Monday, January 8, 2018

5 Ways How to Organize Refrigerator Efficiently

When there is no space left inside the fridge to store your meat or cans food, try to use the fridge wall. You can maximize the wall when all the shelves or side doors are full.

1. Plastic Wraps for Meat

You cannot just store meat in the fridge without any layer. Therefore, you will need some plastic wraps if you want to store some meat inside your fridge. The plastic wraps will not only keep the meat hygienic but also prevent the meat to mess other foods. Add a label as usual to classify what meat you store in the fridge. Avoid any direct contact of meat with another product. Try to always keep the meat sterile. Source

2. Maximize the Bottom Shelf

Since most of fridges have more than one shelf, it’s better for you if you really use all space provided in the fridge. For the bottom shelf, maximize its space for storing any raw meat or fruit. If you do not finish eating any fruit or meat, it is better to freeze them by storing them in the bottom shelf. Chopped meat, fruit or vegetables will spoil faster once it is already consumed. Provide more space in the bottom shelf to half-consumed food. Make sure you will separate the half-consumed food with the new ones. Source

3. Keep Milk Out of the Door

Still involving the use of the doors, this time you need to know that it is better for you to keep your milk out of the side door. Not only in a form of bottles but also milk in other packaging. It is not because the milk may spill when the door is opened, but it is because the difference of temperature level. If you store the milk in the door side, your milk has more possibility to go bad faster, since the temperature is fluctuated too much in the side door. Source

4. Maximize the Fridge Wall

When it seem there is no space left inside the fridge, try to use the fridge wall. You can maximize the wall when all the shelves or side doors are full. Use anything you can use to hold something on the wall, but don’t be too heavy. Maximize the use of bathroom basket or some other things that can hold enough foods or products. Source

5. Label Your Foods

It is almost the same with the previous one. After classifying all your foods and placing it in the proper space, you need to decide which food you are going to consume as soon as possible by labeling it. Labeling some particular foods that you will eat soon will ease you not only in prioritizing what you will eat first, but also in giving enough space for other foods. Always label all foods that already opened or half-consumed. Provide some space to any food that you will put afterward. Source