Thursday, January 11, 2018

5 Cheap Home Decor Tricks from Dollar Store

Having some problems for decorating your home because of low financial? Fear not, try one or some of these 5 Cheap Home Decor tricks from Dollar Store. There are lots solutions for your home decoration projects to make your home looks fantastic and dazzling and of course you don’t have to spend extra money.

1. Dessert Tray

If you want your kitchen has more decorative accessories instead of more appliances, you can try this dessert tray idea. This idea should be the easiest among the rest of the ideas. To get it done, what you need to do is just preparing some colorful bowls, candlesticks, and some plates. All these things can be brought at the dollar store. Next, you should glue together some plates and candlesticks, then tip it off with a colorful bowl, and that’s it! Source

2. Starburst Mirror

Starburst mirror can offer an additional touch of elegance to a room, however affording one is really a pain for your wallet. Fortunately, you can afford one from the dollar store for about $10 or you can make one by yourself. All you need to do is gluing together bamboo skewers in a cycle pattern to a round mirror. Then, you can spray it with gold spray paint. Source

3. Bandana Pillows

Dollar store seems to have lots interesting goods you can afford for cheap price including these beautiful and colorful bandana pillows. These pillows are perfect companion to your couches in your living room. If you are interested in doing some sewing to make your own bandana pillows, you can reuse some old pillows and recover them with bandanas from dollar store. By making your own Bandana Pillows, now you can decor your living room with your own taste of colors and style. Source

4. Faux Mercury Glass Pedestal Bowl

Do you have a taste on a lovely and decorative bowl made of mercury glass, but you don’t want to take risk spending a lot amount of money to purchase it? Then, what you need to do is purchasing Blogger Jen’s faux mercury glass pedestal bowl for about $2. Why is the price so cheap? Well, this mercury glass pedestal bowl is made of a glass bowl and candlestick from dollar store. Now, you can show off a lovely and decorative mercury glass pedestal bowl to your guests even though it is not the original one. Source

5. Drop Cloth Curtains

If your house has more than many windows and you want to decorate them with some curtains but you cannot afford them because of the high prices, you can head to dollar store and purchase drop cloth curtains for few dollars only. Then, you can hang them from drapery ring clips, and that’s all you need to have brand new curtains for cheap prices. The drop cloth curtain is easy to install as you don’t have to sew them and it is easy to clean as well. Source