Friday, January 12, 2018

5 Inexpensive Home Decor Ideas from Dollar Store

Are you interested to have unique and interesting waste basket that no one will ever able to buy in any commercial store in town?. I can help you with that. More on that later.

1. Mason Jar Organizers

Who said that mason jars cannot be used as room decoration? Of course you can have them as beautiful room decoration. The dollar store will be the perfect place to buy some mason jars. Then, grab chalkboard sticker tags, acrylic paint, and chalkboard marker. Paint the jars with the acrylic paint, then use chalkboard marker to label the jars. There you go! Your mason jar organizers are now ready. Source

2. Decorative Waste Basket

There is no need to decorate a waste basket because it is just a waste. But, instead of not decorating it, you should! For those who want more attractive decoration in your home, then you can try make decorative waste basket. What you need to have is of course waste basket and a rope. If you need a new one, you can purchase it from the dollar store for more affordable price. Then, simply attach the rope to the waste basket and that’s it! Now, you have more interesting waste basket. Source

3. Decorative Wreath

Decorative wreath offers more attractive and even unique decoration to your room. Even better, you can easily make it and save yourself some money. Grab an unused laundry basket or if you don’t have any, you can purchase one at the dollar store. Then, cut off the top of the basket as the base of the wreath. Start assembling sturdy branches along the rim and beautify the branches using some flowers for a finished look. Source

4. Moss Topiaries

Moss topiaries is the perfect decoration solution for your bedroom. You can make this by yourself. But, first you need to head to the dollar store and buy wooden dowels, sheet moss, and styrofoam balls. Use a glue gun to adhere the sheet moss to the topiary form of the styrofoam. Make sure to add the wood dowels to it as well. And, you now have moss topiaries in your bedroom. Source

5. Picture Frame Terrarium

Vases just feel like ordinary decoration in the living room and you need unusual and creative decoration to make your living room feels more alive. Then, you may want to try this picture frame terrarium. This unique and cute terrarium is a handmade and it is not difficult at all to make. However, you will need to prepare some tools. More importantly, what you need to do is grabbing some inexpensive frames from the dollar store, and then you can turn them into a unique terrarium to decorate your living room. Source