Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Cheap Ideas How to Update Your Kitchen

There will be more than one cheap ideas how to update your kitchen come to your mind when you see your kitchen does not look like what you expect. Updating your kitchen will not be that complicated if you already plan what you want to do with your kitchen.

1. Combining Light and Modern Idea

If your kitchen is plain and white-painted, this idea will suit your kitchen so much. Combine the light and modern idea by putting any plants in your countertop. Let the plants bring freshness in your kitchen. In the middle of your kitchen, put a wooden dark brown-colored table as the place you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To complete the modern style, put some chairs with pinstripe pattern. Try to match the chairs’ color with the table. Source

2. Apply Various Textures

A kitchen with so many textures will guarantee you not only a good looking kitchen but also a cozy cooking atmosphere. Create an instant visual impact in your kitchen by combining in mixing some multiple textures and materials. For the kitchen cabinets, you can apply white and cream color to lighten the whole space in your kitchen. To add the contrastive look, use a stove and its stuff which are made of steel. Use cypress wood as the main material of the island to make your kitchen has more variation. Source

3. Display Some Artworks

Some simple yet extra ordinary things can bring whole differences to your kitchen. Choose some of your favorite artworks that you already have then put it in your kitchen. Differentiate the artworks before placing them in the kitchen. Mark some free spaces to let the artworks in. Make sure that the artworks you are going to place have the same concept or background with your kitchen style. Avoid any unnecessary artworks by selecting them first. Source

4. Apply Colorful and Various Painting

A kitchen with more than one color will always please anyone who cook in it. Start from the wall, you can paint it with a combination between white and light green color. Both color will match in every occasion. Do the white for the windows and light green for the wall. To make it more colorful, use neutral blue color for your upper and lower cabinets. Dark-colored countertop will be okay for the blues. At the center of your kitchen, place an island with brown and cream colored which is a good combination. Source

5. Add a Multitasking Pot Rack

You can really maximize the space on your kitchen wall by adding a multitasking pot rack. Place this multitasking pot rack above your countertop so that you will able to hang as many cookware as you can. Make sure that you place the pot rack on the free space in your kitchen wall. Do not let the pot rack disturb you while you are cooking. Hang your cookware on the pot rack to free up precious cabinet space. Source