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A Roof Repair ASAP Is Needed If You See These Warning Signs

There are many things that can go wrong in your household, some of them are more or less benign, but when it comes to your roof, you must be extra careful because some of the issues can lead to serious damage.

Namely, a damaged roof can lead to mold which can cause significant interior damage to your house. That’s precisely one of the reasons why you should always make sure that everything is fine with it.

Of course, there are some minor problems that you can fix on your own. Now, if you want to know what issues are the most urgent ones, then take a look at the signs that just might show that it’s time to do something about your roof.


Major Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Roof

Sagging Roof

There are numerous reasons that may cause this problem. Seasoned roofing contractors at suggest that if the roof is sagging, then it means that it’s most likely time to replace it. This refers to the older models.

On the other hand, if you’re having this issue with a brand-new one, it’s highly likely that it wasn’t properly installed. Additionally, a sagging roof could also be the indication that the rafters are damp, which means that the wood has weakened. If that’s the case, then you must contact roofing contractors to either repair or replace the roof.

Wind Tears Off The Shingles

When it’s too windy outside, it usually isn’t a reason for some serious concern, especially if you’re inside, warm and dry. On the other hand, if you have an older roof, a huge gust of wind in a certain direction can potentially cause a lot of problems.

And normally, these issues lead to roof repair. Once the underside of the shingles is being exposed, bear in mind, that at some point you’ll be dealing with a leak. If you have an aging roof, then it would be recommendable to pay attention to the shingles, especially after serious windstorms.

Furthermore, if a couple of shingles are missing, you may be able to replace a tiny part of damaged shingles. That’s not the case with larger sections. Namely, they may require a larger roof replacement.

Moreover, if you’re dealing with the damage that’s only on one side of your roof, you just might be able to perform a partial replacement.

What Are Other Signs That We Didn’t Mention?


Many homeowners have a tendency to underestimate the impact gutters can have on their homes. Now, if you notice something that resembles mineral deposits or black sand in the gutters, then it’s highly likely that you are having problems with the shingles.

This is one of the most common signs that showcase that the shingles are wearing and tearing. Furthermore, do not forget to check out if there are any bigger trees around your home. In most cases, tree branches will try to reach out close to the gutter area of your property and they can potentially scratch and ruin the roof as well.

If something like this ever occurs, then it means that it’s time to invest some money in roof repair.

Holes & Cracks

This is another very serious problem that requires urgent care. Namely, roof fixtures and pulled-out nails coming loose from their mountings can develop some major cracks in the roof. And holes that are unpatched can cause leaks, which can seriously damage the roof and cause these previously mentioned problems.

Furthermore, leaks are not the only issue here. Namely, mold and mildew cracks are an ideal residing place. There’s no direct sunlight, moisture starts piling up, and they have lots of debris and leaves to feed on.

So what can you do to avoid this? The only thing that can be done is to plug up any holes and cracks as soon as you can.

Slow Rise Of Energy Bills

If you notice a steady rise in energy bills (over the past few months), it means that your roof needs a repair. Of course, this completely makes sense when it’s too hot, or too cold outside, however, if you’ve checked out your HVAC system and concluded that it works normally, then it means that something is wrong with your roof.

What can be the cause of the rise of energy bills? The most common one is related to damaged insulation, for instance, when you do not detect that the roof is leaking.

Just like any other appliance, or area of your house, the roof requires the same amount of dedication, if not even more since it’s a crucial part of every household. Therefore, make sure to check out all these signs that were mentioned here and do something as soon as you notice them.

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