your messy coffee cans or Nutella.

3. Mobile Herb Garden Project Idea

3.Mobile Herb Garden via
A portable herb garden is meant to ease your work. You can move it to a new place for a while when you need to clean the area or when you want the plants to get some more light that’s necessary for their growth.
The planter idea is also accommodating enough for different variety of plants or herbs even flowers. In addition, the design is appealing and you can advantage it to upgrade your home curb appeal as well.

2. Hydroponics Herb Garden Project Idea

2.Hydroponics Herb Garden via
Hydroponic is an interesting concept of growing plants without taking any soil. Additionally, according to some, with a right application, Hydroponic herb gardens choice allow you to harvest herbs in a large number of quantities in such a short time.
Not include water and other plant nutrients. Substitute material used to replace soil are gravels, coconut fiber, or sand. There are lots of techniques or important information related to this idea and if you’re clueless about it you can follow link inside description first.

Lastly number 1. Polytunnel

1.Polytunnel idea via
When you want to grow plants outside without worrying about pests, animals, or even disadvantageous weather or condition, you should consider having or experiment a polytunnel garden idea.
It’s a unique gardening trick you can apply to protect your herbs from all those threats mentioned previously. A polytunnel works like a greenhouse. It allows you to control or maintaining the environmental temperature of your limited garden include their heat. It’s also affordable, and you can reuse it for another project once it’s done.
Once again, follow link inside description to explore more detail.
From these 10 backyard herb garden ideas I believe, you have learned that space isn’t a big drawback for gardening, and it shouldn’t stop you from having one.
Good luck with your next new project and see you again next time with 10 Japanese Garden Ideas for Backyard.


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