Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Ways How to Makeover a Small Kitchen

Why you need to type “How to makeover a small kitchen” on your search engine? If you share similar experiences, then probably you could find some inspiration from the designer to expand your tiny cooking space. Find and learn the trick to make your cramped corner a little bit comfy and brighter.

1. One Tone

Vintage stove never loses its charm. Even when the surrounding has contemporary and more edgy style, your eyes will focus on the stove only. While doing the makeover, surely you cannot remove the stove. One thing you could do is to make the other elements have the same colors as the stove. Simply repaint the targeted surface. Highlight colors is okay, as long as it belongs to the same hue as the stove. Also, don’t forget to change the knob to suit the whole design. Source

2. Painting without Sanding

In most DIY project, you are required to do the sanding while working with wooden materials. You can skip this process and get a perfect result, too. But then you will need a rinse substitute, deglosser, primer and paint. Un-mount the cabinet door, and clean it thoroughly with the rinse substitute. Then apply deglosser and give thin layer of primer after the deglosser dry. Next, paint and mount it back to its place. See how pretty the result is. Source

3. Concrete Countertops

Want to do a makeover for your countertop? Challenge yourself with a concrete mix. Prepare the mixture, sealer, carnuba wax and sandpaper. The process will take repeated layering, so free your time. Layer the old countertop surface and sides with thin concrete mixture and allow it to dry. Smooth the countertops with sandpaper before you add another layer. Repeat the layering process until you get five layers in total. Take the brush to seal the concrete by applying sealer and carnuba wax. Source

4. Peninsula and Corbel

Cover your peninsula with planked wood, so it will get different look. Protect the edges with adjustable mold trim, and take gun nails to set the plank on its place. Fill in the nail hole and sand the plank, before you paint them. After the paint dried, you can start installing the corbels. Set them on both ends, as if they support the peninsula surface. Drill a hole for screw and don’t forget to add wood glue to the corbels before installation. Source

5. Countertops for Butcher

There is always a way to cut your budget for countertops, but you have to invest your time instead. Purchase a butcher block on the store to fit your kitchen size. Then seal both the surface and bottom of the block with sealer liquid to protect it from heat, scratch and moisture. If you want to paint the block, do it before applying the sealer. The next job is to cut the area for sink and also join the corner. After that, you only need to install the counter on its place using fastener. Source