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How to Choose the Best Lighting for Each Area in Your Home

This is why we have compiled the list of top tips that will help our readers choose the best lighting options for different areas of their homes.

If you’re looking to change or improve the lighting around your home, let’s get started:

Define the Purpose of the Room

The room’s purpose helps establish what kind of lighting would be needed in that particular room. Different people expect different functions from the rooms in their homes.

For example, some people like to keep their bedrooms exclusively for sleeping and relaxing while others keep their bedrooms multipurpose by adding a work or study desk. Some others like to watch TV and eat in the bedroom too.

While the primary purpose of each room is always apparent, defining the purpose of rooms for your and your family’s unique needs can significantly help you pick the right lighting.

Understand the Types of Lighting

There are four different types of lighting. These include:

1. Task Lighting

Task lighting refers to lighting intended for a specific task. For example, the bright lights around the bathroom mirror can help you wear makeup and read the labels of medicines in the medicine cabinet. Similarly, small, dim lamps on the bedside tables are meant for easy reading at night.

2. Accent Lighting

As the name suggests, accent lighting helps accentuate a particular feature in the home. An example of accent lighting is the strip light placed over paintings in art galleries. At home, accent lighting can be used in the form of a chandelier.

3. Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the primary lighting in any room. Its goal is to keep every corner of the home well-lit.

Lighting in any room is usually a combination of two out of these three options. However, some rooms may require a combination of all three of these types of lighting. In that case, the combination of the three lightings make up the fourth type of lighting, i.e.:

4. General Lighting

General lighting can help lighting fixtures become multipurpose. For example, lighting in a reading corner can help people read while keeping the corner well-lit. Combining the understanding of the different types of lighting with the room’s purposes can help you pick the best lighting options for each area of your home.

Pick a Décor Theme

Once you have understood your home’s lighting needs, you need to match it with its décor. However, most people’s homes don’t look like the rooms in the catalogs. If your home’s décor is also a mixture of different décor themes, you can make the process of picking the right lighting easier by narrowing down your style or picking the most apparent décor theme.

You don’t have to stick to installing the same lighting fixtures throughout the home. Each room’s right lighting will be different from other rooms.

Keep It Cohesive

Many people make the mistake of updating their home’s style through one significant change. You might also be tempted to do that when buying new lighting, but we suggest against it. If your home is bohemian-eclectic, don’t bring modern lighting fixtures to the mix.

As mentioned in the previous tip, the best lighting options for different rooms in the house can vary from each other. However, the right lighting fixtures in all rooms will also look cohesive. You want all the rooms in your home well-lit with their lighting falling in a range even if it’s not exactly similar.

Choose the Right Bulbs

Various bulbs are available these days depending on the power usage, tone, and size. You can select LED bulbs to LED lighting strips, halogen incandescent bulbs, or even fluorescent bulbs. However, task and accent lighting usually require small to medium-sized bulbs, whereas ambient and general lighting may require medium to large ones.

You can apply the same tips for choosing the right lighting for outdoors. Take a look at for the best lighting options among solar deck lights.

Finally, remember that choosing the right lighting doesn’t have to be overwhelming. It is all about choosing lighting that fits your home’s needs. The right lighting can really take your home’s look and vibe up a notch. Most importantly, you want to make sure it feels like your home.

Apply our tips to make the process much easier and practical.

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