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10 Backyard Fencing Ideas for Your Dogs or Pugs

Keeping pets is a blissful of joy. Dogs are just one of the many popular pet choices. The owner would just give anything for them, including providing food, cuddling, and building a safe haven.
Building a fence is also what a dog owner should do. It protects them from wandering off, predators’ threat, and, of course, gives you a peaceful mind as you mightn’t have time to keep an eye on them 24/7.
Next, here are 10 backyard fencing ideas for your dogs that will keep them stay safe in the yard while waiting for you to come home.

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10. Coyote Roller for the Top of a Fence | Norwalkfence | Coyoteroller

10. Coyote Roller for the Top of a FenceCoyotes are quite smart predators when it comes to looking for prey. In fact, they can jump a high fence in a matter of seconds. As a pet owner, you won’t let anything bad happen to your best four-legged friends while you’re away, will you?
Building a coyote roller fence can be a smart solution for that. Coyotes would try to invade in your yard by leaping the fence. As they jump and touch the top of the fence, the roller will spin and throw them back to the ground.
It will give them a hard time to get in no matter how hard they try. It’s also a harmless way to deter them. One thing, make sure there are no three limbs or thick brush around the fence that they can use to jump over the fence.

Even if there is no coyote around, you can still use coyote roller to prevent your dogs from climbing the fence and getting out of your yard which can be dangerous for them.

9. No-Dig Fence project idea | DIYdanielle No Dig FenceDogs love to run, jump, and dig the yard. They can cause quite a mess in the yard when trying to get out by digging under the fence. This no-dig fence idea will sort the problem out for you.
Firstly, mark a line where you want to install the fence with a tiller. Secondly, arrange the fences and posts. Then, take the post off and mallet the stake into the ground. Next, ut the post through the circles of the fence. Lastly, shove the posts into the stake circle and connect the gate. You can also add a Mega Cuff to the fence to make sure he won’t escape.

8. A Horizontal Backyard Fence project idea | Perimtec | AKC Horizontal Backyard FenceA horizontal fence idea offers a perfect protection for your dogs. It can be built as tall as you want to cover the backyard. With such a secure way of construction, there are no gaps found in the fence that would allow the dogs to use them to climb or jump.

7. A Solid Panel Fence project idea | Blog Fenceauthority Solid Panel FenceWhen deciding to build a fence for dogs, you should acknowledge the skill and ability of your dogs. Big dogs can easily jump over a four-foot fence. It means you should build a higher fence.
This solid fence idea is fairly high enough and has no footholds to keep your best friends inside the yard. Besides keeping your dogs in the yard, this fence will also boost the curb appeal due to its stylish look.

6. Add Height to Your Existing Fence | Add Height to Your Existing Fence

When you think your fence is high already, yet can’t hold your pets inside, all you have to do is to give an additional fence on top of it. Topping the existing fence with another fence will help you have a nest egg as rebuilding a new one from scratch will cost you quite a fortune.
Therefore, installing wire mesh to add height to your existing fence is a smart move. This notion wouldn’t be expensive. It won’t also consume your time as it’s quite easy to do. One thing, just make sure you tilt the top inward so that your dogs won’t be able to escape.

5. Incorporate Concrete as the Base of your fence | Nextluxury Incorporate Concrete as the BaseHaving a concrete base for a fence can give you some benefits. It provides a strong and sturdy foundation for building a fence on it.
It will also prevent your naughty furry dogs to dig it. With such a solid base, you can put or install large or huge fence to adorn the backyard.

4. A Welded Wire Mesh project idea | Meshwirefencing Welded Wire MeshAnother worth-trying fencing idea for dogs is wire mesh. This welded mesh can be shaped with many forms to make it look nice. It can be an alternative fence than a wooden fence.
It would also deter your dogs from trying to hurdle the fence when they spot squirrels or some other creatures outside the fence that can trigger their curiosity to catch them.

3. Brick Fences your backyard or front yard | K9ofmine Brick FencesDogs love to play with their humans and be free. That will make them feel happy as they’re in need of attention. As you’re not always beside them, letting them play by themselves in a fenced yard will keep them from behaving badly around the house.
Brick fences are an old-fashioned way for keeping your dogs to stay safe. Although they might be a dime a dozen, they still work like a charm as they are pretty stutdy.

2. A Wrought-Iron Fence project idea | K9ofmine Wrought Iron FenceAs the surge feeling of being free rises, dogs will do whatever they can to escape. It’s only natural to go free and roam outside the fence for them. They would jump, dig, chew, or even lift the gate latch with their noses.
Wrought iron fences are fairly pricey if compared with aluminium. They will rust through time yet they’re pretty durable. If you’re looking for a cheaper material, easier to install, aluminium will be your best choice. One thing you have to keep in your mind, It isn’t as strong as wrought iron though.

Lastly number 1. Install L-Footer Install L Footer
When dealing with a digger dog, you need to find an alternative way for that. This L-Footer is another good idea to drive a master digger other than a concrete fence base. The good thing about L-Footer is that you don’t have to burry it to make it work.
Chicken wires or hardware cloth can be used to build an L-Footer. You can also put it on top of the grass while holding it down by adding some gravels, rocks or mulch.
You can install an L-Footer with the length of 2-3 feet under the fence, facing in. Then, you can bury it or just cover it with rocks. With this idea, You can make a three-sided pieces from a leftover cattle and cut it with a bolt cutter.
Last, Push it down to the grown as a fence staple. Use alternating uncut wires to join the skirt to the fence and lay the cattle panel and attach it to the fence using hog rings.
Credit: Notesfromadogwalker | Humanesociety | AKC | Wolfdogproject | iNetDesign Archive

So, Although it doesn’t guarantee you 100% work as dogs are an escape artist, these 10 backyard fencing ideas for dogs are worth considering. Back to you, Which of these fene ideas would you like to give a try?

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