21 simphome affordable bathroom update

Help your guests to find their way to the toilet by using this creative idea. You will need LED lights powered by battery and mason jar. More on that later.

1. Bathroom Palette

Build a cute rack from pallet wood! You will need the wood, nails, and saw. First thing to do is cutting the board to five pieces board. Nail three pieces board on top of it, along with the two pieces as the shelves. Make at least two shelves. Next step is painting: apply your own technique and choose your favorite color. Now find the tiny things you always need in a bathroom: cotton bud and toilet roll, probably? Arrange them on the shelves. (via u-createcrafts)

21 bathroom pallet shelf

2. Rustic Window Cabinet

Do not throw away your old window just yet. You could make it as extra storage above the toilet. You just need board, wood glue, and paint. After measuring the window, make the frame for the sides and back of the window. Assemble them by using wood glue and paint the finished cabinet thoroughly. Allow the glue to dry before hanging the cabinet on the wall. Fill it with roll tissue, extra shampoo, towel, etc. (via lizmarieblog)

21 window cabinet

3. See-through Make Up Organizer

Your sink will be full of makeup item, and your organizer is not practical enough for urgent case. This is why you need this see through organizer. Grab the plywood and measure it to your dresser or sink. It looks like a block with one side opened. Then nail three divider inside the board before installing the plexiglass on top. Allow the organizer to dry completely. Slip in some small containers filled with your make up necessities. (via lizmarieblog)

21 glass top make up vanity

4. Faux Pot

For you who loves the idea of plant in the pot, you may consider to try this simple project with milk glass. It makes things look prettier and fancier. Visit a thrift shop and find some old milk glass with cheap price. Wash them thoroughly and wipe the surface to eliminate the sticky residue. Shake your spray paint and start coloring the glass. Wait for several minutes before going for the second coating. After dried completely, put a pretty vibrant colored flowers inside. (via oheverythinghandmade)

21 milk glass diy

5. Chic Lighting

Help your guests to find their way to the toilet by using this creative idea. You will need LED lights powered by battery and mason jar. The length of lights you should buy depends on how packed the light is. For colors, it is totally up to you. Stick the battery on the inner part of the jar lid. Make sure it won’t fall when you turn it upside down. Place the light strain to the jar, and close it. Turn it on at night. (via madincrafts)

21 chic lighting

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