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10+ Ways How to Makeover A Room’s Furniture


In this post you are going to learn some of the cleverest furniture makeover ideas you can use for your own benefit. This post is constantly updated for at least a month since this post publish. Bookmark this post if you want to catch new update I planned and thanks for reading this post.
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8. 3 Creative Bed Designs for Small Bedroom and 3 DIY Creative Shelving ideas

1. Ceiling Storage For Bed
BedUp Vision via SimphomeMost are familiar with the Murphy bed, which allows users to fold it against the wall when it is not in use. While this most definitely saves space, having your bed on the ceiling will give you the maximum amount of square footage of your room.

Though its origins are from a French manufacturer, the idea in place is essentially a pulley system for the mattress and frame. Do not be intimidated by the notion, as installation isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds, with Ikea now dipping its toes into this forum.
BedUp Cocoon via Simphome
Tip: If you decide this route is for you, use a preexisting frame by BedUp (or a similar competitor) that raises and lowers the mattress but still gives you the freedom to determine sleeping height.

2. Compact Living Style Storage Bed by Yesul Jang
Compact Living Style Storage Bed by Yesul Jang via simphomeGraduate Yesul Jang was the original mind behind the millennial bed that is raised to waist level so items like dorm room accessories can all fit underneath, as sort of a makeshift bunk bed of practicality.

Additionally, a fabric curtain can cover your belongings so that they are not in view at all times. In using such a curtain, they are cheap and quick to replace if they incur damage. Because statistically sleeping space and storage take up the most real estate in a dwelling, it is a natural blend to pair them in the same square footage.

3. A DIY Hidden Roll Out Bed

Rearranging furniture is enough to give anyone a headache, and never is this more true than shifting beds. Their cumbersome size and stature will make you tear your hair out, but fresh ideas have come to fruition on how to make hiding them more practical.

One such solution is an accordion style panel of wooden strips that are each connected by hinges on both ends. In essence, the platform folds into a drawer, with one piece of wood folding on top of another as if you are stacking them. When the drawer is pulled out, the wooden frame of the bed pulls flat, with the hinges flush making a level surface for the mattress. That’s it. | Source 1, 2.

Next, you’re going to learn the 3 Creative Shelving Videos, but before that, I am giving you a video gallery related to our topic. This is 100+ ideas how to convert your limited bedroom to a calming sanctuary

1. A DIY Scandinavian Style Nightstand

If your goal is to bring more neutral colors into the flow of your room, you may want to try a Scandinavian style nightstand. Using 10 pieces of unfinished, non-stained wood, a beautiful and simple creation can be brought to life. The wood components include a top sized appropriately at 14″ by 18,” along with a bottom 13.25″ by 18.”

Video related to this entry

With a front and back measuring 6.75″ X 16.5″ the dimensions will create a desk looking nightstand that has the ideal width for one drawer. The length houses a lamp and clock without looking cluttered or distracting.

2. Moebe Large Shelving System
If you do not have the skills and patience with a set of tools, and would prefer to keep your large living areas organized, the Moebe large shelving format is prudent. Capable of taking up an entire wall, the system utilizes wooden wedges to keep shelves from moving. Rounded steel uprights connect to the shelves in seconds by being placed through the pre-drilled holes.
moebe shelving system design dezeen simphome

Black stained ash wood and oiled oak offer two diverse palettes to blend in to any setting. The Moebe approach is the most painless experience possible start to finish to consolidate messy rooms fluidly without brackets, glues and other frustrating elements that slow you down.

3. Flexible Shelving System from Benjamin Hubert

Differing from the Moebe shelving system is the Benjamin Hubert inspired flexible alternative known as ‘Shift.’ The idea behind its foundation is derived from retail outlets, who are in frequent need of swapping out their displays. The genius of the setup is that magnetic panels are mounted to the wall, with shelves having the capability to be moved at the drop of a hat.

Benjamin Hubert designs flexible shelving design week dezeen simphome

This process can be done at home, by lining each shelf with a magnet on the bracket that will hold it in place on the panels. With both the base and shelf boards connecting by these magnets, changing the style and appearance of the furniture can be accomplished in seconds.

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10 Tricks How to Get Organized Garage you Desire


Most of the time, organizing a garage is an arduous activity. A garage organization puts on some unique challenges like: how to pull together cars with toys, tools, sporting equipment, beach chairs and cleaning supplies? To make it worse, you need to store them in one space.
Indubitably, it is not a one-size-fits-all mission. Hence, we’ve piled up some ideas to get rid of all clutter.
Check out these 10 tricks to get organized garage you desire to find ways to have a well thought-out and better to use garage.

Let’s take a peek! As always this list is compiled for you by Simphome.com.

10. Get Your Garage Empty.
10. Get Your Garage Empty via Simphome
Whether you enjoy it or not, it’s the most significant thing to do. Yes, we know, it demands lots of work, but the results are peerless.
First, it’s always easy to start from fresh, because you can see it for what it is. Next, you will be more motivated than ever to make it into something great. Third, you will be safe from small items on the floor like nails, oil, chemical stains, cobwebs and other hazardous items.
After you clear out your garage from any materials and put them in one vast blanket, you’re ready to start.

9. Sort Everything out.
9. Sort Everything via Simphome
Have you done emptying your room? Next, sort them out. It sounds futile, but it benefits you in the long run. Let us tell you a little bit. It helps you to know exactly what you have got. Next, it also assists your organizing process. You know, you need to put them back, right? Now, pile all of your similar items up in specific areas – for examples: sporting goods, tools, gardening equipment, etc.

8. Throw the Junk Away.
8. Throw the Junk Away via Simphome
CAUTION: You must be ruthless and stick to one rule: get shot of the junk! Possibly, it is the hardest part; throwing items away is easier said than done. Forget your childhood stuff; ignore your lovely youthful socks, snub your deep-rooted basketball gloves.

Just keep in mind, the more you purge now, the tidier garage you get. Thus, it will be easier for you to maintain. In the end, you can keep your garage clean and clutter-free for longer time .

7. Try Open Shelving idea.
7. Try Open Shelves via Simphome
Anything stored in an open place will be noticeable. You can put in this exposed shelves idea to abridge your search. You may think it is not as pretty as cabinets, but it is very handy to use nonetheles. Gone the days where you need to dig in a rabbit hole just to find some screws.
When you need cleaning up, reorganizing or you want to move in; it brushes off your worries about losing small things. Then, your packing and unpacking activities will be trouble- free and need seconds to come to an end.
TIP: Using transparent containers is advantageous too.

6. A Shovel Rack for an Avid Gardener idea.
6. Shovel Rack for an Avid Gardener via Simphome
it’s as simple as it seems and it keeps yard tools up and off the floor. It’s constructed from plywood and supports and lag-screws. Let’s have some works:
Prepare a circular saw, a drill/driver – cordless and a jigsaw. Measure your needs accurately and lay the material. Based on the result, use a circular saw for straight cuts and a jigsaw to finish out the inside curve. Don’t forget to cut the slots for the handles.
Put the rack about 6 ft. off the floor and attach it to the wall studs with lag screws. If you have children, attach an eye screw and hook to secure them.
TIP: Make your slot wide enough and the handle is usually narrower than the flare.

5. Harness the Versatility of a Pegboard.
5. Harness the Versatility of a Pegboard via Simphome
In case you didn’t know, pegboards have been around since the 1800’s. For the most part, because of their flexibility, they have starred in any reorganization ideas.
Buy some pegboards and wire pegs at your local home depot. To make things easier, use specific zones, like tools, small items, etc. It’s a brilliant way to store undersized stuff. It improve your safety because you don’t have to dig in a plastic bin and risk your hands.

4. Get Organized with Plastic Containers.
4. Get Organized with Plastic Containers via Simphome
Look at them! They are both pleasing and effective. It’s an artless and going for a song way to organize your mess. All you need to do is hopping to a nearby home improvement store, then you’ll have lavish alternatives.
They will do good for you as your things are safe from mice and rats. Is your garage humid? Take a rubber sealed bin.
A transparent bin will be a groovy choice; you save a lot of time and stress in finding your pearl.

3. Store Them Close to the Ceiling.
3. Store Them Close to the Ceiling via Simphome
Wait a minute, what if my garage has diminutive size? Here’s your answer: make the most of your ceiling! There are two possibilities. If it has exposed rafters, turn it into a useful storage by setting a few sheets of plywood across the rafters to create a room for your items. But, if it is a finished drywall, there are many options without bringing the finish down. You may install a pulley system that grants you an access in raising and lowering selected items just by pressing a button. It sounds good, doesn’t it?

2. A Bump-Out Addition for More Storage Space.
2. A Bump Out Addition for More Storage Space via Simphome
Do you deem that your garage is too small? On the other hand, you need a little more space for lawn equipment, ATVs, riding mowers or bikes. At this point, a bump-out addition may be the smart elucidation to your clogged garage. You don’t need to pour concrete, just build it like a deck platform. With this simple treated-wood foundation, you create an additional room in your garage.

Lastly number 1. Decide the Zone.
1. Decide the Zone via Simphome
Go to any mall or department stores and you will find particular zones. It simplifies customers to get items they need. It is exactly what we’re going to do. Countless items in your garage may scatter your brain. Therefore, organize it into several zones. For a greenhorn, you may consider these:

• Gardening Zone
• Kids’ Zone
• Workshop Zone
• Tools
• Automotive
• Paint/Home Projects, etc.
You can think as small or as big as you want to. Once you have everything sorted, you need to assess on how much space each zone is going to take up and then plan fittingly.
One last tip: we recommend re-organizing your garage twice a year, in October/September and June.

So, That’s all we have in our tank. It’s time to part way with your clumsy garage and make your cherished car proud to “live” there. Au revoir!

10. Get Your Garage Empty. |Maid Sailors |Centsable Momma
9. Sort Everything. | DIY N Crafts |Maid Sailors
8. Throw the Junk Away. |DIY N Crafts |Maid Sailors
7. Try Open Shelves. |Creating Marys Home
6. Shovel Rack for an Avid Gardener. |Family Handyman
5. Harness the Versatility of a Pegboard. |Livible
4. Get Organized with Plastic Containers. | Livible
3. Store Them Close to the Ceiling. |Livible
2. A Bump-Out Addition for More Storage Space. | Family Handyman
1. Decide the Zone. |BHG

10 Small Dining Table Ideas and DIY

10 Small Dining Table by SIMPHOME.COM Ideas and DIY Featured image

Many stories begin from a dining table – from sad stories to happy-ending ones. Therefore, it is important to sit and enjoy your meal together with your beloved family while catching up with them.
To make it tangible, all you need to do is making a dining table. It doesn’t have to be a fancy and oversized though.
A small dining table can provide coziness during the meal time.
If you are in the quest for finding the best dining table without making you broke, check out these 10 small dining table ideas that you can DIY at home.

As ussual, this idea is brought to you by Simphome.com.

10. Small Farmhouse Dining Table.
10. Small Farmhouse Dining Table via Simphome
If your kitchen is awkwardly shaped, this small dining table can be your safe bet. The size is just perfect for a small family, not to mention the farmhouse style that will make your kitchen look chic.
Making this table is just a piece of cake. You just need some boards, dowels, paint, and stain. You’re gonna have to drill two holes on each leg and two holes on each of the apron pieces for the dowels. Then, put glue in the holes before nailing the dowels down. Assemble the legs and the apron pieces.
After painting the table frame, now it’s time for you to make the top by gluing down some boards, clamp them together, and cut them if necessary. Sand the table top down, clean up the residue, apply some coats of stain, and – finally – apply water-based polyurethane to create a glossy finish. The last, assemble the top to the table frame.

9. A Wood Pallet Table with Hairpin Leg idea.
9. Wood Pallet Table with Hairpin Legs via Simphome
This small dining table will definitely upgrade your dining room with a little bit of rustic and modern touch. More importantly, it is easy to make.
To make this awesome table, you will need to remove the wood slats of an old pallet. Then, arrange and attach the wood slats as you desire on the table top. Flip the table top over and install the legs.
Actually, you can use any kinds of legs. But if you want to make your dining table look like the one you usually find in a Mid-century modern home, hairpin legs would be the top-notch choice.

8. A Beautiful Breakfast Nook idea.
8. A Beautiful Breakfast Nook via Simphome
If you are an apartment dweller that happens to live in a small apartment, you know how it feels to find the best furniture that fit in with the available space. It’s no picnic, is it? therefore, the best way to deal with this problem is by making it yourself.
This small dining table is a perfect breakfast nook for your small apartment. It is made of Baltic birch plywood board whose size is 24×30 inches with ¾ inch thickness. The edges of the board have been rounded and the top has been sanded with an orbital sander. Then, a couple coats of polyurethane are applied to protect it from the future spills.

Finally, install the wooden legs that have been painted black and gold.

7. Outdoor Dining Table idea.
7. Outdoor Dining Table via Simphome
Are you fond of enjoying your meal outdoor? This outdoor dining table is for you. it is not big enough, and it’s not small either. It can accommodate up to 4 people, so you can enjoy your meal while bantering with family or friends.
Actually, the steps of making this dining table is just the same as many other tables that have been mentioned previously.

You’re gonna need to make the table frame first before topping it with some boards.
What makes it different is the decorative table feet. To make the decorative feet, you need to attach a 5 1/2″ x 3/4″ x 5 1/2″ board to the bottom of the table leg with wood glue and 1 ¼” construction screws.

6. A Round Mid-Century Modern Table idea.
6. Round Mid Century Modern Table via Simphome
This dining table is simple and stylish with its round shape, which makes it a perfect adornment for your mid-century modern home.
This round dining table is actually a round stone table top which is supported with four gold hairpin legs. However, another thing comes between the legs and the stone table top. A round plywood that has been cut to the size of the table top is added to make the table become sturdier.

5. A Round Pedestal Table idea.
5. Round Pedestal Table via Simphome
This round table will round out your French country home immensely. You might find it a little bit tricky when it comes to making the base because you need cut some of the boards on 30 degree on the ends to accentuate the details.
You may need a round-over router bit. But if you don’t have it, you can use belt sender to round over the corner. It will do in a pinch.
To get perfect details, you will also need to print the bracket template that you can get on Google. Cut the template out and trace it onto the boards that are gonna be used as the base.

4. A White Table with Copper Legs idea.
4. White Table with Copper Legs via Simphome
The sleek finish of this table with the glossy table top and the slim copper legs will level up your modern dining room. surprisingly, you can make this table yourself.
For the table top, you’re gonna need 4 1” x 11” x 8’ boards. You will also need some other boards to make the frame. Then, as always, you need to cut the boards into some pieces before assembling them to make the frame. Once the frame is ready, assemble it with the table top. Set aside.
Now, it’s time to make the legs. You’re gonna need to make a hole on each end of the wood support.

Make sure that the hole has the same width as the copper pipe. Measure up 5” from the edge of the copper pipe, and drill through, so you can install a piece of 5” wooden dowel that have been cut. After that, install the legs and cross pieces. Finally, assemble the legs with the table top and frame.

3. An IKEA Dining Table Hack idea.
3. IKEA Table Hack via Simphome
Doing an IKEA-hack project has always been a fun thing to do. And this oval dining table is your next project. Since this dining table is oval, it can accommodate more people, which allows you to invite your friends to come over for dinner.
All you need to do is getting your existing table top, which is rectangular. Cut it into an oval table top, and assemble it with the base of IKEA Docksta table.
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2. A Reclaimed Wood Dining Table idea.
2. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table via Simphome
Are you a big fan of rustic look? Try to make this table out of reclaimed woods. You will need 5 2 by 2 at 8’ long, 24’ of 1 by 3 boards, 10’ of 1 by 2 boards to make the legs and aprons, and – the most important material – scrap wood to make a rustic table top.

Lastly number 1. A Drop Leaf Dining Table makeover idea.
1. Drop Leaf Dining Table via Simphome
Are you not sure whether you have to make a small dining table or a bigger one that can accommodate more people? Why don’t you make both of them? If the limited space is a big issue here, try making a 2-in-1 dining table just like this drop-leaf dining table.
Actually, it’s like the common tables with pipe legs. However, you will need to install the drop leaf supports and hinges, which is a bit challenging.

Just stick to the instructions that come with the drop-leaf hardware properly, and you’ll be okay eventually.
So, Those are 10 small dining table ideas that you can DIY. They are beautiful and – more importantly – easy to make.

10 Small Dining Table Ideas BY SIMPHOME.COM and DIY Pinterest Featured Image
10. Small Farmhouse Dining Table. |YouTube
9. Wood Pallet Table with Hairpin Legs. |A Beautiful Mess
8. A Beautiful Breakfast Nook. |Curbly
7. Outdoor Dining Table. |House Fulof Handmade 1 and2
6. Round Mid-Century Modern Table. |Lovely Indeed
5. Round Pedestal Table. |Her Tool Belt
4. White Table with Copper Legs. | A Beautiful Mess
3. IKEA Table Hack. |A Beautiful Mess
2. Reclaimed Wood Dining Table. |Ana-White
1. Drop Leaf Dining Table. |Small Space Designer

10 DIY Shutter Projects That Will Level Up Your Storage Solutions Game

10 DIY Shutter Projects That Will Level Up Your Storage Solutions Game by Simphome.com Featured image

Clutter is one of the perpetual plights that you might have to deal with without respite. You have tried to declutter everything. But you always come across your treasures and decide to keep them eventually.
If that’s the case, you need more storage solutions. You don’t have to break your piggy bank to get new storage though, as you can incorporate additional storage solutions by upcycling old shutters.
Next, Check out these 10 DIY shutter projects that will level up your storage solutions game by Simphome.com.

Most of them are DIY friendly and let’s start our countdown.

10. A Unique Bookshelf makeover idea.
10. Unique Bookshelf via SimphomeIs your bookshelf already full with books and knicks-knacks, but you still need another one to display your family treasure? Don’t worry! You can make one with ease.
To make this unique bookshelf, you’re gonna need two old shutters – but it would be better if you have some extras, round concrete form tube, paint, and boards.
It is super easy! You only need to paint the old shutters that you’ve got from your storage room or a flea market the color of your choice. Then, paint the concrete form tubes after cutting them into 4.
Then, begin to assemble the shutters and concrete form using screws. Top the bookshelf with a board. And, it’s done!
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25 Creative Bookshelves Ideas.

9. A Multipurpose Organizer storage solution idea.
9. Multipurpose Organizer via SimphomeThis is another brilliant idea to repurpose your old shutter that you’ve replaced. Don’t throw it to the trash can because you can turn it into a multipurpose organizer. You can put it in your kitchen to host some kitchen utensils, in your garage to hold wrench and stuff, or in your garden to keep your gardening tools tidy. For the instruction!
First, you need to sand the shutter down before applying stain or paint. After that, get any bins or galvanized buckets for a more rustic look. Pre-drill holes where you want the bins or buckets will be hung. Then, attach the bins or buckets with screws and washers to the shutter.
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9 DIY Organization Tips You Need to Know.

8. A Paper Storage from old shutter idea.
8. Paper Storage via SimphomeIf you are a paper crafter, you’re gonna love this idea. Now, you can organize your papers tidily and beautifully with an old wood shutter. It is a big solution for those with limited budget.
All you need to do is just getting an old wood shutter. Remember! It has to be made of wood. if you don’t have any, you may be able to make a run to a home-improvement store and get a brand-new window shutter. Unfortunately, it won’t work well for this project because many new window shutters are made of plastic, and they are flimsy, too. Furthermore, they can be a little bit pricey.
A wooden shutter, on the other hand, is sturdier and can fit this project perfectly. You can get it from a flea market or reuse center.

Once you’ve got your shutter, fix anything you need. Then, prepare a fabric. You’re gonna use it to make some pockets which will hold your papers in place. The fabric will be attached to every slat of the shutter using staples, so your papers will stay in place. Pretty easy, right?

7. A shabby Sunglasses Holder idea.
7. Sunglasses Holder via Simphome.com decor ideasSunglasses are dispensable. But if you wear them, you’ll level up your look immensely. No wonder many people are eager to have many sunglasses in their closet. Unfortunately, these stylish things can add clutter to your closet if you don’t organize them well.
Try this sunglasses rack. This rack is made of an old shutter, so it won’t cost you a fortune. All you have to do is just getting an old shutter, fix it if necessary, hang it on the wall or inside your closet, then slide in the sunglasses to the slat. And that’s it!
To make the rack look more stylish, you can stain or paint it. Always remember to sand it down first before applying any finish.

6. Keep Your Magazine Tidy with your unused window shutter .
6. Keep Your Magazine Tidy via SimphomeHow do you store your newspapers and magazines? Do you stack them up and stash them under your coffee table? Let’s try a new way of organizing your newspapers and magazines.
Again, you’re gonna repurpose a window shutter. So, make sure you have one. After getting the shutter, remove every other slat to make some space for the magazines or newspapers that you’re gonna hang. Sand the shutter down and apply any color that you like. You can also apply stencils to jazz it up.
Finally, hang the shutter on the wall and slide in the magazines and newspapers.

5. A CD Holder makeover idea.
5. CD Holder via SimphomeEverybody loves listening to music. Who doesn’t? If you are keen on listening to music and have lots of old CDs that have made so much mess in your living room or bedroom, try to use an old shutter to overcome this problem.
This is actually an easy project. You just need to repaint or stain the shutter to meet your style. After that, simply hang the shutter on the wall and slide in the CDs. The wall will keep the CDs in place. Just make sure the shutter attaches to the wall perfectly.

4. A Fruit Basket makeover idea.
4. Fruit Basket via SimphomeSome people prefer to display some fruits and veggies on the countertop, so they can grab them in a jiffy. Besides, the vivid colors of the fruits can perk the kitchen up. However, storing them on the countertop can overtake the surface space.
To handle this situation, Try this fruit basket rack to overcome your problem. You only need to get an old shutter, sand, and paint it if necessary. Then, hang two or three wire baskets with S hooks on the shutter.

3. A Washi Tape Storage makeover idea from a window shutter.
3. Washi Tape Storage via SimphomeIt is essential for a crafter to get everything organized. And this washi tape storage will help you make it tangible.
All you have to do is just get an old shutter and paint it thoroughly. Make some hooks out of paper clips, or you can invest in some S hooks.

Hang the tape on each hook. By doing this project, you will not only get your tapes organized but also make them become more accessible.

2. A Kitchen Utensil Rack makeover idea.
2. Kitchen Utensil Rack via SimphomeThis shutter will help you reach the kitchen utensil that you usually use on a regular basis in no time while making your kitchen look chic. You only need to harness your creativity and play with some colors to make your old shutter look terrific. Then, add some hooks and wire baskets to host your kitchen utensils and some fruits. You can also screw the top of the shutter to the wall for the peace of mind.
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Lastly number 1. Jewelry Holder makeover idea.
1. Jewelry Holder via SimphomeStoring your accessories in the drawer is not always a good idea because you don’t get rid of the clutter completely. You just hide it away and wait for it to get worse.
Don’t make your drawer become a safe haven for the clutter. Try to store your accessories on a rack made of an underused shutter.
It is such an easy project. You will only need to paint your shutter and add some clothespins that act as hooks for your jewelry.

Now, you can find your necklace more easily without rooting around in the drawer.
So, It turns out that an old shutter is exceptionally versatile.
It is not only a nice decorative item, but also a storage solution that will ease your life.

10 DIY Shutter Projects by SIMPHOME.COM That Will Level Up Your Storage Solutions Game Pinterest Featured Image
10. Unique Bookshelf. | DIY n Crafts | Girl in Air
9. Multipurpose Organizer. | My Creative Days
8. Paper Storage. | Jennifermaker
7. Sunglasses Holder. | Pinterest
6. Keep Your Magazine Tidy .| Countryliving
5. CD Holder. | Fur On My Couch
4. Fruit Basket. | HGTV
3. Washi Tape Storage. | For Creative Juice
2. Kitchen Utensil Rack. | Design Sponge
1. Jewelry Holder. | DIY Home Decor


10 DIY Shabby Chic Décor tutorials

10 DIY Shabby chic décor tutorials via Simphome.com Featured Image 1

If you are one of those who are taking part in the development of interior trends, you must have heard Shabby Chic. Quite often, you will see Shabby Chic-style trinkets that are displayed in various markets and retail stores.
Shabby chic is an interior design style where a worn, lived-in look furniture are chosen to achieve the appearance of an antique. Throw in soft colors, a mix of vintage and new decor, and feminine accents. It will remind you of the beautiful villages in Paris that feels comfortable and soothing.
Shabby Chic trend often leads to floral patterns that are soft and asymmetrical. But its beauty is increasingly sticking out due to the free accent. There’s no question why shabby chic design is so appealing to many. When done right, this style gives the perfect look and the feeling of relaxation.

Next, here are 10 DIY Shabby chic décor tutorials that will strike every corner of your room. Same as last post, this video is presented for you by Simphome.com

10. Show Me Your Love with Shutter.
10. Show Me Your Love with Shutter via Simphome
This soft pink shutter love décor will add some more subtle Shabby Chic style into your house. Shutters will be easily found at yard sales and thrift stores all the store, or you can search of your own backyard and find one if you are lucky. Find the letter for the word LOVE to be attached on the shutter. You can make it out of painted-black woods or thick paper. Use the smallest nails to peg the letters so that later if you want to change it again you can easily remove and it doesn’t really show. You can hang it in your living room near the door so guests will easily spot it. Or, you can also hang it on the wall above the fireplace.

9. A Lavish-Look Candlestick idea.
9. Lavish Look Candlesticks via Simphome
This DIY turns a pair of hideous old candle holders into something beautiful. This thrift store candlestick makeover was super easy, super cheap, and unique. First, paint the candlesticks with two coats of French blue chalk paint. Then, lightly distress the candlesticks with a sanding block to create worn-out look. Last, put some sparkly adornments on the candlesticks with hot glue to complete the glamorous shabby chic look. You can use old earrings or brooch. Wouldn’t these be perfect on a nightstand or a wedding reception table?
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8. A Candle Light Holder idea.
8. Candle Light Holder via Simphome
Have dinner with your loved one and lighten up your room with this romantic candle product. Bring up a shabby chic design in the dining room by making this DIY candle holder with a minimal investment. To complete this idea, you will need small wooden board, old ladle, paint, sandpaper, and nail. This is super easy. Paint the wooden board white and sand it for worn-out look. Attach the ladle onto the board with nail and your romantic candle holder is ready.

7. An Elegant Ruffled Spiral décor idea.
7. Elegant Ruffled Spiral via Simphome
Ruffles is one part of shabby chic décor. This DIY gives you the idea to make a ruffle spiral pillow for your living room, bed room or at any corner of your house.
To start with, grab a good chunk of fabric and cut strips selvage to selvage twice the width you want your ruffles. Join the short ends of each strip one to the next to make one continuous strip. Serge the open edges to prevent it from fray. Then, send your strip through your ruffler foot and ruffle that strip up. Next, create the spiral. Begin with the outer perimeter and move your way in. You can either pin, sew, or hot glue the ruffles.

6. A Classic Stool makeover idea.
6. Classic Stool via Simphome
Make over an ordinary stool into this shabby chic one that will perfectly fit you dressing table. Prepare a sheet of plain cloth, Paris-themed sticker, paint, sandpaper and hot glue. First, sand the stool and paint it white. Then use staple gun to attach the cloth cover to the underside of the seat. Do not forget to insert a cushion under the cloth. The Paris graphic is made by transfer the picture onto the cloth with specific tool. Next, make a lot of drop cloth rosettes. Rip strips 2” wide, twist the end and wrap it. Hot glue as you go and clip the end. Then hot glue the rosettes in place. Make sure they were in the same size.

5. Dress Up Your Drawers with A Chic style makeover idea.
5. Dress Up Your Drawers via Simphome
For this project you may either dress up your being-worn drawers of makeover an unused one. This drawer will add a shabby chic feel into your bedroom. Begin with clean and sand the drawers. Then paint it white, blue or pink, anything you like. For the drawer fronts, lay a piece of lace fabric over and spray painting, but tape off the edge of the drawers first to keep the white paint. If you like, you can also paint the handles silver.
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5 Sweet Shabby Chic Ideas for Baby Bedroom: Some Cute and Creative Options.

4. A Fabulous Pink Mason Jar idea.
4. Fabulous Pink Mason Jars via Simphome
These mason jars will sure fit any corner of your room, at living room, on the night stand in the bedroom, or even on a mini table at your front yard. The materials are regular mason jars, rubbing alcohol, Acrylic craft paint (Bright Baby Pink & Snow Titanium White), paint brushes, sandpaper, clear coat sealant in matte finish. First, clean the jars thoroughly. Wipe down with rubbing alcohol, wash with hot soapy water and dry completely. Then, paint the jars with two coats. Start at the top, then turn the jars over and paint the bottom half. Let them dry overnight and distress the jars. Last, seal the paint twice with clear sealer. Put some pink flowers and the jars are ready.

3. A Shabby Chic Lampshade idea.
3. Shabby Chic Lampshade via Simphome
This shabby chic rosette lampshade is super fun. Items you’ll need for this project are glue gun and glue sticks, 3 yards of pink cloth, lampshade and lamp base. To make the rosette rip strips 2” wide, twist the end and wrap it. Hot glue as you go and clip the end. You can create a various size of roses for artistic look. After you have completed putting all of your roses together, start hot gluing them onto your lampshade in the pattern that you desire & you’re finished! The lamp is best placed in the bedroom.

2. Distressed Furniture makeover idea.
2. Distressed Furniture via Simphome
One characteristics of shabby chic design is the slightly peeled furniture that looks old and worn out. Using vinegar is one technique to distress the furniture. But first clean the furniture with a damp rag and paint it with two coats.
Distressing with vinegar technique is super easy to do and much less tiring. The result is so authentic and worn, as though it’s aged naturally. This technique works to every kind of furniture such as stool, table, drawer, etc.

Lastly number 1. A Window Coffee Table makeover idea.
1. Window Coffee Table via Simphome
This rustic coffee table will stand out in your living room, warm, cozy, and full of great storage, surrounded by family and friends. The tools and materials you need are glass window, hinges, drawer pull, pedestal, wood planks, screws, L brackets, paint, chop saw, sandpaper, and drill.
Step 1, make a base for the window so that you can create storage inside of the coffee table. Use a chop saw to cut your wood planks down to the same size as your window. Create the bottom of the storage base for the coffee table. Use “L” brackets to secure the storage box.
Step 2, install the legs using a power drill. Step 3, cover the window glass for the top of the coffee table with spray paint because you won’t everyone see what are inside. Step 4, attach your window to the top of the table using the vintage hinges. Then, attach the vintage drawer pull to the other side of the window. And, you’re done!

So, those are 10 DIY shabby chic décor pieces that can make any corner of your house become more striking. They are easy to make, yet mesmerizing, and it is completed with a reference that you can use to upgrade your room décor to a new level.

10 DIY Shabby Chic Decor Pieces for Any Corner of Your Room via Simphome.com Pinterest Featured Image
10. Show Me Your Love with Shutter | Home Talk.
9. Lavish-Look Candlesticks | Reinventedcollection.
8. Candle Light Holder | Cute DIY Projects.
7. Elegant Ruffled Spiral | The Girl Inspired.
6. Classic Stool | Confessions Of A Serial DIYer.
5. Dress Up Your Drawers | Uniquely Chic Mosaics.
4. Fabulous Pink Mason Jars | Mason Jar Crafts Love.
3. Shabby Chic Lampshade | Simply Ciani.
2. Distressed Furniture | White lace Cottage.
1. Window Coffee Table | DIY Projects.

10 DIY Bedroom Door Décor ideas

10 DIY bedroom door décor ideas via Simphome.com Featured Image

Our bedroom isn’t just a place for sleeping and taking a rest. It’s a sacred place as you can spend some time alone in it. It can also be an escape from the real world for a while after a stressful day – a retreat in which you can have your me-time.
Next, here are 10 DIY bedroom door décor ideas that give a nice touch to the door with its pretty decoration. You’ll also find yourself happy when seeing these ideas on it when you’re about to enter your bedroom.

As always, this list is presented for you by Simphome.com

10. Have Your Name on It.
10. Have Your Name on It via SimphomeKids’ life can’t be separated from their parents and friends, especially girls. They’re fond of something that can remind them of their classmates. As a parent, you can help her decorate her bedroom into something that she would say “this is my room” proudly.
And this door décor idea will be suitable for girls. It comes with a name to indicate that this is her room. You’ll need some paper, scissors, and glue to make it. Help her decide what color she likes, and this notion can be a model to adorn the door with other cool ideas alike.

9. Cartoon Favorite Object idea.
9. Cartoon Favorite Theme via SimphomeSpongeBob SquarePants is a popular animation show that kids are kids crazy about even adults can be found stuck in front of the TV watching the show. If your kids happen to be a big fan of it, it’s not wrong to give them a beautiful painting of its characters on the bedroom door.
This can be true if you or your kids are excellent at drawing or painting. You just need to clean the surface before painting it. Choose any color that’ll blend in, carefully draw and paint it with a paintbrush. You can have a full drawing on the door or just some part of it as seen in the picture.
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10 DIY Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas.

8. Washi Tape décor Idea.
8. Washi Tape Idea via SimphomeWashi tapes are cheap, ubiquitous, and versatile stuff that makes it suitable for DIY crafts. It can be transformed into any idea that can spruce up your bedroom. With a little trick and creativity, you can trim your bedroom door with this small magic thing.
Firstly, you should make a plan for what kind of shape you would like to be applied to. Secondly, measure the surface of how much space it will take. Next, you can use any color of washi tape you think it’s cute enough or you can just be fine with black and white.

7. A Splendid Barn Door Idea.
7. Splendid Barn Door Idea via SimphomeThis sliding door is quite impressive with diagonal pieces of wood. To adopt this idea requires thick plywood, maple pieces of wood, liquid nails, painter’s tape, miter saw, clamps, sliding barn door hardware and barn door handle.
Firstly, 1- cut to 35″W X 85″L X 3/4″ for the door. Border pieces 2- 85″ L X 3 1/2″W X 3/4″. Border pieces and centerpieces require 4- 30″L X 3 1/2″W X 3/4″ while for the diagonal parts you need to have 10-12- 4’L X 1 1/2″W X 1/2″.

Of course, the size can be adjusted with how big or wide your door is. Then, clamp the border before using liquid snail. Next, measure and divide the door area so that you can have equal space.
After that, put the cut wood diagonally. Make sure they have the same spacing so that it’ll look nice as they are equally even otherwise it’ll be imbalanced. Lastly, pain it and set the handle door and install it with railing.

6. A Wood Slice decor idea.
6. Slice wood ideas via via SimphomeI’m sure you’re going to love this idea, and will soon make one for bedroom door decoration. It can be created from many different materials such as Styrofoam, a piece of wood or any stuff you can come up with.
Make an oval or circle as seen in the picture. Then, paint it with chalkboard paint. It’s also possible with other paints or colors if chalkboard isn’t your cup of tea.
Any quote or wisdom you ever heard from movies or from people you look up to can obviously be written on it. And hang it with a rope.

5. Artistic Ace of Clubs idea.
5. Artistic Ace of Clubs via SimphomeThis one is proof that art and imagination can make your life much more interesting. The idea is fairly straightforward yet it leaves a very artsy result, isn’t it? The aces of clubs suit well on the white door – making the door look like a playing card.
This idea is actually a sticker, but you can make it yourself, and this is what we call DIY stuff. With its dark color and cute shape, the door has a lovely adornment that gives the door a fun look. You can make it with cardboard or other similar papers as well.

Here are the steps you should follow. Firstly, draw clubs along with A letters on it. Then, cut them with scissors. Lastly, put a double tape behind each of the clubs and letters, and stick them on the door.
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4. Lovely Flashcards idea.
4. Lovely Flashcards via Simphome
Flashcards are another adorable ingredient that you can certainly be employed as an adornment. They come with colorful features with a variety of pictures on them such as animals plus alphabet that you can arrange based on their letters.
The arrangement is up to you. You’re the one who’s in charge to decorate it. Items needed are ribbon, flashcards, and clothespins. But again, be creative! Challenge yourself to have a different way of setting the flashcards, and you’ll get the satisfaction.

3. Abstract Washi Tape idea.
3. Abstract Washi Tape idea via Simphome
This is another worth-trying DIY washi tape idea. It leaves some positive energy with its vivid colors. You can just pick several colorful washi tapes. Cut and stick them on the door. I think this idea is similar to collage art.
If you love collage art, then I believe you can make something even more stunning than this by using different materials such as photos or newspapers. There are tons of collage art which can inspire you, and you can easily find them on the internet.

2. A Beautiful Adornment Floral Door hanger idea.
2. Beautiful Adornment via Simphome
Another must-try DIY idea with floral that absolutely will make your room look fresh and pretty. Materials needed: grapevine wall basket, hydrangea bunches, mountain grass stems, light green rosette succulent stems, floral pliers, scissors and floral foam.
Cut or trim greenery and flowers down as you please. Put floral foam in the basket, and glue it if necessary. Insert flowers and greenery in it and arrange them. The good news about this DIY door idea is that you can change what are inside the basket.

Lastly 1. Paper Craft décor idea.
1. Paper Craft via Simphome
This stunning décor idea is made out of paper. It should be easy and obviously not a time-consuming handmade paper craft that even kids can make one. There’s even a video tutorial you can check on YouTube yourself. Simply follow inside description area to find some of them.
Things that are required are everyday objects that are easy to find including color paper, scissors, thread, and glue. The tutorial comes with very easy steps to follow, and you can repeat it in case you miss any step.

So, Most of DIY bedroom door décor ideas you already watched will spice the door of your bedroom up with beautiful and colorful decoration, which eventually makes your room look nicer. Choose any idea you want, and stick with this channel for more décor idea, you have probably never come across with.

10 DIY bedroom door décor ideas via Simphome.com Featured Long Pinterest Image
10. Have Your Name on It | Kapan
9. Cartoon Favorite Theme | Acronym-Design
8. Washi Tape Idea | Society19
7. Splendid Barn Door Idea | Liliesandlife
6. Cool Idea | The Yellow Sparrow
5. Artistic Ace of Clubs | Ysares
4. Lovely Flashcards | Julie Originals
3. Abstract Washi Tape idea | The Yellow Sparrow
2. Beautiful Adornment | Consumer Crafts
1. Paper Craft | Youtube

10 Unique Wall Painting Ideas for Small Bedroom

10 Unique Wall Painting Ideas for Small Bedroom via Simphom.com Featured Image

The bedroom is not only a room for calling a night and sleeping. It’s a private room used for relaxing, chilling out, even studying, so it is important to keep it comfortable and cozy no matter how the size is.
However, since small bedroom design requires plenty of consideration, some people might have lost their ideas in making it enchanting. Some may just think small space only suitable with plain decoration. Therefore, here I bring you 10 Unique Wall Painting Ideas for Small Bedroom.

As usual this list is compiled for you by Simphome.com

10. Show Your Artistic Side with Ombre Wall .
10. Show Your Artistic Side with Ombre Wall via Simphome
Ombre is a look that you can apply almost everywhere on everything, let’s say clothes, shoes, hair, make up even as a wall decoration. Although this trend has been known for ages but it never stops mesmerizing our eyes.
As I’ve already mentioned, this aesthetic design can be applied on your bedroom walls to get some cozy look. To get this look, you will need at least two different colors that can be blended well, paint brushed, primed, and taped.
First, prime the wall with white primer and let it dry completely. This is to prepare a surface where paint can perfectly adhere to and seal out any discoloration from the wall. Next, divide the wall into three horizontal sections using a tape then start coloring. You can make more horizontal sections to get more transition colors for gradual fade ombre, especially, if you use two different colors that contrast each other.

Start with painting the top and the bottom part of the sections with each color and let them dry. You can go either from dark to light or vice versa. Next, mix the two colors and splash it to the middle sections. Be sure the tape has been removed. Before the paint dry, quickly blend it to the color on the top using dry paint brush. Then with another clean brush, blend the middle to the bottom of the wall.
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9. Show off your Accent Wall .
9. Show off the Accent Wall via Simphome
A small bedroom doesn’t have to be monochrome and leave the walls plain. Sometimes adding accent walls will give different vibes to the room.
A room normally has four walls. If you find a wall with different design from the others, it’s called an accent wall. By applying accent wall, you have a chance to use a bolder color without overwhelming the room. Another good thing of accent wall is it creates a focal point that will drag people’s attention instantly.
Although it has some advantages, using the wrong colors on the wall may create a look you didn’t expect. So, if you choose to paint your accent wall, go darker from the other walls. This is one of the safest choices you can go with. You can also just skip the painting and use patterned wallpaper instead.

8. A Cabbage White Bedroom idea.
8. Cabbage White Bedroom via Simphome
Bright color is always preferred when it comes to small bedrooms due to its airy-ness that keeps the room feel open and larger. One of many light colors you should try is Cabbage White. It is a subtle white with slight bit of blue.
Combined with pale color furniture, Cabbage White gives fresh ambiance to the room and it’s just look so simple yet fresh and calm.
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7. “Love at The First Blush” Wall color idea.
7. Love at The First Blush via Simphome
If you are a pink lover but afraid that your bedroom might look too much with pink, you should consider applying this shade of pink blush. White paint with pink undertones will bring warm to the room that will make anybody in the bedroom feel so much comfortable.
Its bright color will also expand your bedroom visually. Combining it with a zebra-like rug and some gray furniture creates a visual interest, so your small bedroom won’t look so much girly. More importantly, it still looks cozy.

6. Painting the Wall the Same Color as the Ceiling.
6. Painting the Wall the Same Color as the Ceiling via Simphome
One painting trick must be considered if you want a small bedroom to look bigger is painting the walls the same color as the ceiling. It can trick the eyes and make people think that the wall and the ceiling flow into one being. As the result, the room will appear larger.
This doesn’t mean you have to keep your walls boring with one plain color like the ceiling. Instead, try big chevron pattern with two contrast colors, such as black and white. This pattern will bring a fun look to the room as well as expanding the room.
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How to Choose Perfect Paint Colors for your Wall and Interior.

5. A DIY Geometric Wall idea.
5. DIY Geometric Wall via Simphome
The geometric pattern comes as a great way to add life to your plain bedroom wall and will transform it to a striking focal point. Besides being easy to do, geometric patterns will save your money from unnecessary accessories.
To create your geometric walls, you have to prepare paint, masking tape and roller.
Begin with painting the whole wall with the color you want your geometric wall design to be, then let it dry. Next, create geometric pattern as you wish on the wall with masking tape. Roll the wall paint onto the wall then leave dry completely. Once it’s dry, apply the second coat of the paint and let it dry. Peel the masking tape off carefully to expose your geometric pattern.

4. Add Mountain Mural idea.
4. Add Mountain Mural via Simphome
Do you admire the beauty of mountains? If you do, I am sure you would like to wake up every morning at the foothill. You don’t need to make a bedroom at the mountains, though. You just need to bring the mountains to your bedroom.
To make the mountain mural, prepare 3 different colors of paint (base color, white, and dark), paint brush, and pencil.
Start with making mountains sketch on the wall. You don’t have to be a professional drawer or sketcher to do this. Just have fun with this part and let your creativity flow.
After you get the sketch, start painting it with darkest color at the bottom and base color at the second or third range. Next, carefully blend the remain ranges to get gradual gradation. Simply mix the white or dark color to get the different shades and leave it dry.

3. Painting Striped Wall idea.
3. Painting Striped Walls via Simphome
When it comes to a small room wall design, you need to pay attention to the pattern you choose. Large vertical or horizontal stripes are highly recommended to make a room visually larger. Vertical stripes will make a ceiling seem taller while horizontal stripes will widen a small room. Avoid using tiny pattern because it will be chaotic in a small space.

2. Try Using Pastel Color.
2. Try Using Pastel Color via Simphome
Pastel color is well known for making a room look more spacious. Its bright color reflects light so the room will feel open. Not only that, its soft color has calming effect that can help you relax.

Lastly Number 1. Let’s Go Bold.
1. Let’s Go Bold via Simphome
The white color is not the only option you have for your small bedroom. Although it is true that white can make space feel larger, it doesn’t mean you can’t go bold. With a trick, get the splash of your favorite bold color on your bedroom wall.
If you’ve decided to go bold, you should balance it by making the other space as light as possible. You can go with accent wall by having only one bold wall. This technique will recede visually, making the space feel larger.

So, decorating small bedroom can be so much fun with an amazing result. You only need to choose which of the 10 Unique Wall Painting Ideas for Small Bedroom is your favorite and apply it to the room.

10 Unique Wall Painting Ideas for Small Bedroom via Simphome.com Featured Long Pinterest Image
10. Show Your Artistic Side with Ombre Wall | The Spruce 1| The Spruce 2
9. Show off the Accent Wall | Small Room Decor | Mb Jesse.
8. Cabbage White Bedroom | Pinterest.com | Apartment Therapy.
7. Love at The First Blush | House Beautiful | Sharper Impressions Painting.
6. Painting the Wall the Same Color as the Ceiling | Big DIY ideas | Sharper Impressions Painting.
5. DIY Geometric Wall | DIY Projects for Teens | Youtube
4. Add Mountain Mural | Apartment Therapy
3. Painting Striped Walls | Fresh Home
2. Try Using Pastel Color | Deavita | Sharper Impressions Painting
1. Let’s Go Bold | Small Room Decor

10 DIY Projects for Outdoor Kitchen

10 DIY projects that are perfect for your outdoor kitchen via Simphome.com Featured Image

Some people are blessed with spacious backyard so that they can create a spectacular backyard landscaping and wonderful living space in it. To perfect the living space, an outdoor kitchen is needed so that you can invite your friends to come over for a barbecue party.
Seeking spectacular outdoor kitchen ideas? Look no further as I’ve summed up 10 DIY projects that are perfect for your outdoor kitchen.

As usual this list is compiled for you by Simphome.com.

10. Stone Outdoor Kitchen with Grill
10. Stone Outdoor Kitchen with Grill via SimphomeThis outdoor kitchen looks elegant with stone kitchen island that complete the natural ambiance in your backyard landscaping. You might think that it is such an impossible mission to make this outdoor kitchen yourself. Well, the truth is it is a perfect project for your weekend.
The first thing you need to do is making the frame by making the corner posts for each box. Don’t forget to separate the posts with stretchers. Next, screw the three boxes that will hold the cabinets together, flip the frame over, then screw a metal post to the bottom of each post that will act as the feet of the frame.
After that, attach plywood panels to cover the frame. Wrap the plywood cover with lath. You can use staples to make it stay in place.

Then, cover the lath with the mixture of mortar and water, let it sit for about an hour before scoring the mortar and then let it cure for about 24 hours. While waiting, you can set the cabinets into the openings and screw them.
After 24 hours, now you can attach the stones beginning with the corner piece. Butter the back of it and attach it. easy, right?
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9. A Striking Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola idea
9. Striking Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola via SimphomeAfter making the stone outdoor kitchen, you might think that it needs something that can jazz it up. For that reason, you can try making this deck and pergola idea like in this picture.
Just set your pergola right above the countertop. Add some hanging planters or climbing plants that wrap around the top of your pergola. You can also install string lights wrapping around your pergola in place of climbing plants to provide a romantic ambiance when you are having dinner in your backyard.

8. Fun Outside Kitchenette idea in the Patio
8. Fun Outside Kitchenette in the Patio via SimphomeDo you have a spacious but rather boring patio? Congratulations! You can turn your dull patio into a safe haven for those who want to have fun while enjoying delectable food at home. And your kids are going to love it.
This outdoor kitchen comes in U-shape to use the space efficiently. It is like refurbishing common kitchens. You have to begin with making the frame. Make sure that the grill will fit snugly into the corner of the frame. Cover the frame using wooden pallets to accentuate the farmhouse style. Don’t forget to install the trims and wooden corbels to finish it up.
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7. Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop idea
7. Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop via SimphomeIf you are looking for a stylish outdoor kitchen, try making one with concrete countertop. Concrete countertops are renowned for their durability. They are also stylish and customizable.
Before pouring the concrete, you need to use melamine for the countertop forming. Melamine has super smooth surface. That’s why it is highly recommended if you want to get a super smooth concrete surface.
To make the countertop more appealing, you can lay some tempered glass pieces on the melamine form base before pouring the concrete. Once the concrete is poured and left for 7-day cure, you can grind it and – finally – install it.

6. A Simple and Small Outdoor Kitchen idea
6. Simple and Small Outdoor Kitchen via SimphomeThis simple outdoor kitchen is suitable for you who is not really good at DIY but long for a fantastic look outdoor kitchen.
To make this outdoor kitchen, you only need some boards, cut them to the size you desire, and assemble the pieces just like when you make shelves. But make sure you cut one of the shelves out to make a perfect holder for the grill.
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5. A Rustic Outdoor Kitchen makeover idea
5. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen via SimphomeIf rustic look is your thing, you need to copy this project.
This outdoor kitchen looks rustic due to the standard lumber yard that has been roughed up with chainsaw, charred up, and finished with outdoor stain to make a weathered-look frame.
Then, use water-and-mold resistant concrete board to connect each post of the frame. This material definitely works like a charm because it is more durable than wood. After that, you can begin to attach the stones until the concrete board is completely covered.

4. A DIY Grilling Island idea
4. DIY Grilling Island via SimphomeThis grilling island is your must-have item if you like to throw a party a lot but are not into going through a complicated project.
To make this grilling island, you need to make the frame and construct the corners. Assemble the parts and install the frame. Then, install the countertop, and dress up the face of the island.
To save more bucks, you can dress it up with some leftover. Cut reclaimed pine studs into ¾” strips, then attach them to the frame until you cannot see through the frame.
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3. A Movable Grilling Island for your outdoor kitchen idea
3. Movable Grilling Island via SimphomeThis movable grilling island is a great solution if you want to enjoy your time with your family by grilling some sausages without make your backyard become more cramped.
Basically, it is like the ubiquitous kitchen islands. Therefore, you can begin with making the base. Then, it’s time to make the concrete countertop. You will need some objects that can represent the size of the sink, cutting board, and grill, so they can fit snugly into the holes in the countertop when it is dry. Once the concrete countertop is ready, attach it to the top frame using bolt.

2. An Outdoor Kitchen with Retractable Patio Cover idea
2. Outdoor Kitchen with Retractable Patio Cover via SimphomeCooking in the backyard can boost your mood. But it won’t be a great idea if the rain comes. To tackle this problem, consider installing retractable patio cover.
This patio cover will allow you to get natural light as much as possible when the weather is nice. It will also protect you from getting wet when the rain comes so that you can keep on cooking and having fun.

Lastly number 1. An Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop idea
1. Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop via SimphomeAdd a little bit of industrial look to your backyard by making this countertop. The way to make this countertop is just the same as the other ones. What makes it look unique is it sports corrugated zinc roofing sheet to cover the frame. To accentuate the industrial look, concrete is used to top this island.

So, enjoying your leisure time with family doesn’t have to be pricey. By doing one of these DIY projects for your outdoor kitchen, you’ve moved one step closer to the unrelenting outdoor fun.

10 DIY Projects Perfect for Your Outdoor Kitchen via Simphome.com Featured Pinterest Image
10. Stone Outdoor Kitchen with Grill | This Old House
9. Striking Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola | Place of My Taste
8. Fun Outside Kitchenette in the Patio | Remodelaholic
7. Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop | Instructables
6. Simple and Small Outdoor Kitchen | The Spruce
5. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen | Man Made DIY
4. DIY Grilling Island | DIY Network
3. Movable Grilling Island | Instructables
2. Outdoor Kitchen with Retractable Patio Cover | Home BNC
1. Outdoor Kitchen with Concrete Countertop | Old World Garden Farms

10 DIY Murphy Bed project ideas

10 DIY Murphy Bed project ideas via Simphome.com Featured image

Sleeping comfortably is what every homeowner wants. However, living in a home with limited space requires you to rack your brain to make this dream become tangible. And one of the best ways to make the most of a petite bedroom is by investing in a murphy bed.
Murphy beds are beds that can be pulled down to serve a comfy place to sleep on, and it can be folded up so it can stay as close as possible to the wall, which makes it your greatest bet when it comes to tiny space.
More on that later. Next I present you 10 DIY Murphy Bed project ideas that are worth following.

10. A Simple Murphy Bed idea
10. Simple Murphy Bed via Simphome
This murphy bed is quite simple, so you can make it yourself even if you are a complete novice.
To make this murphy bed, you’re going to need:
• 4, ¾” x 4’ x 8’ plywood sheet
• 2, ¼” x 4’ x 8’ plywood sheet
• 12, 1’ x 2’ x 8’ solid wood board
• Murphy bed kit
• 1-1/4” screws
• 1-12” screws
• 2” screws
• Cabinet handles
The first thing you need to do is creating the struts by laying out the 10 frame strut pieces, and pair them to make five struts that look like an “L”. Then, assemble the struts with the sub-frame by placing each strut 20” apart. After that, make round corners that face up at the foot of the bed.
Once the round corners are ready, attach the board to the footrails. Then, attach the headrail. After that, attach the side rails, and you’ve got the bed frame. Attach the bed frame to the face panels. The panels have to be flush with the foot rail, but they need to extend beyond the headrail.
Assemble the header and cabinet, and mount the cabinet to the wall. Attach the hardware and pull or knob that allows you to pull the bed down easily. Finally, attach mattress support panels.

9. A Murphy Bed behind a Bookshelf idea
9. Murphy Bed behind a Bookshelf via Simphome
You’ve learned how to make a very simple murphy bed. Now, let’s add more style and function to it.
Basically, the way to make this murphy bed is just the same as the way to make a simple one. You’re going to need to create the struts first, assemble them with the sub-frame, assemble the headrail and footrail, install the side rails, attach the face panels, assemble the header and cabinet, mount the cabinet, and attach the mattress to the panels.
FYI, this murphy bed idea is unique because It incorporates additional storage solutions for any avid reader who has to deal with limited space too. You only need to add some planks on the face panel to create some shelves. Then, add some clear acrylic strips to hold your books in place when you pull the bed down.
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8. A Murphy Bed that Looks Like a Bedroom Cabinet idea
8. A Murphy Bed that Looks Like a Bedroom Cabinet via Simphome
Is this a murphy bed or a bedroom cabinet? Well, this chic murphy bed will make everyone think that it is a black cabinet with crown molding, which is good to maintain some semblance of style in your tiny bedroom.
To make this murphy bed, you need to get the mechanism for a Murphy bed. Then, assemble the pieces of wood just like when you make a simple murphy bed. And here comes the fun part.
To make it look like a cabinet, you can fake the cabinet doors and drawers by making some trims. Add the crown molding on top for a more classic look, and attach the handles and knobs to round out it.

7. A Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed idea
7. Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed via Simphome
This project might be a little bit challenging, and thus it requires intermediate skills. However, It doesn’t mean you can’t do it, though.
To make this murphy bed, you can begin with the steps of making a simple murphy bed just like what I mentioned previously. The different is you will need more boards to make two book cases that flank the bed on both sides.
First you need to attach the book cases to the frame of the murphy bed. You will also need to tweak one of the book cases a little to fit in with the desk you’re going to make. But, again, if you are not going to add a DIY desk that is attached to the book case, you don’t need to modify it.
Once the murphy bed and book cases are ready, paint them off-white and install cup drawer pull knobs.
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6. A Small Murphy Bed idea
6. Small Murphy Bed via Simphome
If you happen to have a petite bedroom, this twin-size murphy bed will be your safe bet. Not only does it save you more space, but it is also easy to make. You just need to follow the steps of making a simple DIY murphy bed. But the different is, you need to make the cutting shorter to meet the size of the twin bed. Add molding on the header to perk it up, and apply any finish that you desire.

5. IKEA Hack Murphy Bed with Sliding Doors
5. Ikea Hack Murphy Bed with Sliding Doors via Simphome
You don’t need to make a stylish murphy bed from scratch. By doing an Ikea-hack project, you can get the murphy bed you want without wasting your whole time.
To get this look, you need to have two Pax wardrobes from IKEA. Get the murphy bed mechanism, and install it between the wardrobes. Then, add the bottom section by reinforcing the L-section that is screwed into the wardrobes.

After that, install the lower track. Then, assemble the top section that connects both of the wardrobes. Install the upper track and the sliding door. And, that’s it!
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4. Faux Dresser Murphy Bed idea
4. Faux Dresser Murphy Bed via Simphome
This is another great idea to hide your murphy bed away while adding more style to your bedroom space. This murphy bed can be transformed into a fashionable dresser during the daytime, and it will become a comfortable murphy bed at night if you want.
This bed is just exactly the same as the simple murphy bed idea I already mention. But instead of mounting the bed on the bottom part, you will need to mount it sideways.

3. A Murphy Bunk Bed idea
3. Murphy Bunk Bed via Simphome
Do you have an unused closet or an awkward nook in your bedroom? Make it more useful by making a murphy bunk bed like this in the picture.
To make this bunk bed, you need to assemble the sides that will hold the mattress first. Then, you can begin to make the frame. Making the frame is quite tricky. You need to make sure that the upper and lower bed will not nit each other when open and closed. Therefore, a thorough measurement is needed. Position the bunk beds so that the face panel is ¾” proud of the frame when it is closed.
After screwing the frame sides and top together, and installing the outer frame, you can now begin to install the lower mattress frame using shoulder bolts which are threaded with four washers through the flange bearings. The bearings are threaded on the back side with three washers into the coupling nut. Repeat these steps to install the upper one.

2. A Chic Murphy Bed idea
2. Chic Murphy Bed via Simphome 2
This is another simple idea that helps you make a murphy bed with ease. But first of all, you need to get a murphy bed kit that the writer of the idea recommended. it contains complete instructions on assembling the pieces.
First, you can begin to make the sub-frame and the face panel. Make sure that the face panel will hang over the sub-frame a little bit. Then, you need to glue and screw cleats on the rails before assembling the sub-frame to the face panel.
Attach the frame of the bed to the wall using L brackets and secure them into the stud of the wall. Install the mechanism that raises and lowers the sub-frame by mounting it from the inside of the frame.

Lastly number 1. A Sofa Transforms into a Bed idea

Turning a living room into a bedroom? Why not? You need to make the most of a small apartment, don’t you?
To make this murphy bed is just like the way you make a simple murphy bed one. But since it will flip over your sofa, you will need to raise it to certain inches depending the height of your sofa. And to do this, you need to discard the metal legs that you get from the murphy bed kit. And Last, you need to replace it with a small platform where your new bunk bed will sit over.

So, those are 10 DIY murphy bed project ideas that will help you sleep comfortably without making your small bedroom become more cramped. Happy trying!
10 DIY Murphy Bed project ideas via Simphome.com Featured Pintrerest Images
10. Simple Murphy Bed | DIY Network
9. Murphy Bed behind a Bookshelf | Robert Ogil | Tomorrow Sleep
8. A Murphy Bed that Looks Like a Bedroom Cabinet | Bob Vila
7. Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed | Addicted 2 DIY
6. Small Murphy Bed | Ana-White
5. Ikea Hack Murphy Bed with Sliding Doors | Instructables
4. Faux Dresser Murphy Bed | Remodelaholic
3. Murphy Bunk Bed | DIY Network
2. Chic Murphy Bed | Wood Working for Mere Mortals
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10 Dining Table Design Ideas You can Copy and Follow Right Now

10 Dining Table Design Ideas You can Copy Easily via Simphome Featured image

For some people, gathering at the dining table while enjoying some delectable dinner is priceless. It can be the moment of seeing your family after being busy all day and catching up with them to know how it is going.
To perfect this moment, a nice dining table that can accommodate all of your family is needed. However, a nice one can be a little bit pricey. Therefore, you’re going to need these 10 dining table design ideas that you can copy and follow easily.

As always, this list is compiled for you by simphome.com

10. Hexagonal Dining Table idea
10. Hexagonal Dining Table via SimphomeThis hexagonal dining table will give a striking look to your dining room especially if it adopts mid-century modern style. The good news is you don’t have to make this table from scratch. If you have a hexagon claw-foot table, you’re lucky! But if you don’t, you do need to make it from scratch.
First, get the hexagon claw-foot table, then take the legs off. After that, you’re going to need some bar stools to hold the table top while you are working with it. Since most classic table comes in laminate finish, you need to wipe the table down with a cloth and Krud Kutter. After that, sand it down with a medium grit sandpaper. Then, sand it again using a fine grit sandpaper.
After sanding the table, apply 2 coats of primer. But make sure you have cleaned the surface from the sanding dust. After applying the primer, apply three coats of paint and let each coat dry in between. Now, it’s time to screw the hairpin legs to make it look modern. Lastly, Pair it with some peg leg chairs to accentuate the style.

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9. A Pipe Dining Table idea
9. Pipe Dining Table via SimphomeDo you want to add a little bit of industrial look to your dining room? Then this dining table is for you.
To make this dining table, you’re going to need:
• 8, 10” pipe
• 12, 3.5” pipe
• 8, 8” pipe
• 4, 50” pipe
• Pipe joint compound
• 4 Floor flanges
• 8 90-degree elbow
• 12 T-joints
• 4 bushings
First, you may need to have the 50” cut and treaded because you will use these pieces for the top sides of the table.
Now, let’s assemble the pieces. You can begin with the top part that will support the glass top. To make the top part, you need to assemble 8” pipe, 3.5” pipe, the cutting of 50” pipe, with 90-degree elbows and T-joints. Then, assemble 8” pipe and 3.5” for the bottom part. Don’t forget to assemble the flanges that you will use to anchor the table in place. Now, connect the top and bottom with 10” pipes that have been assembled using pipe union.
Top the pipe with glass. Last, to make the glass top stay in its position, use clear rubber disks on each corner elbow. And, you’re done!

8. An Upcycled-Wooden-Pallet Dining Table idea
8. Upcycled Wooden Pallet Dining Table via SimphomeThis dining table is a great way to acquire a rustic look dining room area on the cheap. To make this dining table, you only need to upcycle some wooden pallets by taking the planks to make the top and the leg.
For the stools, you can make them out of the unused wooden pallets or wooden crates. Please feel free to apply any finish to the table and stools. Whether you apply polyacrylic to maintain the natural colour of the wooden pallets or stain them a little bit for a glossy yellowish finish, you are welcomed. anything will do!

7. Movable Pallet Dining Table idea
7. Movable Pallet Dining Table via SImphomeThis is another great idea of re-purposing wooden pallets and turning them into a movable dining table piece. This dining table has four small wheels that allow you to move it without breaking a sweat, which is highly recommended if you want to transfer it to your outdoor kitchen when you have a barbecue party.

To make this table, you will need a large pallet. If it has bigger gaps, you need to fill in the gas on top so you will not drop everything on the floor when eating. Then, sand the table thoroughly before screwing the legs. Finally, you can paint or stain it as you please.

6. A Farmhouse Herringbone Table idea
6. Farmhouse Herringbone Table via SimphomeThis farmhouse table will add a timeless rustic charm to your outdoor kitchen. It has X legs which are usually synonymous with farmhouse style. And the herringbone pattern found on the table top makes this table look striking.
To make this table, you need to cut the lap joints using circular saw that has been set to 1 ¾” depth, then clean out with chisel. After that, assemble the legs using wood glue and screws.
Next, you need to assemble the frame for the top because this frame is where the herringbone pattern will lie. To make it look tidier, install the trim on each side of the table top. Finally, lie some planks to form the herringbone pattern.

5. A Simple Pallet Dining Table idea
5. Simple Pallet Table via SimphomeMaking a dining table doesn’t have to be arduous and It doesn’t have to make you short on cash either. You can even a simple one from some leftover, just like this dining table piece.
This dining table is made of unused door and some wooden pallets that have been stripped. All you need to do is simply cover the door with wooden planks. Don’t forget to cut the planks to size so they can be flush with the width of the door. Then, screw the planks to the door.
And here comes the fun part. You can apply any finish you like. You can stain, paint, or even top it with a glass.

4. Dining Table with Zinc Sheet Metal Top idea
4. Dining Table with Zinc Sheet Metal Top via SImphomeIf you think the existing dining table in your dining room is still in its top-notch condition, but you want it to have a fresh new look, you can paint the table and top it with zinc sheet metal.
First, you will simply need to cut the metal sheet to size and attach it on top of your table using heavy duty construction adhesive. Make sure that the sheet overhangs to cover the edges of the table.
After applying the glue, clamp the edges of the table and put something heavy on top of the table to weight the sheet down and eliminate any “bounce” or uneven surface. Trim each corner if your dining table has rounded corners.
4. Dining Table with Zinc Sheet Metal Top via Simphome 2
Then, tap the trim to stay as close as possible to the surface, and solder the trim to secure it.

3. Japanese Dining Table idea
3. Japanese Dining Table via SimphomeIf your dining room is tight in space, consider making a low-level dining table that adopts Japanese style. Making a low-level table is just the same as making common ones, but the legs are much lower as you will not need chairs to sit on. Instead, you will sit on cushions.

2. DIY Wooden Pallet Dining Table with Hairpin Legs idea
2. DIY Wooden Pallet Dining Table with Hairpin Legs via SimphomeThis is another easy project that you can copy and follow today. You only need to get plywood, a wooden pallet, some elbow grease, and your creativity to make this dining table.
First, you need to remove the slats from the pallet, and attach the slats onto the plywood. In this phase, you’re required to use your creativity in arranging the slats to form the pattern you desire. Secure the slats using wood glue and saw off any excess slat that hangs over the board. Finally, screw the hairpin legs.

Lastly number 1.A Modern Farmhouse Dining Table idea
1. Modern Farmhouse Dining Table via SimphomeThis dining table will definitely jazz your modern farmhouse up. Making this dining table is just the same as making any table. You need to begin with the base first – the legs and frame that will hold the table top. The main point of the idea is in the table legs. You need to get 4 square husky farm dining table legs to incorporate this look into your dining room. If you have no idea where to get it, you can always get it from Amazon.
So, those are 10 dining table design ideas you can copy and replicate. Some of them are quite easy project to follow or fit for a complete novice while some others require intermediate skills. Grab all materials you need, make the priceless moment of having dinner together with your family, and see you again next time with more home improvement idea like this.

10 Dining Table Design Ideas You can Copy Easily via Simphome Featured Pinterest Image

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9. Pipe Dining Table | Vintage Revivals
8. Upcycled-Wooden-Pallet Dining Table | DIY Craftsy
7. Movable Pallet Dining Table | Instructables
6. Farmhouse Herringbone Table | Rogue Engineer
5. Simple Pallet Table | Lana Red Studio
4. Dining Table with Zinc Sheet Metal Top | Vanhookandco
3. Japanese Dining Table | Housely
2. DIY Wooden Pallet Dining Table with Hairpin Legs | Abeautifulmess
1. Modern Farmhouse Dining Table | Rogue Engineer

10 DIY Wall-Mounted Desk ideas

10 DIY Wall Mounted Desk Ideas for a Perfect Storage Solution via Simphome.com

Some homeowners feel a little bit unhappy with their home due to the limited space. What makes it worse is they have to cram everything into it. As a result, adding more furniture into the house become a daunting task.
One of the tricks to make your home become more spacious is by investing in a wall-mounted desk since it offers clean floorspace. Look no further! I’ve summed up for you 10 DIY wall-mounted desk ideas that give you extra workspace as well as additional storage solutions.

So, Let’s check them out!

10. Simple DIY Wall-Mounted Desk
10. Simple DIY Wall Mounted Desk via Simphome
These desks are extremely simple. Both of them are a perfect project for your weekend. The smaller desk makes a great shelf that hosts your books or knick-knacks while the larger one can be used as the workspace to do your homework.
The shelf is attached to the wall using wooden brackets which help it float well. On the other hand, the table is supported with two posts. But you can add a twist to the original idea so that your desk become a wall-mounted one.
All you need to do is just cut a 2x6x16’ board into 48” lengths. Sand them down to remove the splinters, line them up, then attach furring strips to the boards using screws to secure them.
Now, it is time to make the brackets by assembling three pieces of furring strips using wood glue and nails. By doing this, you’ll get one bracket. Once you’ve got two brackets, you can begin to screw the brackets to the wall, and set the desk on top. Don’t forget to secure them using screws.
For your information, you can also upgrade your bare wall with your own realistic drawing piece. Check link inside description area to find satisfying realistic drawing videos that you can copy and replicate. I look forward to seeing you there and let’s comeback to next idea of our list.
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9. A Standing Desk idea
9. Standing Desk via SimphomeThe best thing about a DIY project is you can get the furniture you need on the cheap. More importantly, it can fit snugly into the available space in your room, just like this corner standing desk.
The first thing you need to do is cutting the boards to size. If you want to position your desk in the corner, make sure that you make an angle on each board. Sand them down to smoothen the surface so you can apply the finish well.
Now, attach the brackets that you have bought to the wall. It would be better if you mount your brackets to studs if you want them to be sturdy enough to hold piles of files and books. Once the brackets are on their place, top them with the boards and secure them with screws.

8. A Rustic Floating Desk idea
8. Rustic Floating Desk via SimphomeThis floating desk is what you need to add the touch of rustic look into the space. Furthermore, it has a flip top that provides more storage.
To make this desk, you need to cut a board into a 57”x13.5” piece. Drill three pocket holes on both edges of the board. After that, you can move on to make the corbels. Once they are ready, attach the corbels to the board, and make sure the pocket holes are on the opposite side. Then, make the front of the desk and attach assemble it to the desk.

Attach a piece of board as the top part of the desk, and make sure its sides overhang ¾”. Cut a scrap piece and attach it to the centre of the front of the desk to create a lock. After that, you need to make the cleat on which your desk will sit.
Once the cleat is ready, attach it to the studs of your wall, then top it with the desk. Finally, install the top part of the desk using three hinges so you can flip it.

7. A Wall-Mounted Drop-Down Desk with Pegboard idea
7. Wall Mounted Drop Down Desk with Pegboard via SimphomeThis drop-down desk is amazing. Not only will it save some space, but it will also provide nifty storage space and a desk top for your kid to study or make some craft. The pegboard attached to the desk allows you to have plenty of storage by adding some hooks and baskets. And when you’re done, you can fold the desk and hide the mess away.
To make this desk, you are going to need some boards, hinges that allow it to be folded back, two magnetic door catches, two lid support hinges for the left and right side, 1 pair of 90 degree surface mount hidden spring hinges, a knob that you’re going to use to pull the desk down, pegboard panel, and a little bit of imagination when painting the desk.

6. A Wall-Mounted Desk with Extra Workspace idea
6. Wall Mounted Desk with Extra Workspace via SimphomeYour books, files, and even snacks often overtake the surface space, making it hard for you to work comfortably. If that’s the case, this wall-mounted desk would be your greatest bet.
This desk features clear-cut curvy edges that will suit your modern home immensely. It also has two slides installed on the left and right side of the desk, allowing an extra desk top to be pulled out when you need an extra space to work. Once you are finished, push the additional desk top back, so you can conserve more space.

5. A Wall-Mounted Desk with Drawer idea
5. Wall Mounted Desk with Drawers via SimphomeIf you are seeking additional storage space without making your home look more cramped, this sleek white desk can be a great solution.
You can make it from scratch by getting some boards, cut them to size, and assemble them to make a shelf with drawers. Use L brackets to make it float and sturdy. But if spending hours – or even days – to do a DIY project is not your thing, you can always do an IKEA hack.
If you happen to have IKEA Alex computer desk with drawers, just cut the legs and mount the desk on the wall using brackets. Simple, right?
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4. A DIY Murphy Desk idea
4. DIY Murphy Desk via SimphomeThis DIY Murphy desk will be suitable for your small kitchen or your kid’s craft room as it has some shelves to store smaller items. When you unlock the swivel latch and pull the cabinet door, you’ll get a multi-functional desk. But when it folds up, it will become a chalkboard where you can jot down a memo.
To make this desk, you’re going to need some pine or whitewood board, piano hinges, wood screws, suitcase or swivel latch, and magnets.

3. A Homework Hideaway Wall Desk idea
3. Homework Hideaway Wall Desk via SimphomeThis is another great idea for a small room. Your kid is going to love her new desk. This desk features some shelves to host books and stationery, and a pegboard panel to hang scissors and stuff. The best thing is the piano hinges that enable you to fold the desk to save more space, and get a functional chalkboard for your kid to draw on.
The first thing you need to do is making the shelves. You can make as many shelves as you need. Then, you need to create a Dado groove in the back of the frame – about an inch hanging off the back – that will be used to receive the pegboard. You will also need to install hinges to fold the decorative legs, so it is flush with the chalkboard when the desk is folded.

2. A Simple Wooden Foldable Desk idea
2. Simple Foldable Desk via SimphomeAre you looking for another real space saver? This simple foldable desk is for you. It is actually a board which is attached on the wall using screws. Two chains are installed on both ends of the board to support it. Two hinges allow the board to be folded and a swivel latch lock is attached on the wall to keep the board stay close to the wall when it is not being used.

Lastly number 1. A Craft Desk with extra Storage idea
1. Craft Desk with Storage via SimphomeLet your kids explore their imagination with this foldable craft desk with storage. The way to make this desk is the same as the previous drop-down desk.
You can begin with making the frame, then attach the frame to the pegboard. After that, make some shelves that will be used to hold stationery. Don’t forget to install hinges and chains on both ends of the desk to hold it in place.
So those are 10 DIY wall-mounted desk ideas that will not only make your life become easier, but also incorporate additional storage space. Are you ready to make one?

See you again next week with more art or home decor lists that you can use to improve or upgrade your living room’s wall and until that time, get ready for our next lists.
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10 DIY Wall Mounted Desk Ideas for a Perfect Storage Solution via Simphome.com Featured Pinterest Image
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10 DIY Rustic Furniture Projects

10 DIY rustic furniture projects via Simphome.com thumbnail featured

Bedroom is a place where you relax, call it a night, and be yourself. Since this is your private room, it has to be able to show who you are and what you are keen on.
Adding a personality boost to your bedroom is not that easy. Although It isn’t an impossible mission either, though. You only need to get some ideas and harness your creativity to apply those ideas to the space.

And if you are really into the classic of rustic look, these 10 DIY rustic furniture projects by simphome.com are for you.

10. A Rustic Lantern project idea
10. Rustic Lanterns via SimphomeIf you aren’t ready with a big project yet, this small project will do in a pinch. Adorning your bedroom with a rustic lantern can be a good start. Even if your bedroom adopts modern flair, adding this lantern will add a nuance to it.
To make this lantern, you’re going to need 2, 2x2s at 6 feet long, 2 1/4″ screws, wood glue, stain or paint, and mitre saw. The first thing you need to do is cut a wood plank into four pieces and glue them down together. Use clamp to set them together. This will be the base and the top of the lantern, so you’re going to cut it in half.

Then, cut the 2×2 to make four posts that connect the base and the top. Assemble the posts, base, and top using screws. Next, you’re going to need to make its legs from scrap. They have to be 1”x ¾”. Attach the four legs at the bottom, whitewash the lantern, and you’re done!

9. A Bookshelf from Reclaimed Wood idea
9. Bookshelf from Reclaimed Wood via SimphomeThis bookshelf is awesome. It will not only help you host your books and knick-knacks, but also provide the well-worn look that will round out your rustic bedroom.
To make this bookshelf, you need to make the frame first out of some boards. Then, attach some other boards for the shelfing. Make sure they are level and evenly spaced. To achieve this goal, you can cut scrap pieces of wood that you’re going to use as spacers.
And here comes the fun part. Simply attach the reclaimed wood to the bookshelf using brad nails to bring the rustic look in.
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8. A Rustic Headboard idea on the Cheap
8. Rustic Headboard on the Cheap via SimphomeHeadboards are dispensable. Therefore, people with small bedroom tend to ditch their headboards. Actually, the headboard can make a great focal point, especially if you want to accentuate a certain style, including the rustic style.
This headboard is easy to make. Not only will it enhance the rustic look of your bedroom, but also offer textural element. Besides, the cool design can match your contemporary bedroom too.

Making this headboard is super easy and cheap. You only need to get some birch tree slices. You can get them by searching roadside for small fallen trees, and cut them into several small pieces. Then, spread wood glue on each of the slice, and attach them onto the painted plywood until it is completely covered. You can seal the headboard using water-based polyacrylic if necessary.
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7. A Pallet Bed Frame idea with Lights
7. Pallet Bed Frame with Lights via SimphomeUpcycling is the best way to get what you need on the cheap. And this pallet bed frame is an awesome upcycling project I recommend you to follow.
As you can see, it is eminently simple. You only need some wooden pallets, stack them up to form the bed frame, and secure them with nails or screws. Don’t forget to install LED string lights in the frame so you can get dim light that add a romantic ambiance to your bedroom.
You can also add the rustic lantern from the previous project to complete the look.

6. Side Table with X End idea
6. Side Table with X End via Simphome
X-ends are one of the most significant characteristics of a farmhouse style which can give your room the rustic look that you have been dreaming of instantly.
To make this side table, you’re going to need:
• 2, 2×2 at 8’ long for the legs and side supports.
• 2, 1×2 select pine at 8’ long for the Xs and mitered edges around the table.
• 1, 2’x4’ sheet of ½” plywood that you’re going to use for the top and shelves.
• 16, 1” pocket hole screws
• 16 ,2 ½” pocket hole screws.
• 36, 18-gauge x 1 ¼” brad nails. and
• Wood filler and wood glue.
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5. A Rustic Dresser Makeover idea
5. Rustic Dresser Makeover via SimphomeMaking furniture pieces from scratch is a nice way to get what you need. However, it may take time and not suitable for a complete novice. You can still make a cool and rustic piece of furniture by adding a twist to the existing furniture, like this dresser.
To get this look, you can use the dresser in your bedroom or you can get an inexpensive one from a flea market or garage sale around you. Just make sure it is still in its A1 condition with its good bones.
First, you need to remove the hardware and sand all the drawers. Then, stain them with “Dark Walnut”. Once it is dry, dry brush the drawers with “Little Lamb” by Fusion Mineral. Finally, paint the frame of the drawers with “Coal Black” by Fusion Mineral.

Now, it’s time to cut the number out and trace them on each drawer, then hand paint them with “Coal Black” to match the frame. Before tracing them on the drawers, sand the drawers using orbital sander for a more rustic look.
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4. A Romantic and Rustic Pendant Light idea
4. Romantic and Rustic Pendant Light via SimphomeIncorporate a little bit touch of romantic ambiance to your bedroom by making this rustic pendant light. It’s a fun and easy project to do for your weekend.
You only need a rustic ladder made of white birch logs, and hang it right above your bed. Then, decorate it using mason jars, silk wisteria flower bunches, wicker bird nests, craft birds, LED copper-wire faerie lights, and some other accessories you like.

3. An Upholstered X-Bench project idea
3. Upholstered X Bench via SimphomeThis bench features X ends which will definitely add the charm of farmhouse style to your bedroom. To make it more comfortable, top it with upholstery.
To upholster this bench, cut out 1” foam to the size of the top of your plywood bench. You can use some leftover foam to save more bucks. Glue down the foam to the top of the bench using spray adhesive. Then, cover the foam using a couple of pillows to cut down on more expenses. Wrap it with batting and secure it with staple from the back. Cover it with your favorite upholstery fabric. Finally, attach the upholstered bench onto the bench frame using screws.

2. A Bedroom Bench with Storage idea
2. Bedroom Bench with Storage via SimphomeThis is another similar project that is worth copying. You can make a longer bench to add more storage to your small bedroom. You can either top it with upholstery or a stained board. The choice is yours. But don’t forget the X ends for the rustic style.
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Lastly number 1. Industrial Wall-Mounted Shelf idea
1. Industrial Wall Mounted Shelf via SimphomeThis wall-mounted shelf is made of galvanized pipes and some wood planks which will give your bedroom a little bit of industrial look. Don’t worry! Making this shelf is a breeze. You just need to assemble the galvanized pipes and screw them to the wall. Then, insert the wooden boards in the frame, and screw them to make them sturdier and stay in place.
So, you’ve just acknowledged 10 DIY rustic furniture projects for your bedroom. Why DIY? Because you deserve some semblance of style that meets your budget and need. So, roll up your sleeves and begin to make your dream bedroom become tangible.

10 DIY Rustic Furniture Projects for Your Bedroom via Simphome.com Pinterest Featured Image
10. Rustic Lanterns |100 Things 2 Do
9. Bookshelf from Reclaimed Wood | Jen Wood House
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1. Industrial Wall-Mounted Shelf
Credit Pinterest.com

10 DIY Flower Garden Ideas and Containers

10 DIY Flower Garden Ideas and Containers by Simphome.com Featured Image

Whether your home is modern or classic, curb appeal plays an important role in creating a mesmerizing view that can either make your neighbors envy you or help you feel more relaxed after engaging in the hurly burly of the rush hour. However, some homeowners aren’t lucky as they only have little – or even no – space to grow plants.
Don’t let small space become a great obstacle for you to get the curb appeal that you have been longing for. Next, I’ve summed up for you 10 DIY flower garden ideas and containers which are perfect for any garden despite its size. As always, this list is compiled for you by simphome.com.

10. Upcycle Laundry Basket idea
10. Upcycle Laundry Basket via Simphome
Recycling waste around you is the best way to get what you need on the cheap as well as saving the earth. If you have some unused or broken laundry baskets at home, don’t throw them away in the trash can as they can make great planters for your beautiful flowers.
Turning a laundry basket into a planter is such an easy project. The first thing you need to do is taped up any crack that you find in your broken laundry basket. Then, cover the slats of the basket, so the dirt that you’re going to add into it will stay in place. After that, wrap one or two pieces of burlap around the basket until it is completely covered. Attach a rope around the basket to accentuate its look, and tie a knot.
Now, your planter is ready to host your beautiful flowers.

9. DIY Headboard Flower Bed idea
9. DIY Headboard Flower Bed via Simphome
Are you an apartment dweller who has no space for a garden? You can try to make this flower bed.
Again, this idea entails unused items which will make you get a fabulous planter in an affordable price. First, you need to get two headboards. If you don’t have any, try to find it in a flea market near you.
You’re going to need to cut one of the headboards, so one of them is shorter than the other. Then, you can begin to make a box that will be used to hold the dirt and flowers. Make sure that the bottom of the box has some holes for perfect drainage. Therefore, you might want to opt for slats for the bottom. Once the box is ready, attach it to the taller headboard.

Then, take the legs of the shorter headboard, and attach them to both sides of the box. Paint the box and back board red while the legs yellow to cheer up your balcony. Even if your plants are not in flower, the cheery red and yellow will set a tone for your small garden or balcony immensely.

8. Mini Garden idea for the entryway
8. Great Hospitality via Simphome 1
Sometimes living in urban areas gives you no choice but to get by with the limited space. As a result, you cannot have a beautiful flower garden that you have been dreaming of as the entryway is completely paved. Although you have no yard to grow some plants, you can still purchase some containers to make your dream come true.
This porch, for example, is small yet attractive. It sports a number of small containers with some geraniums and impatiens, welcoming you or your guests with a great hospitality. They line up on the left side, allowing people to adore them without blocking their way. The ivy grown across the front door emphasizes the dramatic look of the entrance.
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7. Bring Pops of Colours to your garden
How to build an Awesome Tire Planter via Simphome.com thumbnail 1
Growing various kinds of plants for your front yard landscaping is a great idea since they can amp your garden up with their vivacious colours. However, some plants don’t bloom all the time, which will make your garden look bland.
You can tackle this problem by making these beautiful planters out of some unused tires. You just need to get some tires, and cut one of its open sides to resemble the shape of a flower. Then, paint them vibrant red or any eye-catching colours that you like.
By making these planters as conspicuous as possible, you have made them do a double duty. They can be planters that host some beautiful flowers or shrubs and become a great adornment when your plants aren’t blooming.

6. A Chandelier Planter mini hanging garden idea
6. Chandelier Planter via Simphome
Add a little bit of classic touch to your porch by making this chandelier planter. Before turning it into a planter, you need to remove all electrical/wiring from it. Then, attach terra cotta saucers on each “arm” of the chandeliers using epoxy putty and glue for good drainage. After that, attach the pots.
Let the glue dry before spray painting them. Once the paint and glue dry, you can grow your plants there and let them amaze you while you are having a respite in the porch after having a lot on your plate.

5. A Wheelbarrow Planter idea
5. Wheelbarrow Planter via Simphome
Never blow off an unused wheelbarrow because this waste can turn into a fabulous flower container. You just need to tweak it a little bit by adding posts or something that can support it and don’t forget to drill some holes at the bottom for better drainage.
Since a wheelbarrow is quite spacious, you can grow different kinds of flowers on it. Try combining annuals and perennials with different colours and shapes like pink roses with blue salvias for a long-lasting charm. Well, harness your creativity to pair the plants!

4. Cinder Block Planter idea
4. Cinder Block Planters via Simphome
If your home adopts modern flair, you might want a simple flower garden with some no-fuss plants which are void of colours. Then, these cinder-block planters are for you.
This planter is actually a raised bed that holds some low-maintenance plants. To create a more dramatic look, some smaller blocks are attached on the sides of the raised flower bed, and they become mounted planters.

3. A Tire Planter idea
3. Tire Planter via Simphome
Embellish your porch with this DIY tire flower planter that looks like a wreath. You only need to spray paint an old tire, drill 6 holes into the bottom to allow the water to drain, then lined the bottom of it with fabric weed barrier along with a few pieces of Styrofoam. Now, you are ready to grow some plants in it and hang it on the wall of your porch.

2. A Bike Planter idea
2. Bike Planters via Simphome
Turning an old bike into planters is a classic way to improve your curb appeal, but it always works like a charm.
There is no clear boundary of creating a bike planter. You only need to let your creativity go wild. You can either paint the bike to add pops of colours to your garden or simply leave it that way for a more rustic look.
Picking the right containers is your next way to go. There are various kinds of planters that you can choose from. You can use wooden boxes, rattan baskets, mesh baskets, or wired-metal baskets to host your plants. After that, you need to get creative with the flower combinations.
Since the planters will be raised a few inches – or even one foot – off the ground, climbing plants like roses, Bougainville, or English Ivy would work well. Combining it with some lilies and geraniums would perfect the look. Again, the choice is yours!

Lastly number 1. Make a Centrepiece flower bed
1. Make a Centerpiece via Simphome
Every story has its main character –a strongest one that can influence the other actors – and so does your garden. It does need a centerpiece that can be the strongest character in your garden.
You can create this look by growing shrubs or flowers in a certain pattern. You can repeat the colours intermittently to create a cohesive look. Then, pick a taller plant or fountain that is put in the middle that becomes the main actor of this drama.

So, These 10 DIY flower garden ideas have proven that you can still get a beautiful garden that you have been dreaming of even if you have no space to grow some plants. More importantly, these exquisite ideas will not cost you a fortune.

10 DIY flower garden ideas and containers via Simphome.com Featured pinterest image
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9. DIY Headboard Flower Bed | My Repurposed Life
8. Great Hospitality | The Spruce
7. Bring Pops of Colors
6. Chandelier Planter | DIY Show Off
5. Wheelbarrow Planter | iVillage | Bob vila | The Seasonal Home
4. Cinder Block Planters | Bob Vila | Design Sponge | Pinterest
3. Tire Planter | DIY Show Off
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