Saturday, January 13, 2018

5 DIY Home Decor Ideas from Recycled Materials

Do you know that there are actually more than dozens Home Decorating Ideas from Recycled Materials that you can make to reduce the feel of being bored with your current decoration? The following ideas are catchy and easy to make, not to mention easy things you need. Check this out.

1. Jar Lamps

If you have old jars and you’re about to throw them away, then you should remake them into lamps instead. What you have to do is simply make a hole big enough for a bulb to get into the jar. Then, glue the lid and the bulb with hot glue. This decoration is fast and simple, yet when you put some of them in the right place, you will get such great atmosphere of warmth and relaxation at the same time. Make sure both lid and bulb are glued tightly or the jar will fall and break. Source

2. Fruit Crate Bookshelf

Do you have some fruit crates? These crates are really precious for it is a great material to make DIY decoration. One of the possible decorations that can be made from these crates is bookshelf. What you need to do is simply turning it 90 degrees then insert your books into it. One crate seems to be not enough so it is recommended to add more with different color. Also, you can arrange them into a stack of crate bookshelves. These crates are made of pallet wood which is known for its rustic accent. So adding this décor to your home will give rustic touch on it. Source

3. Picture Frame from a Window

Did your house have just been being renovated? If yes, then there must be some windows that have been replaced with new ones. Don’t throw away those old windows and remake it into a home décor instead. A home décor that can be made from these windows are picture frames. But first, make sure that your windows have trellis on them. The photos can be inserted into each socket of the window. You also need to make the background by using ply wood or paper. Either way, the background should be used as a place to glue the photos on. Source

4. Drawers to Shelves

Replacing your dresser with the new one would be a great idea to enhance your house accent. But what will you do with the old one? Well, you can take the drawers off the old dresser and turn them into shelves. You might need to do some customization to them like adding background with wallpaper and adding wooden boards as the shelves. You also might need to repaint them if the old painting if it doesn’t match the wall. Source

5. Box Basket

When you buy a box of food, do you throw the cardboard boxes away? From now on, it would better if you keep them. These boxes can be recycled into a basket. First, you must cut the top flaps off. Then, you just need to glue the surface sides and wind a rope around it until it reaches the top. Make sure that there is no gap between the winded ropes or the cardboard surface shown. You might want to cover the inside with fabric to make it more beautiful. Source